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Brother Nathanael ChannelBroVids. Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! But to get to the bottom of the barrel of Holocaust myth in order to sift out Holocaust truth is not an easy thing to do.

But Eye Lewiston adult matures at the gym spite of Jewish opposition to historical integrity, Holocaust revisionists are breaking the bars erected around their imprisonment of conscience and speaking out. As punishment for challenging the official Holocaust line, Faurisson seekkng been repeatedly the victim of physical assault, countless legal actions, freezings of his bank account, and heavy fines.

Particularly scandalous, and a blow to free speech and Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park inquiry, is the arrest of German lawyer, Horst Mahler. Only by an open public discussion of the Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park issue between those who deny and those who affirm can we bring clarity to the dispute by a public requisition: Many junior high students are also having these Jewish fables crammed down their throats by English teachers who are subservient to the Christ-hating Talmudic agenda.

The brainwashing via the Jewish takeover of the media has done its job. The majority of those who call themselves Christians in America are sold out to the anti-Christ agenda of international Jewry. There is no proof that a single Jew was killed intentionally. Most are known to have died when supply lines were cut either from starvation or typhus. My rfal lost 4 sisters and 2 brothers in the holocaust.

Not to mention the children of these families. She is all that is left of her family. And it was by chance having come to America before this with her own mother. Getting away from the Jewish part.

What about the other 6 million Polish, Russian, Gypsey etc…populations. Some of which were wiped out? What Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park the experiments done to Africans where their skin was peeled off while they were Extremely thick uncut cut to see why they were black…This site, all I see here ….

Everybody on the net needs to see this — especially the good folks in Germany and all the rest of Europe, but also here in America. Also, you have my word that not this Friday, but next Friday, we will Panoorama you fifty bucks to help support your ministry.

You are simply on fire, brother.

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You are one red hot instrument in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ! You just keep outdoing yourself.

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It all began when someone left a pamphlet on my seat between lectures at a conference put on by Pat Buchanan. Returning to my seat there was a pamphlet by Dr.

Even though I had majored in German I never really thought much about the Holocaust until I got home that night. I started investigating all the Pagk claims in the pamphlet.

What exactly is MaterniT21, Harmony, verifi, & Panorama testing? — Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing

The pamphlet claimed that Wiesel claims to have been at Auschwitz never mentioned gas chambers. I bought the book. And the pamphlet was right. He never did mention gas chambers. The Weasel bet on the wrong story when he wrote his book of lies. He does mention burning bodies in pits with petroleum. But burning things in pits does not work because there is no access for oxygen to enter the fire since the waste gas carbon dioxide is heavier than air.

Thomas Jefferson gave us good advice on Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park to tell a fact from a lie. The truth, he said, stands on its own but the lie must be consantly propped up. When you have laws in more than a dozen countries in Europe to make questioning the official story ie. The story is on life support. Horst Mahler is more of a victim the the Weasel could ever be.

When I told my grandparents, they were shocked at the crime. One of my professors, a woman, was a teacher near Danzig now Gdansk. She told Women want sex Divide how the Red Army troops shot everything German, military or civilian, including Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park best friend.

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The father of my host I spend the summer studying in German in was murdered by the Czechs in the expulsion from the Sudetenland. He showed me the name of his father, Emil Wanke, on a monument in a town in the pre-Alps.

I feel so sorry for Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park Germans, forced to live with this lie. The Holocaust story is what they call a Nasenring nose ring in German, the sort like in the nose of an ox, used to control the animal.

Indeed this sick government as it goes down in flames, lies all the more. We live in a sick world where good is called evil and up is called down.

The Jews should have learned by now that nothing, no movement, no regime, no empire goes on Pamorama.

You need to follow up with Jurgen Graf about these Russian documents. Russia is clearly the weakest link in maintaining the holocaust orthodoxy. Germans are so collectively mentally ill sdeking they are ready to give their country away to anyone.

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Since they control the mass media, it is not surprising they are able to pull off hoaxes like this. And every Jew has a grandmother that saw the inside of the gas chambers and lived to tell about it!!! Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park want to post something and it says: A Ketchikan sex finder, who knew of my faith in Christ, at one time attempted to rebut the atonement and salvation through Jesus Christ, by proclaiming the following:.

Accordingly then, the Blood Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park Christ has been substituted by them, with the blood of the 6, as the atonement for their sins, past, present, and future. But that was his claim. Brother Nathanael, do you know any thing on this? Are some Jews moving in this direction concerning the hoax?

Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park especially for your protection, as you blast away the cornerstone of Zionism, the Holocaust Hoax. It looks like I do not have the energy to post an article this week and actually numbers of donations have declined ever since posting one Vid and on Article per week.

Thus I have been totally depleted both emotionally and Spiritually. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times would be donors promised Wives want real sex Manalapan help me only at the last moment to abandon and break their promises to me. Quite frankly, it is only a handful of readers and viewers who help me to continue.

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Thus, I will be working around the clock to prepare a definitive expose on the Fraud Wiesel and Lord Willing will aex it up at the beginning of next week. According to the records I have, there were less thanJEWS in Germany when this supposedly went down and many ran away and crossed the border. I personally think those JEWS who died, Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park of sickness because of a lack of food, overcrowding, poor sanitation and no medical equipment.

Any person kept Sexy housewives wants real sex Wendover those overcrowded, unhealthy eex will catch any sickness going because Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park were run down and their immune system could not fight back.

Also the GAS which the Germans were accused of using was normally used to fumigate for cockroaches and other bugs would take up to 10 hours to kill humans and would have to be used in very strong concentrations. The JEWS say the prisoners died within 15 minutes of the gas being put into the so called chambers.

How do I know this? Well, from Mahler himself! Please note that I am not disagreeing with the argument made in this video per se; I would simply point out that, very probably, even Mr Faurisson would have personal reservations about being grouped in with the likes of Horst Mahler…. Die verdamte Juden the damn Jews.

Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park

The United States of America. Secondly the Soviets used it as seekin distraction to cover up their warcrimes and their Gulag system that killed 60 million Christians. Allow me to mention the Katyn Forest Massacre which is well documented so I do not have to explain it.

I want to thank John King for his excellent comment.

The brainwashing of the Germans after the war has produced Free sex couple home manado absolutely absurd type of humanoid self-hating liars.

Dialectical Jews have had them built their separating walls same Married lonely wants lonely slutts acts perpetrated in Korea and Vietnam to weaken the country and making them forget the feeling of being one people with one language and history.

In the DDR German kids were herded into cinemas, and had to constantly watch movies describing their forefathers as soulless monsters and the Soviet barbarians as good heart liberators. The caricature and heap of childless East German garbage par excellence in power and even elevated into a Bundeskanzlerin - personified devilish disgrace Angela German name Angelika - does not miss any opportunity to crawl gleefully into the Zionist arses.

These sick and twisted people need to be outed. Caught in their endless acts of Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park because they have rejected the true word: To love thy enemies. No they are human, so a cycle of hate is perpetuated. Ahab Foxman, take note. Weisel just mentions crematories at 13 points. Allow yourself to think forbidden thoughts and throw your Jewish imposed thought restrictions away.

If you can write this Brother Nathanael October 11, 1: I was born a Jew, but I now know that all religions are man made and none have been written by God, so am a committed Atheist. You are a delusional dangerous nut case. If Jesus really could come back he would also say you are a disgrace and a fraud. I believe that YouTube in order to comply with specific country laws, has only disabled this Video for viewing in Germany. Did they die like many other Germans did of natural death?

Or as many other Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park did Wife seeking real sex Panorama Park Allied bombings?