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Someone who likes to sleep, hold hands, cuddle, weekends away, B B's movies, etc. Your pictures will NOT be shared with anyone.

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Natalie loses her anal virginity during her first dp. Tex Beethoven, Robert, Scott and Wayne for editing. This is part two of a wild kinky hen gone astray. In part 1, Airline DebaucheryNatalie was surprised to learn her hen bachelorette party in England was starting early as her aggressive maid-of-honour Laura announced that she was taking her to Amsterdam.

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Laura made her dress like a slut at the airport, treating her like her lesbian pet. This led to them being given first class seats and Laura making Natalie's lesbian fantasy come true.

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She blackmails the two teachers into being her obedient pets. The submissive Natalie serves Sophia, while the usually dominant Laura is forced to eat her first pussy and then be double penetrated in the cockpit by two Want to suck and possibly be fucked pilots. The girls eventually return to their seats dishevelled, bewildered and satisfied She laughed as she heard the answer, "That's just got to be fate. As we got off the plane, nobody seemed to notice the two loads on my face, as they were all staring at my slutty outfit, which I later learned possubly really slutty for Amsterdam.

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Laura did take a picture of me in my outfit, Wsnt cum on my face not really noticeable anymore Laura posted it with the words: And the hen starts. I expect you to keep that outfit for home! I see you two couldn't wait for us.

Natalie, you look ten years younger. What are you wearing? And the hen is underway. I'm choosing your outfit tomorrow.

Another dozen responses from friends and family quickly followed. As well as one from my secondary school best friend Kelsey who asked: You sure you're not going suckk a costume party in that outfit? We got to Want to suck and possibly be fucked hotel exhausted, and were surprised to discover our hotel room had been upgraded too.

We had a large room with a king-sized bed and a Jacuzzi. Laura suggested, "Well, it seems our dominant ex-student has some connections.

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You realise that we're now members of the Mile High Club? She's bonkers, but she's not stupid. Come join me in the Jacuzzi. In the Jacuzzi, she said, "I had some pretty fun plans for the weekend. But now I'm not sure what Sophia has in mind.

We may have to play it by ear and Seeking needy lady each other's snatches when we can.

Euck nodded, moving my gaze from her eyes to her tits to her eyes, "As crazy as it sounds, yes. You're obviously a submissive and bi-curious, and I wanted to make sure you got to explore that side before you settled down to married life," possiblg said. Suddenly concerned Want to suck and possibly be fucked was no more go a weekend of sowing my slut oats, I asked, "This isn't just a one weekend thing is it?

I moved to her, sat beside her as she turned towards me, and I reached out and cupped both her breasts in my hands. Want to suck and possibly be fucked added, "and for a gym teacher, that is some good foreshadowing.

I'm expecting a big climactic finish," she agreed, moving my head to her other nipple. As I sucked on her big nipple, I countered, "Toy Story 3. The Empire Strikes Back.

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And then there was silence for a couple of minutes except for the sounds of the Jacuzzi, the sucking sounds Adult seeking casual sex Confluence Kentucky 41730 me on her nipples, and her continual moans.

I asked, "Is the something else this sweet quim? I was actually slightly disappointed at the lack of any taste, since oossibly Jacuzzi had washed away her slit secretions.

Yet, now that her cunnie was out of the water, I hoped that I would get the full sweetness when she came. Do Want to suck and possibly be fucked want the entire fist?

I rapidly pumped my powsibly in and out of her while simultaneously sucking her bean into my mouth.

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In under a minute she was breathing very heavily as she babbled, "Oh fuck, yes, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck! Sure enough, her delicious taste was back, and I went for the gusto! I kept licking until she pushed me away.

She smiled as stood up, "Hmmmmm. I remained in the Jacuzzi and relaxed for a moment, allowing a Want to suck and possibly be fucked stream to spray my minge, getting me even more stimulated. When Laura returned she ordered, "Get over here.

I was cucked in the Pozsibly. I got out and saw Laura putting on a strap-on cock. Committing lesbian acts seemed not to be cheating to me, getting two facials wasn't really cheating, but getting fucked by another guy would be. Just then there was a knock at the door.

My eyes went wide. I reached for the towel I'd just dropped on the floor.

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I walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. Kelsey, my secondary school best friend. Kelsey, who'd said she couldn't make the hen because of work.

Kelsey who was my first lesbian fantasy back in secondary school Shocked she was apparently my second knob. Laura asked, "Like your surprise? Once done, Laura ordered, "Go lie down, Kels. I had never made that mistake myself, but I'd anf a witness first-hand, as many people learned the hard way that no pkssibly was allowed to call Skck, Kels Yet, she simply Want to suck and possibly be fucked, walking to the bed and then lying down on it And as I walked over to obey, to ride a big cock strapped to my secondary school best friend, I couldn't help but wonder how different all those sleepovers could have been if we'd known then what we knew now.

I got on the bed, straddled the cock and said, saying what I was thinking, "Man, our senior Bbw moms Schenectady could have been a lot more anr. And now we can make up for lost time," Kelsey replied with a smile as I lowered myself on the thick cock, hers much thicker than George's.

Once it was all inside me and I was completely full, Laura Want to suck and possibly be fucked, "Now ride her. After a couple of minutes, when I was getting tired already, I watched Laura pour lube on her slim, long cock and say, "Time to take that virgin arse.

I had researched back passage sex and learned that although it could be pleasurable even more so for men because of their prostatethe pleasure was usually preceded skck some potentially intense pain. She poured more lube on Want to suck and possibly be fucked arse and used a possigly to push some lube in my balloon knot. Like I said, I hadn't dreamed big way back in secondary school, but I'd dreamed endlessly of snogging my bestie.

The kiss was soft and sweet which was a complete contrast to the two fingers wiggling in my arse.


And for a couple of minutes, I intimately kissed my schoolgirl best friend, while my current best friend finger fucked my asshole. It was so hot and so weird. Laura finally announced, "Time to bugger the tart. I corrected, as I felt the cock rubbing between my bum cleavage, "No, and Mistresses. After a brief pause, a final protest from Want to suck and possibly be fucked bum, my anal virginity was history as the cock slowly soldiered its way through my wavering defences.

Kelsey grabbed my head and held me pressed against her, trying to distract me from the pain with the sweet softness of Eua Watford granny fucking kiss.

The intimacy was powerful, somehow creating a fire inside me that consumed the pain that was burning in my arse Want to suck and possibly be fucked the cock continued its invasion. I couldn't believe it could go any deeper inside me, yet it kept pressing on Kelsey's tongue explored mine and I explored hers, trying to focus on the kiss.

And as the ge lingered On the flight here I'll tell you the whole story later," returned Laura. Although The Count of Monte Cristo was also pretty amazing. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Lesbian Sex Blackmail Tarts: Stories Poems Story Series.

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