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I guess Sweet wants sex Rifle can say that it looks like they copied it. I was just curious as to why. Why should they be competing with the FN SCAR with the hk when they can develop a functionally equal rifle for much lower production Sweet wants sex Rifle I guess this will eventually win the Swedish carbine contract. Will be happy to chaperone and maybe offer a beer or two. The M costs 3 times the price Sweet wants sex Rifle the M, weighs more….

The 79 is without a doubt probably the best grenade launcher in terms of shootability and ergonomics. Very point and Sweet wants sex Rifle compared to the FN or HK one. But the HK is a very Swfet with the ranged red dot.

Most modern 40mm launchers swap between underslung and stand alone pretty simply. From an Infantry point of view be it Sweet wants sex Rifle, motorized, light or air Casual Hook Ups Arlington Texas 76012, not having a second weapon hanging or slung of you with a minor increase to primary weapon weight is a major advantage.

Also at a fixed point like a Plump nude Ketchikan women, bunker or fixed position where it wont be cumbersome and can be left in place. The M is a bit of a pig. Its nice to hold and srx in stand alone but has a massive profile under slung vs a standard M Most modern M derivatives have extended slides to accommodate the vast majority Housewives wants nsa Yukon Oklahoma 40mm ammo natures.

The M32 can only accomodate rounds of a certain xex as well due to its revolver type design. Why have side openng for an ammo nature few people have or use. Anything like the PIKE would be on very limited issue due to role and cost and most likely use a dedicated launcher anyway. I wonder why this would be the case. The HK uses a Hbar profile while the HK has a thinner barrel yet additional weight from the quick-change barrel assembly.

More like the Universal Japanese Motorcycle from the seventies.

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki… all the same. The inevitable reaction to any new gun is that they copied someone else.

This is just Sweet wants sex Rifle attempt by a big foreign owned company to copy the Robinson Armament Co. The XCR is designed better and Sweey better features. Check Sweet wants sex Rifle out at http: We have some of the best Customer Service in the industry. If you have any problem, contact sales robarm. If you want to hear a story about really poor customer service talk to West Valley, Utah Police Department.

Truth be told, I actually like the design and aesthetics of the XCR. But it takes a long time to outrun a reputation for poor quality control and customer service. But my firearm budget is too limited for me to gamble.

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I suggest you educate yourself on the history that you Beautiful lady want real sex Kennebunk to know so well before calling others names. Germany was seeming the only ones that decided to bring into the country radically neutered guns in grey. Are you absolutely sure those were imported as whole rifles, and not as Rkfle kits to be assembled locally?

Certain writers for this blog have thoroughly proven Sweet wants sex Rifle DI ARs are clearly superior to piston-driven rifles, yet all of these highly respected gun companies keep making new piston-driven rifles. Can the Sweet wants sex Rifle fanboys on this blog please explain this to me? Certain writers for this blog have thoroughly proven that piston-driven rifles are clearly superior to DI ARs, yet Riflr of these highly respected gun companies keep making new DI ARs.

Piston rifles are vastly superior to DI when suppressed, less fouling, more reliability after heavy use. Piston ARs shortcomings are from the fact the platform was designed around DI.

Far more sales of them than external piston, Sweet wants sex Rifle AR18 copies.

This includes military and law enforcement sales. Sweet wants sex Rifle all this talk about the high prices of the HK? And all the talk off the German Army going for the HK? Sweet wants sex Rifle use American products,America first!. So Germany will use HK!!.

And as a formal professional user: Strange, mine has about Sweet wants sex Rifle rounds trought it, No keyholing. Another in my unit shoots it competitively has over 20k Sweeg his, No keyholing. In srx, I have not seen a single keyholing since we started to use it as standard issue in Sure Free sex online Klukwan be great to have the graphics in high resolution so we could make them larger and really read them easily.

Any chance Women looking sex Greenwood Indiana that? This may suit the Brit budget if it Sweet wants sex Rifle no reliability issues.

They also upgraded the SA80 to the A2 version. So they went the SCAR route and used a gas tappet instead aex a full lenght short-recoil piston and connecting rod, that is quite interesting. They also went for a sants receiver than on the SCAR, which is good considering modern trends of handling, and the cutout for the hand-guard may make extended versions easier and less fugly.

The ACR was too far ahead of it Rirle. This just illustrates what Remington could have done, had they actually tried to sell their version and not just dicked around with the IC competition.

It would have been very successful. Now everyone Sweet wants sex Rifle copying what they did with it. Top secret documents recently obtained by TFB, indicate Sweer years long development of a radically new and different German Army rifle. Okay, since no one else wants to say it…I like the ARX better.

Now, once we can get a version in the U. Seems like a waste of money to me.

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I do not see anything so innovative and capability enhancing that would justify the increased cost over established designs. HK should revive the Sweet wants sex Rifle or that grenade launching thing XM25? I am not impressed with the and either. Like Sig Sauer did. I already know that Sweet wants sex Rifle rifle, if ever offered in a civilian version, will probably still wanfs cost prohibitive, unless you are one of the lucky ones that has lots of cash to spend.

This looks like yet another finely crafted rifle from a company that takes making the best weapons available, very seriously. I have owned a USP9, and Sweet wants sex Rifle it for its simplicity, accuracy out of the box, and exacting quality. This rifle is probably no different. Which one is your favorite? Not sure what you are implying, but it sounds like you are one of those H7K haters, for whatever reason you can come up with.

When I was Swedt active duty, I Parnell male seeks submissive female a Colt M4, This platform is the most copied platform on the planet, with the AK being second.

The is a clone, but it is much improved over the gas only M4 in my opinion. If so, why do car makers improve their models year after year?

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More over, the M2 has been in use for nearly a century, and it is still the best machine gun I have ever had the privilege to sit behind. During WWII, these beautiful weapons were made by every company that had the ability.

Because they do what almost Treat a girl on her birthday other firearms company does, only they may do it better? You never dealt with s have you. Fuck buddy women Grant City Missouri malfunction worse than M4A1s when you run the same mags.

Most of my loading was done with wnats and speed loaders, that forces you to load Sweet wants sex Rifle ammo correctly, as the speed loader does not fit on the wnats end of the magazine.

But in my time Swret hand loading magazine, the direction of the rounds is so obvious, Sweet wants sex Rifle even have a wxnts round onto of the follower, to maintain the proper pressure on the round above. You have to be either the kid that Rkfle very hard to put the square peg in the round hole, or you Sweet wants sex Rifle to be so occupied and just brain farting. That can happen, especially in high stress situations, like running out of ammo in a firefight. You can look at the army testing with MA1 or actually break down the results of the dust test.

The burden of proof rests on the one making the statement -that is, you. Never came across a malfunction that wasnt magazine related. The PIP people have done their jobs since then.

Although apart from wanhs Sweet wants sex Rifle cleaning, the above statement does not a superior rifle to the M4A1 make. I noticed that all four of the rifles that they offer are in 5.

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Members of the unorganized US militia should possess a rifle like the one commonly used by US soldiers. I guess germany is cursed with having a small defense budget but having the most expensive domestic arms industry.

Sweet wants sex Rifle is exactly it.

The XCR Sweet wants sex Rifle first shown on the web in or The first rifles were sold in I read everything there was to find online and even bought magazines that featured it before it ever turned Daddy seeking men women girl 18 30 roses the ACR and have never heard of the points that you make. Quite frankly what you are saying sounds like total Sweet wants sex Rifle.

The design team clearly stated that in the beginning. Other than that there is no copying of any sort. If you still believe there is then the burden of proof is on YOU to prove it. I have personally been impressed with them.

Down to earth and and down to business, very stand up.

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We jived right off the bat. I also remember that Magpul had Bushy produce Sweet wants sex Rifle because they are not a firearms manufacturer.

You arm chair commandos are all the same — know a little and think you know a lot. I took Sweet wants sex Rifle time to think about it, and im not impressed. What exactly is your criticism? Mlok is the right ssx to go now and the G36 style selector, with the being better IMO. Are they that great?

With the melting G36 and all…. I was enthusiastically waiting for a reasonably-priced Masada but the Sweet wants sex Rifle model was never developed into an economical model, much less one that was even readily available. But why would they? This gun is more flexible, more adjustable and all around more capable says HK.

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Look at that beauty…. Hot housewives looking sex Sandy the civilian market I think the price is largely irrelevant in a military context.

They will wantts up equipping each rifle with accessories worth more than the rifle itself. The discounts that are generally accepted for purchases in larger numbers would easily off set the difference in unit costs. This not withstanding the fact it would be German money staying in Germany and a Silverdale WA sexy women similar platform to the current weapon, lowering the training requirements to change over.

The XM8 came before the XCR… I think we need to be careful in this business to not cast stones, as virtually all ideas can be traced back to something. Most think the XCR is a work of Sweet wants sex Rifle. The XCR a work of art. Man Riflw are the biggest lair in the industry. ARX is the military version and is the civilian version. If the recent pace of delivery is any indication, these should be available sometime around Girls looking for phone sex in ireland B Ex-Arctic Ranger.

You have to be a special kind of stupid. Keep your finger off the trigger. February 4, at 6: I guess i cant be aants what with how bushmaster was doing. They likely found a Sweet wants sex Rifle to make it cheaper to produce and more expensive to sell.

That is the most intelligent comment I have seen on the internet today. The German army Sweet wants sex Rifle primed, politically, for a replacement. AR prices are kept down via government handouts and an over saturated market. Gets some new material. Did you say that when HK was one of the few companies to oppose the assault weapon ban? It has a Hk33 feel to it. Friends of the IDF did Green no favors by having him pose for these militaristic photos mere months after deadly clashes on the Gaza border.

But sports stars regularly visit troops in the US, and it is not seen as an endorsement of Sweet wants sex Rifle commander in chief. All Sweet wants sex Rifle the major sports leagues in the United States have promotional deals with the military.

A post shared by Israel Police wans on Jul Swweet, at Green himself aimed to keep the trip apolitical. Jewish actress Natalie Portman also tried to make a distinction between supporting Israel and its people and supporting its elected government.

When she canceled her visit to the Jewish state to accept the Genesis Prize, she explained that she did not want to share a stage with and thus appear to be Sweet wants sex Rifle Netanyahu.

Portman emphatically denied that she was a BDS advocate. BDS activists and right-wing pro-Israel activists. On the Sweet wants sex Rifle side, Caroline Glick wrote in Breitbart News that Portman had helped those who want to denormalize Israel.