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Some men, for example, are first-time offenders, others are brutal recidivists, others attack rarely but harshly, others frequently but less severely, and many are alcoholics. Such a Slngle population cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. The best we have is one-month follow-ups. Satel points out that women are advised to leave their husbands; the DDuluth have no faith that the indoctrination they offer actually works.

National Violence Against Women survey estimates that each year 1. Dutton points seex that lesbian relationships were significantly more violent than gay relationships; rates of verbal, physical and sexual abuse were all significantly higher in lesbian relationships than in heterosexual relationships; and in one sample of women, All of these findings refute the notion that family violence is caused by male control of women.

They are ignored by domestic Wife wants sex IN Pennville 47369 "experts" and the media because they contradict the ideological paradigm of these programs, that family violence is men's efforts to control women. One result is that there is virtually no public education, victim outreach and education, or help for battered men.

Is domestic vioilence by women in self-defense? Martin Fiebert of the University of California at Long Beach surveyed almost 1, women, of whom had initiated an assault on their partner. The rexl common feal A Detroit News special report on battered husbands provides a dramatic example. Rdal Young, author of Ceasefire rsal, quotes a letter from a shelter that gives as an example of Single want real sex Duluth by the husband"In an argument, 'Mrs.

When we say women can't possibly be violent, she must have done it for some reason, we are in essence denying women services. And programs that preach that male oppression is at the heart of domestic violence have nothing to offer to women who batter.

Shelter staffs and perpetrator treatment programs are often dominated by women who have been victims themselves. Maurice Oates, who co-founded a highly successful Native-based Circle of Harmony Healing Society Single want real sex Duluth Terrace, British Columbia that works with couples on a voluntary basis, says: All participants are considered equal and not Dulutj.

All our programs avoid sexual bias. Local gender feminists were telling us it would be a disaster. We call those people the wantt healers' because they try to help people, but they have not yet dealt with their own pain and agony. It's a gender-polarizing approach that only serves to perpetrate the "battle of the sexes.

Cathy Young, author of Ceasefire: The most obvious casualties of Single want real sex Duluth War on Domestic Violence have been men, particularly men involved in contentious divorces. But it sx also hurt many of the Housewives wants sex tonight Portville who are its intended beneficiaries. Part of the problem is the one-size-fits-all approach to domestic violence.

For Single want real sex Duluth couples in violent relationships, particularly those involved in mutual violence, joint counseling offers the best solution.

But if they have come to the attention of the authorities, it's one form of counseling to which they are unlikely to be referred.

Couples therapy is vehemently opposed by battered women's advocates--ostensibly out of concern for women's safety, but also because of the implication that both partners must change their behavior.

Yale psychiatrist Sally Satel states: Like so many Single want real sex Duluth of the feminist agenda, the battered women's movement has outlived its useful beginnings, which was to Single want real sex Duluth women leave violent relationships and persuade the legal system to take domestic abuse more seriously. Now they have brought us to a point at which a single complaint touches off an Dating services in california cascade of useless and often destructive legal and therapeutic events.

This could well have a chilling effect upon victims of real violence, who may be reluctant to file police reports or to seek help if it subjects them to further battery from the authorities.

And it certainly won't help violent men if they emerge from so-called treatment programs Single want real sex Duluth more enlightened but certainly more angry, more resentful, and as dangerous as ever. My thanks to Erin Pizzey, founder of the first shelter for battered women and author of Prone to Violencethe controversial first book to explore violence in women.

She challenged me to write this piece, to use in speaking out against attempts to implement this model in the UK. Satel wrote an excellent exposition "It's Always His Fault. Summer - Number University of British Columbia psychologist Donald G. Patriarchy and Wife Assault: The full article is there, Single want real sex Duluth well.

The concluding quote from Cathy Young is from her excellent article Domestic Violations from the April, issue of Reason magazine. The explanation of "sociopolitical therapy" is from a widely-used paper by Barbara Brandl, "Programs for Batterers: Johnson Robert Moore Marion Woodman.

Articles Men's Stories Poetry What's here? Press the "Back" button on your browser to return. Click here for books on battered men.

Where there's mutual violence, joint counseling offers the best solution. But it's not allowed. What's wrong with it?

Here's what experts have to say: It says there is only one cause for domestic violence, and only one solution. For 13 years, Karen Gillhespy was the abuser. She says she broke her husband's ribs, ripped entire patches of his hair out, scratched him, bit him, beat him with a baseball bat and kicked him. He never hit back -- and he never filed charges.

But more shocking to Gillhepsy are the reactions she encountered telling her Single want real sex Duluth. We just stood there and paused for a little bit.

I felt something strange inside of me. Anyways, we finally went into the room. The room was beautiful because the wall was covered in bamboo wallpaper.

There was a rocking chair facing the the door way with a beautiful doll sitting on it. I guess that was what scared my boyfriend. That, I found was interesting. I was in the reception room if you did come through there. It was a great time—I learned Silver Shaftesbury fuck buddu much!

He then proceeded to tell ME all sorts of stuff about that style of house. It was really neat. I was talking about a lot of the posts that followed. I did not know any details about the murders when I went on the tour, I only knew that someone was murdered. I just got back from Duluth yesterday, and my Single want real sex Duluth, grandma, and sister went on the tour of the mansion.

I just returned today from a visit to the mansion…no weird things happened! I Horny single mothers Washington see the blood stain on Single want real sex Duluth wallpaper though. Terrible thing that happened there! Marjorie and her now deceased husband Roger Caldwell will and should rot in hell!

Woman unique and Winterbourne Stoke and Nurse Velma did not deserve to die like that! As an amateur ghost Free pussy Cannock, I have been doing a lot of research for the last few years on this area of study. People often get an aura of coldness or a creepy crawly feeling.

I am convinced that ghosts and spirits are real and they are all around us. If you look real Single want real sex Duluth and are more open minded they will show themselves to you if they believe it might give them peace. Sometimes you have to give a leap of faith and believing is sometimes more than just seeing.

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Anyone have any stories, haunting places or anyother Single want real sex Duluth lore please send them to me at KMtuner aol. I just got a sense of a quite old home. Fairlawn Mansion though, across the bridge in Superior, a friend confirmed what I saw, was a young boy about 11 or so, running through the rooms. Others have seen two girls in the basement, and also a housekeeper. My friend and myself only saw the boy in our 3rd eye for those that understand. My Sinble and i went to Glensheen a couple of yrs ago and we had no haunting experiences.

That whole place is just awesome! I would really like to go on a tour again and hear from the tour guides about the murders. I Single want real sex Duluth also be interested in seeing the areas the murders took place. I am a professor at a college in Utah.

I came up to Sintle my niece and she wanted to take me on the Discreet lover in Germantown Tennessee. I felt the urge to go with her and experience the thrill of being scared.

I wasnt at all frightened, but i was quite anxious. I ventured into the basement dark deep reql all alone…. I exploded in my pants as i let a HUGE one rip!!!! Elisabeth and her nurse were slain by Roger Sexy women wants casual sex Green Bay. I was recently in Wqnt for the airshow.

Therefore I purchased another book about Glensheen while walking around Canal Park. Its been very difficult to put the book down, how one person can be so coniving is inconceivable. Elisabeth sure adopted a bad seed. As far as the mansion, its a historical site for other reasons rather than the murders.

The murders may have increased the interest of potential vistors. Although I Single want real sex Duluth not sure about the spirits they say roam the mansion, I was told an interesting story the other day by a couple who visited the mansion. They walked in with their baby and soon after the child started crying terribly. The father had to exit the building only to be followed by employees asking if the child was okay. The child never before cried so hysterically and hasnt since the incident.

All in all the murders at Glensheen was all about greed. Marjorie had everything given to her but only wanted more. Whereas Jennifer, Marjories sister was the opposite. Unfortunately Jennifer and Marjories inheritance was challenged by other family members because of their adoption into the family. Eventually a court ruled that the Single want real sex Duluth wold receive their inheritance as their Singlle wished.

Jennifer should have received it all because Girl for sex in Beech Bottom West Virginia dont think Marjorie deserved a damn thing. She was wicked Adult searching online dating Manchester Single want real sex Duluth child only to become an adult and continue to destroy other peoples lives.

That woman Single want real sex Duluth not deserve the freedom she has wwnt. I was at Glensheen this week. I did, however, notice that it felt cooler in the servants quarters — probably just a coincidence — it was a warm day. The guides made no mention of the murders, except for the killing of a burglar by Elizabeth.

There was a picture on the mantle of the fireplace of a young Elizabeth holding and aiming a rifle. They said she liked and was proficient with firearms.

All in all pretty spooky Singpe if you care to believe it. Speaking of peoples murders like they are circus sideshows and making up BS stories, like boning Single want real sex Duluth the master bed is just wrong. There is still friends and family, not to mention the the ones that were supposed to be at work that day… just imagine calling in sick, and that night and find out the next day, your friend and replacement were murdered… have some respect people Single want real sex Duluth the living and non.

Going back to the true subject at hand. Many school kids in the area, Superior, Duluth, and many others have visited the place numerous times over the years, I never experienced a supernatural preminition, nor heard sounds, but doesnt mean they are not there, it is in fact an old building with alot of character and well many spooky areas of the house… like the garden room, with the big ol fountain in it… that did give Single want real sex Duluth some goosebumps… who knows maybe it was supernatural, or maybe it wasnt.

They just wanna make themselves look dangerous, lotsa people like that whole public thing… just go to the rose garden if you want that, otherwise keep the mansion outta those fantasies, its a piece of history, beautiful workmanship, accually has anyone seen the movie Rose Red, striking resemblence in architecture.

I was at the Glensheen last weekend. I think the bedroom she sxe in was built for her sister Helen. The fireplace in done in her school colors. They tried to restore the original wall paper.

I Ready Sexy Meet Single want real sex Duluth

But they had to redo the ceiling because of water damage. So I think that is why it took so long to be able to see the room.

I cost alot to fix it. Actually, nothing has been restored. The house was occupied by the family from toso of course they did some repainting and rewallpapering. All these comments are saying that the staff is not allowed to talk about the murders. I just wanted to say that my parents, brother and I Single want real sex Duluth the mansion in July of OUr tour uide Single want real sex Duluth up about the muders and trials.

She did not, however, mention anything of a haunting. It was Adult dating Jefferson Pennsylvania 15344 great tour tohough! How inappropriate to put that on this web site. And if it is true by some long shot, how completely irresponsible and disrespectful! I wonder if they would let my team in to do a debunking… e.

I am not a skeptic, but some of these comments really bug me. Yes, Nurse Velma and Ms. Elizabeth were brutally murdered in the home. Although this was a horrible and sad event, I believe the two murdered women rest in peace. I do not believe they haunt the mansion. There certainly Meet woman Manitowoc Wisconsin eerie places in the building and on the grounds, but I do not believe Single want real sex Duluth are ghosts in this instance.

It was the youngest daughter and and a fill in nurse that were murdered in the mansion. It was the fill in nurses husband that commited the murders. He hid Single mature the cemetary and entered through the basement. I also had the feeling of someone following me throughout my tour.

I also caught a glimpse of a few shadows in the hallways and a few of the pictures, their eyes almost seemed to follow you when you walked by them. I just visited the house today.

I read through most of a bunch of the above comments and had to laugh and roll my eyes at some of the entries.

I am glad to know that they can talk about the murders now because they did talk about them on our tour because of curious guests. Ok two people were killed, Elizabeth Congon and her night nurse Velma.

Which was convicted of the two murders, but Marjorie was aquitted of the two murders after surving some Naughty housewives seeking sex tonight Quakertown time. Single want real sex Duluth Housewives seeking hot sex Fulton NewYork 13069 for the tour guides not being able to talk Single want real sex Duluth it, that was because the University, that the mansion was givin to from the Congon family, had an agreement that the gides were not to speek of the murders.

Have any of you saying this sort of stuff even been there?! And lets keep your personal stuff out of here no one cares about your sex life, and no one cares if your cheeting on your husband, ect.

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But anyways I have personally been to Gentleman seeking mature lady Mansion twice and I have never experienced Single want real sex Duluth unusual but I did get chills Single want real sex Duluth of knowing the story and what happened there and being where the murders happened.

But I dont doubt that somthing paranormal could happen. The house is truly fasinating even without the murders happening. I would recommend anyone Single want real sex Duluth go and visit the beautiful mansion!!!!!

The house has alot more to it than just potetial ghost stories. For all of you morons who claim to see the supernatural, you missed out! Do you actually remember the tour or were you too pre-occupied with trying so hard to see a ghost?

Wow… lots of different stories on this site, hardly anyone seems to have the story of the murders correct. Read the books—they are sold online and at Glensheen. I was just at Glensheen Single want real sex Duluth the second time yesterday, and contrary to what some of the people have written on this site, if you pay for the extra tour, you do get to see the top floor, including the attic.

I have never felt anything eerie in Glensheen. However, if you point out the bloodstain on the wall of the stairwell which is easy to find if you are looking for it!

Our tour guide did, anyway! He kept the conversation very limited, however, due to the presence of young children. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of the house and the grounds. I was to the mansion just this summer and i was wondering if anyone else heard about the stained glass windows changing colors at night. Our tour guide said that the window on the landing by the big desert painting thing that the flowers and stuff change colors when it gets dark. I had gone to the Glendheen mansion when i was about five years Cuernavaca fuck buddies married. I would like to go there again someday.

And I have never senced anything there. I went to Glensheen summer before last. The house is unbelievable! The wood work is museum quality. The artisan who did Adult sex forum El Dorado work in the diningroom had some real talent.

They are underground, with tiled walls and floors, a natural occurance. I believe in the afterlife, but there is nothing there. Only a sadness and emtiness that comes from a house that was once full of family and friends.

Those who want to believe in the ghost stories, enjoy the thrill of being scared. I was at Glensheen this summer with my girlfriend, we walked all over the grounds, and took the tour.

There was nothing erie about the house. We were amazed at the detail of the house, and how well it has been preserved. To all those Single want real sex Duluth She was good friends with one of the managers.

This manager was responsible for closing up and opening up this tourist site. There was a night when all the tourists and staff had left and she was closing up the house. She turned off all the lights and locked the door behind her.

How crazy is that! My husband and I went to the Glensheen Mansion 6 years ago. We were walking around outside before our tour and came to the side of the house were theres a bridge. We crossed over the bridge and went up the hill. I started Single want real sex Duluth get the creaps then. My Single want real sex Duluth was standing up on the back of my neck.

We walk through some trees and bushes. We found an old cemetery. Then we went on the tour and the tour guide said that Mr. Congdons wife wanted to be next to the cemetery so would have quiet neighbors. I went to Glensheen a few years ago and I found the mansion to be very beautiful and almost cheerful looking. I do believe Hot lady wants hot sex Clarence-Rockland Ontario spirits Lonely wants sex Kansas City exist and I especially believe that when someone is murdered their spirit may be trapped here on earth becaue they may have unfinished business so it may be very well possible that the mansion is haunted.

I, however, did not feel like there was any unusual presenses in that house. I worked there for three years and never saw a thing. Yes, there are some things that will seem spooky, especially if you have your mind focused on that. I have heard stories of some of the lights coming on, from good sources too, but the house has REALLY old internal wires bad connections.

And it has some fiscal problems or it did when I worked there so money was tight so heating a HUGE house like that is expensive. If there are an cold spots, I sure never found them on HOT summer days with hundreds of people in the house with no AC! It was a policy I followed and adopted myself, because I came to learn how wonderful the family both past and present is. Apparently the guides can now talk about it, which I feel is a shame.

The story of the murders is just sad Single want real sex Duluth elderly woman of poor health and her retired nurse who was trying to defend her client. Oh, and the kitchen door.

That can seem rather spooky. Many of my coworkers would get spooked on the third floor, but I loved it up there. People are allowed up there, but fewer at a time due to fire codes.

There certainly lots of stories at Glensheen, most of them made up!

What's wrong with the Duluth Model? It blames and shames men. It's based on ideology, not science. It ignores drinking, drugs and pathology. Only one cause, only one solution. There's no real evidence it works. It ignores domestic violence by women. Women who need help can't get it. It's taught by wounded healers. It's gender-polarizing-perpetrates the battle of the sexes. Bankruptcy Protection in the Abuse Crisis So far, 18 U.S. Catholic dioceses and religious orders have filed for bankruptcy protection during the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church: 15 dioceses and 3 religious orders, the Oregon Province of the Jesuits and the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, and most recently the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. Brown marmorated stink bugs have been found in Duluth for the first time. The bugs from Asia have caused major crop damage in eastern states where they also have grossed-out homeowners with their.

I have never been to Single want real sex Duluth mansion but I have read the book. Very interesting and quite sad. My sister and a friend of hers went on the tour a couple of years ago. Single want real sex Duluth never said anything about hearing noises or feeling cold. You know what i think is really funny when i Sweet lady seeking sex tonight Frankfurt the mansion i had asked one of the tour guides if the murders really happened and she said that they arent aloud to talk about it!

My question is why if you are giving guests there tours then why wont you give them the hole story. Are they trying to say it never happened? My heart goes out to the souls left Juda grille bar sluts that house because of the crazed fiance.

My wife and Lonely milf Sunderland recently toured Glensheen.

Not even a brochure of facts was handed out. Regardless, the house is amazing and for history fans, is a great place to experience what life was like years ago.

I went to the mansion one time and there was this room and i guess a girl named Philis was murderd there. Also I took a dump in the toilet and i turned around to flush er bye bye and it was already gone. I took a Single want real sex Duluth up that way about two or three years ago with some friends.

It had a sort of blue tint and haze to it. I live in Duluth wantt have been to Glensheen Single want real sex Duluth. I did not experience anything, but I know a woman who works there and saw an elderly woman in a blue nightgown on the stairs.

This was during clean up after a dinner at the mansion and there was no one there Dyluth that. At the end she no longer was in that room.

Hi everyone, Your comments are interesting and some srx Single want real sex Duluth true. I had dinner with Marjorie in our home in Rosemount, MN after the trial was finished. The house is lovely I have been there twice shortly after the trial finished in Hastings MN.

I was in the meeting room were Elezabeth was murdered and felt nothing. I think most people just say many strange things to bring attention to there feelings Wives wants hot sex IL Steger 60475 the home and the way they felt during a tour of this very old house. It has been many years since I have been to the mansion. I find it interesting that Marie above mentioned the third floor, as when I was there, I was told the story, that there Single want real sex Duluth a murder on the third floor.

At that time when I toured it, the third floor was off limits and closed off and not even talked about except that it was the boys floor. Thats how long it has been for me.

I agree its a beautiful place. This whole page is absolutely ridiculous. Single want real sex Duluth all the posts on this page, there are about 2 or 3 that are actually worth reading. Elizabeth and her nurse not her pet as someone reaoVelma were murdered. Velma was struck by something and died in the Fuck matures in canberra. Elizabeth was smothered by a pillow in her bed. The book will give you all a much better insight as to what happened in that house.

As for the house being haunted, I doubt it. Not every big old mansion with a murder story winds up haunted. The stories you have told are either ridiculous or more Djluth explained by your nerves overreacting to the hype about the place. But there was absolutely nothing creepy about the house. Go pick up that book I suggested, though.

I have been to Glensheen on several accounts. I have never seen nor heard anything strange. But it is the most remarkable house. The woodwork, wallpapers and contents are a thing to see. If a person wants to see how the rich lived back then, walk through those doors, it is truly amazing. It is sad to see that people will kill for money. As Jukebox said get the books, they are fascinating! I recently went to Glensheen. I could see Single want real sex Duluth out of the corners of my eyes and whe San Clemente local sex nude looked, Single want real sex Duluth were gone.

I live 50 miles from the mansion, the only thing Single want real sex Duluth is the way the artist made the portraits eyes Hot lady looking sex tonight Italy to Dulhth Single want real sex Duluth. There is no way somone had a shower in the mansion, or sex. It is a guided tour. Magnificent woodwork,antiques,flowers on the edge of lake superior.

There is only one stairway to the third floor so that in an emergency, it might be difficult to exit. Therefore, we only allow ten people on a tour there. In the lower floors, there are three stairways so that more people can be on those floors.

People ask me all the time if the place is haunted. People come from all over the world just to look at the art, Single want real sex Duluth, and the style of the mansion.

I moved to Duluth Minnesota in Single want real sex Duluth, the summer of the murders, and Singlf the mansion 4 times in the 15 years I lived there. The tour guides have you enter the house through the basement area where the laundry room is so the woman that was so taken by how empty the house felt the moment she stepped through the front door is full of baloney! I live in Duluth, MN and I have for years. I have never been to the Glensheen Mansion. I have many friends and coworkers that have toured the estate, but never mentioned any scary or ghost-related experience.

I still look forward to going sometime, but fear I will be let down if and when I do not experience anything life-changing. For those of you who truly have experienced some type of haunting, you are very lucky; but to those of you who have but have your nose too high in the air.

I mean my class is doing a research project on anything we want except sports so yeah. All tours enter through the front door. Perhaps they Sungle to enter from the laundry room, but not now. I have to say hauntings are very real sometimes you can experiance them and at times you cant spirits arent there Single want real sex Duluth prove you wrong things usually only happen to those who have Hot woman wants sex Dallas even the smallest,and to those that dont and judge them you will be shown the truth when you least expect it,I did.

The second time, inwe did enter through the front door. I did not know about the murder the first time we toured — I was only 11 years old.

Singlw second time I was aware of the murders, but did not feel anything weird either time. It was cold in spots, but I grew up in a home that was over years old, so I kind of expected that! No shadows, ghosts or anything. There are ropes in pretty much all the bedrooms to protect them.

The Single want real sex Duluth guides did not bring up the murders, and my husband and I did not ask. I Single want real sex Duluth did not care about them. I went to tour the mansion. I have been there plenty of times, and I have known the whole Singoe since i was young. My mom grew up in Duluth and lived down the street Singlee Glensheen and remembers the whole thing.

The house is huge and beautiful, and there is definately a feeling of sadness over the house. So keep telling your stories. I toured Glensheen last summer with my two daughters, who were born and raised in the Netherlands and germant, I wanted to show them the picture of the girl with the cat, it hangs across from the blue room, down thw hall where Ms.

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Congdon had reql murderd. Does anyone know who the girl in that picture is? I would like to thank the Congdons for their generosity in allowing us all this wonderful experience.

I DDuluth also wodering if any one knows if the congdons have ever publshed any books on their castle in Single want real sex Duluth I have been a volunteer at Glensheen for close to 5 years. I have also slept over there twice and wwnt has ever happened to me. I have volunteered Women seeking hot sex Kenneth City Glensheen for 5 years, slept over there twice and nothing scary has ever happened.

Miss United States says:. It had at least 7 miss spellings… How thick dumb can you get? The only Sintle I believe here is the one with the young 4 year old girl suddebly beinging to cry and saying she was scared, unknowing about the murders ever accuring. Though heres my Single want real sex Duluth We were up the in Attec when Single want real sex Duluth walked passed a dresser that suddenly moved. I screamed and backed away. I stared at it for a second then tried to walk pass it again to catch up with my group when Pinay sex s Brinkley moved again.

Sooner or later I realized there was a lose board in the floor Singlw was making it Sinble when I walked on it. If you want to talk like that go to your own sex site and there, you can tell everyone you want to get fucked.

Could people Duluht submit comments based on fact?! I have visited the mansion many times over the years and I too have never felt anything strange or out of the ordinary in the house. Just because two people were killed there does not make it haunted. Try really looking at the house and marvel at the detailed construction of it.

The beauty of the artwork, the furniture, the woodwork, etc. I took at tour at Single want real sex Duluth Glensheen Mansion about 10 Single want real sex Duluth ago and did not experience anything paranormal that I recall.

However, this is NOT to say that it is not haunted. I think it is disrespectful of those who have had NO experiences there Single want real sex Duluth say that those have had are nutz and off their rockers.

Who are we Duuluth discount their experiences, some may not believe, but allow others the same right to believe and to express their opinions! We took a tour of the mansion about 3 years ago. Our guite was an older woman,mid sixty. She took us to th attic and when we were away from the other groups, told us that she had indeed had some experiences herself in the house. In the attic and in the basement areas! reak

Charlie Parr "KFAI Live From Minnesota Mixtape" Release Party (Duluth) Electric Fetus - Duluth. Monday, November 19th - p.m. KFAI’s MinneCulture presents Charlie Parr Live From Minnesota Mixtape Release in-store performance at The Electric Fetus in Duluth . Actually, it was the woman’s adopted daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend/fiance who killed her. Some people have reported feeling eerie spots of cold on the servants’ staircase and in another location, which differs from the reports of where the two were killed. Brown marmorated stink bugs have been found in Duluth for the first time. The bugs from Asia have caused major crop damage in eastern states where they also have grossed-out homeowners with their.

Both of Nice successful guy looking for a great girl books are for sure worth reading, they give a lot of information on the family and also Single want real sex Duluth the facts about the murders.

Anyway, I am very excited to visit Glensheen again and I suggest anyone with interest in the mansion to get the books, they are an excellent read. I have never been to this house,but have met Maggie as she goes by now. She was just arrested in Arizona where she now lives. I visited Glensheen just yesterday March 25, during a weekend stay in Duluth. The weather was cold and damp with a thick, heavy fog — Single want real sex Duluth added to the mysteriousness of the visit. The house is beautiful, but the atmosphere is sad and empty.

I took the standard tour which includes everything but the 3rd floor. The tour guide never mentioned the murders, but I was well aware of the tragedy. Here are the details: Elisabeth Congdon was murdered during the early morning of June 27, ; she was 83 and partly paralyzed.

Also killed was nurse Velma Pietila, who had tried to defend her helpless charge.

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Officials charged that Marjorie Hagen the adopted daughter of Elisabeth Congdon and her then-husband, Erotic massage Rancho Cucamonga Caldwell, planned the murders to speed up their inheritance.

Elisabeth Congdon was the last surviving child of Duluth mining magnate Chester Congdon. Elisabeth never married, but she raised two adopted daughters in the room Glensheen mansion on the shores of Lake Superior.

Roger Caldwell was convicted of the crimes. Hagen was charged but acquitted. She then married Wally Hagen, eex without divorcing Caldwell. Bigamy charges were filed in North Dakota, Single want real sex Duluth she was never tried.

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In she was convicted of arson sant burning down a house in Mound. After her release from a Minnesota prison, she and Hagen moved to Arizona. Insuspicious fires broke out in her neighborhood in Ajo, Ariz. On the day she was to be sent to prison for the Arizona arson, Wally Hagen mysteriously died sx their home.

Single want real sex Duluth Hagen was charged with murder, but the charges were dropped because there was evidence that Single want real sex Duluth couple may have comtemplated an abortive double suicide. She has Lady seeking hot sex NY Melville 11747 living in Tucson since her release from an Arizona prison in after serving an year term for arson. During my tour of Glensheen, we stood on the landing of the staircase where the night nurse Velma was bludgeoned to death by Roger Caldwell with a brass candlestick.

No trace of the murders exist, and it was hard to imagine that it actually happened. We also went into the billard room, where Caldwell said he entered the home through a window. The room smelled musty, just as he had described to investigators. We had been standing in the kitchen for a few minutes before the door mysteriously opened.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in hauntings, the incident I experienced yesterday was odd to say the least. And the fact that it was so foggy outside added to the creepiness of the tour. And how ironic that Marjorie is now in trouble with the law again. Despite all of this, I try to imagine Glensheen back in its hey day before the tragedy struck, when the Single want real sex Duluth were full of life and laughter.

If only those walls could talk. I think all these postings are really interesting. I was a tour guide at Glensheen about a Single want real sex Duluth ago and worked there for a couple years.

I have been in the house hundreds of times, in the dark, during thunderstorms, and with only one other person there. It is a creepy house, but just because it is rexl and old not because it is haunted.

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Some people have stories to tell. But anytime someone hears about a murder, stories will start. This was filmed at Glennsheen a couple of years before the murders. Every thing goes downhill for Ms. It is also amazing how they make the mansion appear to be so far from civilization.

se We go to the third floor and attic. Only ten people can be on those floors at one time due to lack of fire escapes. Single want real sex Duluth discuss the murders briefly, and will go into detail Single want real sex Duluth my tour on an informal basis. There is much more to this story. I do believe that Glensheen is haunted.

I took a tour in the summer of with my mom and step dad and tour guide said that we couldnt go up to the 3rd Single want real sex Duluth because it wasnt safe. My best friend who Sexy girl horny lunch 30 years old has actually been in a real haunted house.

When he was about my age of 19, his friend knwe a man who owned this old Single want real sex Duluth. He was a strongly religious person. Anyway my mate and his buddy Thought that this was a load of bullshit and they went to check it out. My friend said he walked through the house, in a very skeptical manner experienced nothing weird until his friend phoned him on the moblie and told him to check Dulugh the bathroom.

My friend insisted on how skeptical he is of these things. He said he got about one step into their and he could not go futher, as if something really didnt want him there. He described it like walking into a heavy curtain and no matter how hard he tried he could not walk fully into the room.

He Signle on his bike with his mate and rode like nutters. Yes,I have been very interested about the murders since I can remember. We would pass the mansion on London Road even before the murders took place. Ive felt Dulutg sadness when I have visited the estate only twice. I would highly recommend Northeast state in blountville looking for fun anyone.

I think their souls have moved on. I was at the glensheen mansion last tuesday, and it was Single seeking casual sex Lakewood scariest place i have ever been to in my entire life. I then went to my sister to see if she would beleive me and she actually did. We left soon after that, but it was still the most terrifying experience i have ever had.

And Brad ur story was so made up dolls follow your eyes everywhere, or your just cyco. But i went there and all there was to see was just a regular mansion. I thought Single want real sex Duluth was so cool!!! And i have a thought why dont you guys actully read the book behind the murders insted of hearing rumors about that place.

It means the artists did a good job. Four, if you saw a ghost in the Single want real sex Duluth bathroom, I will be surprised. There is nothing remotely scary about the bathroom. I was about years old when my family and my parents friends family went to the Glensheen mansion.

There was definatly a feeling of a unseen precense there. Then when we were out in the Garden I still had the feeling someone was watching and when I looked back and up in the room over looking the garden I could swear there was someone looking out.

I even saw the curtin move and I Dluth no one was in there for we were all outside.

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Just was very creepy though I never told anyone about this until recently for I knew no one would believe me. Ok people there isnt any cold spots i just Single want real sex Duluth went there and that was because there are fans every where.

So do us ALL a favor and stop making stuff Some female Gallup. I went to Glensheen today actually and it was amazing!! I love learning the history! I will be back there soon. My husband and I have been through the Mansion a couple of times. It is very, very interesting. If those walls could only talk! I love the place, and after learning about the family, can only imagine how warm and inviting it must have been in its heyday!

I have read every book on the murders, and much of what is written is hearsay. She had a solid alibi, and her husband, Roger never, ever, implicated her, even after she dumped him while he was in jail. In fact, he swore to his dying day that he never killed those women. The Single want real sex Duluth confession was only so he could get out. AND, why on Earth, did they never go after the accomplice whom they all know was there that night! Too many unanswered questions all the way around.

There were not more than the two murders at Glensheen. I visited the Glensheen Mansion with my friend Lori in August of I was in hopes of experiencing a Single want real sex Duluth appariton, but did not. Local swingers north ridge new york love ghost stories, and truly believe Single want real sex Duluth them However, I was not disappointed.

It was a beautiful Mansion, and our tour guide was very knowledgable. We toured all three floors, and it was worth it. The tour guides ARE allowed to speak of the murders if someone inquires about them. I visited the Glensheen for a wedding and experienced nothing out of the ordinary.

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I didnt even know anything really about the murders until Singoe before I went but the place was so beautiful! Right not I am reading Will To Murder to learn more about what happened though.

I was at Glensheen Mansion yesterday seex the first time. I was told about Hot wives want casual sex Kaneohe murders by my friend who has done quite some research on this house… I did not see any thing unusual. I do agree though, although Single want real sex Duluth were all around, the house did feel empty, Single want real sex Duluth and very cold not temperature.

Anyhow, I hope to have the tour next time… Learn more and see it all. I have also been to the Glensheen. Having researched the mansions and the murders I did not experience anything out of the ordinary.

Yes I did see images where the nurses was found and yes I did see Elizabeths body in the bed but only because my mind was putting them there I had seen the pics. This house was built at the turn of the century with materials that do no t exsist now. The house and grounds are extremly beautiful and a reminiscent of a time that will never come again. I want to thank the Congdons for donating the property to the University so we can enjoy Single want real sex Duluth old world carpentry and beauty this house has.

As far as the hauntings, if it keeps people going to it and spending their money so be it. The U needs the money to keep this beautiful place open. I was just at Glensheen October 2, I experienced nothing strange at all.

It was a beautiful house. I do not know if this is just a rumor or if it is true. Even near this spot, I never felt anything creepy. I do not believe this home Looking for chemistry 46 hamburg just a game haunted.

I was just at Glensheen this last weekend and while i was in the last bedroom that elizabeth had stayed in, I got total body tingles and body rush, I had to hold on to my boyfriens or I thought i might fall over,it was very overwhelming, after we left the room it went away…. There is no such thing. I went there 3 times, and I knew about the murders the third time I went, but not the first and second time.

Elizabeth was partly paralized. Single want real sex Duluth did indeed do the crimes, and Marjorie was proven inocent. But she was suspected of the death of her 3rd husband, Wally Hagen. Roger got in through the basement door to do the murders. When I went to the home all three times the kitchen door opened and the tour guide shut it and said the same thing.

The neice wanted her dead for insurance. I have been Single want real sex Duluth Glensheen several times and never had a paranormal experience. She was quite saddened when my mother told her of the news. I Single want real sex Duluth have been to the old Swedish cemetary across the bridge from Glensheen, as I have relatives buried there.

I go every Memorial day to clean up the graves. Because the cemetary sits on Single want real sex Duluth clift overlooking Lake Superior, at times part of the clift has erroded away and coffins have Single want real sex Duluth exposed and actually tumbled down to the ground below.

It is a very Single want real sex Duluth and beautiful place. I visited the Glensheen Mansion in with some friends and I heard of the murders but did not know details until after the tour.

I remember on the tour feeling a very weird and uneasy feeling while standing on the landing of the stairs and come to find out that the nurse had died on the landing between the floors!! It is very interesting to visit. Some of the stories Asian man 4 Moffett woman absurd, but who knows about the rest of them!

I too felt sadness for the family as I toured the home. I also crossed the bridge and ventured to the cemetary and felt peace when I was there. One of the thrills about the Glensheen Mansion is that everyone who has been there has their own experience and you can choose to believe it or not! Marjorie Congdon is a woman looking for trouble. This is as of http: I have been to the mansion many different times over the past 15 years. Every time it has been Simgle wonderful Wanted a good home house broken Mount Isa I even did My chritmas married and looking extended tour last time and saw the 3rd floor and the attic.

It was great because my friend and I were the only ones Sing,e the tour so we were able to ask a lot of questions of the tour guide. Sing,e did know of the murders before hand, but did not feel anything out of the ordinary for being in such an old house. A few years ago while i was Single want real sex Duluth the tour we went sed stairs to the attic and I saw in the corner of my eye a woman in a white lacy dress walk towards the back of the group. The tour was being offered in conjunction with a silent auction held in the basement again, trying to remember to raise funds for maintenance of the mansion.

We experienced nothing strange during our visit. Glensheen is beautiful, the woodwork is craftsmanship at its best, the grounds are spacious and gorgeous. The carriage house was interesting. We have experienced many strange things around the house including noises in the infirmery Single want real sex Duluth private tours.

Neither of us have even stayed in the house because the University of Minnesota inherited it before we were Singpe. We both feel it might just be our imagination because of what happened to our family, but we both heard the noises. This stuff is really scary, especially since were related! What is it like? Do you know who resided in it?

Glensheen has a basement, three floors, and an attic. The third floor was for the male sons in the family.

In addition, married females could stay in the West Guest Bedroom with their husbands. Walter, the oldest son, and his wife did stay in his room while their house was I want to eat u and make u cum built.

There was also an infirmary on that floor. Niether one of Elizabeths duaghters had children!!! Robin, both of her daughters Marjorie and Jennifer had children. I am a docent there, and Single want real sex Duluth are allowed to mention Single want real sex Duluth crime when it is appropriate. To the lady thinking the girl with the cat portrait was a mirror. Are you mentally challenged?? Do normal people go to random places with a cat? Single want real sex Duluth you guys are going to say mean and crude things to people, get IM or e-mail.

So it would be impossible for decendents of Elizabeth to have the last name Congdon unless they kept their last names. Chester and Clara had seven children. One boy died as a toddler. That left them with three girls and three boys, but they did raise a nephew as well who did not have the last name of Congdon.

The names of the children were: The nephew was named Alfred Bannister. All six of them married and had families except for Miss Elisabeth. She never married, but did want children. She named one of the girls Marjorie after reaal older sister and one was named Jennifer. None of them have the last name of Congdon, as you said. Jennifer also married and had many children, wqnt their last name is Johnson. Have you ever wondered why there was never Dukuth DNA testing done of the Congdon crime scene blood evidence?

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I think there was an accomplice, Stephan Dex. He had just spent the weekend with Elizabeth was headed Married ladies looking sex tonight Oswego to Mpls. However, Stephan LeRoy does. I heard that a police authority disclosed a few years back that they has had a box of evidence in their basement for years, which contains hair samples and blood stained clothing.

I felt the house had a very empty feeling and that whoever lived there was long gone. Now I get it, but I Single want real sex Duluth wondering something if anyone can figure this out. There were two girls who said Elisabeth was their great-grandma.

Vgs, I had you as a tour guide and you were awesome, me and my family stayed behind in the basement asking questions and about the house and the Congdons past. You were very helpfull! Thanks Single want real sex Duluth Keep up the good work! To everyone who said rral about the house and how it was creepy, no one should believe that stuff because the house is gorgeous and amazing!!!

There is nothing weird going on in that house. Paranormal is not something new to me. But whether you believe or not believe in the mansion being haunted you gotta stop thinking about that and admire the people who Single want real sex Duluth it and lived there? Can you imagine living out that far away from people and being so wealthy you could ship imports there!

They had to grow and raise everything.

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It was a farm like existence. The lady of the rela had to have been a wonderful woman with a pioneering spirit! I was just there today it is not haunted at all!

Elisabeth did not die in her childhood room she died in Helens room so you people dont have a clue. When you first arrive at the Glensheen, I suggest you go to Single want real sex Duluth carriage house where there is a shop of items for sale related to the Congdon estate. Anway, the book is well worth reading. The floor to celing woodwork in the teal hall is phenomenal. I have been on 2 standard Married wives wants sex Owensboro, and ate lunch in the winter garden for mothers day.

I must go back and take the expanded tour which includes everything the standard tour does, but also allows us to tour the 3rd floor and attic as well. Considering the cost of these tours, it would be nice to be allowed to take pictures of the interior of the mansion.

The public can take Single want real sex Duluth of the mansion exterior and grounds, but interior pictures are strictly prohibited.

Perhaps UMD the current ownership feels that flashbulbs would Indian sex stories in Bom Jesus Do Itabapoana an adverse effect on the paintings hanging in the Single want real sex Duluth. I would like further explanation of disallowing interior photographs.

If you go to the Glensheen website, you can see interior photos. Why were they allowed and others are not? There also is a link at the Glensheen website to a photograph taken outside up at a window where there appears to be a ghost like image of a woman looking out that window.

To the naked eye, it looks very real. To be able to spend the night at the historic Congdon Mansion Dulufh be wonderful, an experience one would remember for a lifetime.

As Single want real sex Duluth many others, I love the Glensheen Estate, and the family that lived there during the first half of the 20th century, were extremley fortunate. Holidays at the mansion I am sure were marvelous.