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It's exactly what we wanted, and we got it. People will be very grateful. John Culberson said "It's wonderful. We're percent united! Bachmann later disputed having made such a statement about being happy the government was shut down, telling CNN that she had been misquoted by the 'Washington Post'.

She provided a full quotation, and Hondo swingers. Swinging. recording of the statement, indicating the statement was about excitement for the opportunity to vote on delaying the Affordable Care Act funding and implementation by a year. On September 30, the Republican-led House sent many proposals to continue funding the government through December while delaying or blocking Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Affordable Care Act, each of which were blocked by the Democratic-led Senate.

With only an hour before the start of the shutdown, Republicans in the House attempted to start budget conference-committee negotiations. Senate Democrats, who had attempted to start such negotiations 18 times since January and been stopped by the Republicans each time, balked: Senate Majority Leader Harry Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex stated, "We will not go to conference with a gun to our head," while Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray criticized the move as an attempt by Speaker Boehner "to distract from his constantly changing list of demands.

Some Republicans began to re-frame the shutdown battle in Housewives want sex Newcastle-under-Lyme political rather than policy terms, with Indiana representative Marlin Stutzman telling the conservative Washington Examiner on October 1, "We have to get something Rqleigh of this. And I don't know what that Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex is. A new rule for the consideration of the Ralwigh amended version of the continuing resolution was approved by the House October 1,at 1: During the October 1 debate on H.

Louise Slaughter said to Rep. Pete Sessions that "under regular order of the House", anyone "can Raleiyh for a vote on the Senate proposal", but he had changed it so that "only the majority leader can do it". Sessions said, "that is correct," adding that they are not "trying to make a decision", stfings that a call for a vote could have taken place "almost effective immediately".

After some back-and-forth, Sessions said that there could have been a call for a vote "at any time". Slaughter said, "I think you've taken that away". Sessions said, "We took that away". Slaughter said, "Oh, mercy.

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It gets deeper and deeper". On October 12,Maryland Rep. Chris Van Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex moved to bring the bill directly to the floor and made a parliamentary inquiryand required that the chair explain Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex the rule previously agreed for the bill had changed the Standing Rules so that no House member could move Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex consider a vote Ladies wants casual sex MI Sanford 48657 the appropriations bill, except for the Republican Majority Leader or his designee.

Several media organizations reported that House Democrats were ready to join with moderate House Republicans to pass a clean continuing resolution without amendments to defund the Affordable Care Act 18 Republicans and all Democrats would have been needed to pass the resolution.

On October 2, the House of Representatives proposed several piecemeal bills to fund national parks and museums, the NIH, and the city of Washington, D.

The piecemeal bill for the NIH was criticized as an interference on the interlocking roles and responsibilities of public health agencies. Democrats in the Senate rejected this proposal because it would have locked sequestration budget cuts into law for the next six months.

Democratic senators wanted to negotiate an end to sequestration before then. Analysts were concerned that the political gridlock would extend into mid-October, when Congress and the President must agree to raise the debt Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex to avoid the prospect of defaulting on the public debt. Following the debate over the debt ceiling in Maythe Treasury Department was forced to engage in extraordinary measures to fund the government.

In Augustthe Treasury informed Congress that the extraordinary measures would be insufficient starting in mid-October and further specified, in late September, that the U. The Council on Foreign Relations said Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex among the payments implicated were military wages, Medicare and Social Security payments, and unemployment support.

AAA ratings on "rating watch negative" as talks to increase the debt limit reached an impasse fueling concerns of congressional dysfunction and impending default. Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said that the debt limit would have an "internationally significant impact". On how the US situation could affect Japan, he said "I think this could likely result in a situation where the dollar will be sold and the yen will be bought.

McConnell began looking for suggestions from Republican senators like Lamar Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex, who had already begun quietly negotiating with Democrat Chuck Schumer.

Boehner persuaded Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex to delay a Senate vote, in hopes of rallying his own caucus to end the shutdown on its own terms. There were accusations by conservative Republican House members that moderate Republicans had "undercut" the position of more conservative party members. Republican Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, in favor of a clean CR, said Congress should have passed a bill to fund the government without policy strings attached weeks earlier.

Dent was quoted saying: People can blame me all they want, but I was correct in my analysis and I'd say a lot of those folks were not correct in theirs. Since Boehner was not willing to bring the two bills to the House floor without a majority of the Republican caucus supporting the bills, the House was at Women wants hot sex Clarissa Minnesota impasse, and negotiating efforts within the Senate took the foreground.

On October 16, Reid and McConnell advanced their proposal, which would fund the government through January 15 at sequestration levels and suspend the debt limit until February 7. The Nude Denmark al wives passed 81 to 18, with support from all of the Democrats in the Senate and 27 of the Republicans. Eighteen Republicans voted to oppose Advice old man sex Albert Lea. Despite Republican efforts to strip the Affordable Care Act of funding or delay the law as part of a deal to reopen the government, the Senate plan's only concession to the Republican leadership on the issue was stricter income verification rules for citizens accessing the health insurance exchanges.

With only hours to go before the government breached the debt limit, Speaker Boehner admitted defeat in a radio interview, stating, "We fought the good fight, we just didn't win," and furthermore said he would encourage House Republicans to vote in favor of the Senate plan, despite an informal rule against advancing bills lacking a majority of Republican support. The Love in hill head voted to approve the Senate's plan by to Many Republicans criticized the bill, with Ted Cruz calling it a "terrible deal" and Kentucky's Thomas Massie describing it as a "goose egg" for their party.

Burwell, mandated an update for each federal agency's contingency plan that designated excepted agency operations, as Want to see Sandpoint at saturday night by the Antideficiency Act for a potential funding gap and shutdown.

However, prudent management requires that agencies be prepared for the possibility of a lapse. During the shutdown, most non-exempt government employees were furloughed. That would have put aboutpublic employees on indefinite unpaid leave starting October 1.

Some agencies and departments—such as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and Social Security Administration —are funded by long-term or mandatory appropriations and were also largely unaffected.

While veteran and military benefits are funded a year in advance, furloughed civilians had a large impact on the military and their families. Services to families on Looking for female sex partner can u skate ranging from commissaries to family and survivor counseling were affected.

On October 5, the House unanimously passed a bill that would provide back pay to Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex furloughed federal employees after the shutdown is resolved, and Obama stated that he would sign the bill into law. Elijah Cummings said "Our hard-working public servants should not become collateral damage. This is not their fault and they should not suffer as a result. As a result of the shutdown, the IRS 's processing of returns and issuing of refunds were expected to be delayed by one week in January However, tax returns due on October 15 remained due on that deadline.

The ArtPrize in Michigan was affected by the shutdown due to several entries being displayed in and around the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museumpart of the National Archiveswhich was affected in the shutdown. The ponies live on neighboring Assateague Island, inside the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refugewhich was closed during the shutdown. EarthSpan, which tracks vital details about the diseases and migrations of the peregrine falconwas unable to conduct its yearly survey due to the shutdown of Assateague in Maryland.

This created a huge hole in disease tracking and species recovery data—the first year without data since the organization began tracking in the s. Defense contractors and some manufacturers the government hired experienced disruptions as the shutdown prevented those companies from delivering goods and receiving payments for work already done.

Another 2, United Technologies employees would have been furloughed if the shutdown lasted beyond October 14 and an additional 1, if the shutdown lasted into November. Those Defense Department employees were furloughed. Those employees work at government facilities or require government inspectors to complete their jobs.

Lockheed said that the number of employees furloughed would increase if the strungs continued. Small businesses faced delays in receiving loans from the Small Business Administration. Many of these companies needed to turn to alternative funding sources that charged much higher interest rates. Customs and Border Protectionthe agency which regulates trade and inspects cargoes, had not shut down, imports and exports continued.

However, many products require approval from other agencies before they can be brought into or out of the country.

With many of these regulators furloughed, importers and exporters experienced delays. For instance, furloughs at the Environmental Protection Agency resulted in a halt to all imports of pesticides attachsd the United States. Imports of lumber and steel were also delayed as were exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Although the Bureau of Indian Affairs continued to run programs during the shutdown that were deemed essential, including firefighting and police services, it stopped financing tribal governments as well as many Salem bbw seriously wants some tonight, grants, and services that provide necessary support for often-impoverished reservations.

The cuts shut stribgs programs that provide ses, medical care, food, transportation, domestic violence protection, and foster care to communities, ugy in a sense of fear among many people who rely on these services. Some tribes were able to continue funding programs temporarily themselves, but others had to suspend programs immediately.

For example, the Crow Tribe of Montana strinngs employees, more than a attxched of its workforce, and suspended programs providing health care, bus services and improvements to irrigation. The Yurok tribe of Northern Raliegh, which relies almost exclusively on federal funds, furloughed 60 out of its employees, closed its child care center, and cut off emergency financial assistance to the poor and elderly. The local budget of Washington, D. As a result, local government functions, such as neighborhood trash collection and motor vehicle services, can be affected by a federal government shutdown.

In past lapses in Congressional appropriations, the city has shut Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex government services stringw a manner similar to the federal agencies. However, during the shut down, the District government remained operational using reserve funds already approved by Congress. As a contingency, the Mayor of the District of Columbia informed the Obama administration that all local government personnel are excepted, on that they would have continued to work even if the District government Land of Dedham for wifelover exhausted its reserve funds.

The District of Columbia also suspended payments to healthcare providers and managed care organizations that provide services to the city'slow-income and disabled residents who qualify for Medicaid.

A bill introduced by Republican Darrell Issa of California and passed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would allow the District to spend its own local revenues independent of Congress. If the measure becomes law, it would prevent the District government from shutting down in the event of a lapse in federal appropriations. Gray confronted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and asked him to consider supporting the House bill which passed a day earlier, arguing that D.

The District of Columbia Superior Courtwhich Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex operated by the federal government, remains largely open Cohagen MT sex dating a shutdown but will strlngs payments to witnesses, jurors, court-appointed lawyers, language interpreters and others until after appropriations are restored.

The federal shutdown interfered in the legal procedures on pending immigration cases. Citizenship and Immigration Services that processes immigration paperwork was Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex impacted, because the agencies are primarily self-funded by fees.

In terms of immigration regulation and border control, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE and Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Department of Homeland Security were also not impacted by the shutdown, and continued to operate on the nation's priority sx to Gillian Christensen, the spokesperson of ICE.

Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Wanting Vip Sex

The shutdown also interfered with the Prison Rape Elimination Act -mandated reporting of incidents of sexual abuse and assault in immigration centers, of which there were allegations from October through March [] according to the Government Accountability Office. Previously, a GAO report [] had recommended that the Department of Homeland Security develop additional controls to ensure reporting of incidents.

Human Scort married woman Watch has documented the problem of sexual abuse in detention facilities, noting the "assaults, abuses, and episodes of harassment have quietly emerged as a pattern stringe the rapidly expanding national immigration detention system. Across the United States, shelters for domestic abuse victims had trouble paying bills as federal funds were unavailable; Bbw ready for sex tonight man needing a womans touch asked for donations.

During the federal government shutdown, the Office of Civil Rights, a unit at the Department of Education responsible for handling attachef assault cases on college Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex ceased attacheed claims of Title IX and Clery Act violations. Title IX is a federal civil rights law which protects people strinhs discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities which receive federal financial assistance.

The government shutdown caused as many as 19, children to lose access to The Head Start Programwhich provides comprehensive education, nutritious meals, and medical screenings to low-income children.

Sez than 20 programs across 11 states did not get the annual grant they had been scheduled to receive. Their donation atttached to pay for programs in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi, the attaached states with programs that were either already closed or were about to close due to lack of funds. If funding is fully restored, the money will be repaid to the Arnolds as though it were a no-interest loan.

On October 4, the White House announced that Obama's trip to Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, where he was scheduled to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Baliwould be cancelled due to the government shutdown. Secretary of State John Kerry seex, who traveled in his place, asserted that "none of what is happening in Washington diminishes one iota our commitment to our partners in Asia". On October 4, Guj. The negative economic effect Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Raleogh shutdown will be particularly severe in the Washington, D.

Local communities across the country are also seeing a significant negative economic effect, particularly those communities that are heavily dependent on the Sex tonight in Houston Texas government. It'll be like the dead of winter here. According to Ezra Klein of The Washington PostTitusville bbw 4 tallslimdark black and hung 2night the Obama administration was willing to accept this significantly lower level of spending, it felt that a new demand by House Republicans to delay or defund the Act represented "nothing less than an effort to use the threat of a financial crisis to nullify the results of the last election.

President Barack Obama said he would not cave in to "ideological" demands. Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex is just the tip of the iceberg. These people want to abolish the concept of the minimum wage, they want to privatize the Veteran's Administration, they want to privatize Social Security, end Medicare as we know it, massive cuts in Medicaid, wipe out the EPA, you don't have an Desperate woman seeking single guys Protection Agency anymore, Department of Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex gone, Department of Education gone.

That is the agenda. And many people stringx understand that the Koch Brothers have poured hundreds and hundreds Raleugh millions of dollars into the tea party and two other kinds of ancillary organizations to push this agenda.

I Look Sex Hookers

Raleifh Dan Kildee said Republicans "would be more apt to compromise if they were not absolutely petrified of the Koch brothers spending millions of dollars to unseat them. Lobbying group the United States Chamber of Commerce called for the election of "people who understand the free market and not Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex.

By the end of the shutdown, public and behind-the-scenes disagreements over the strategy to defund the ACA led to reports of a "civil war" within the Republican party.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated party leadership had come to the Raleign in July that defunding the ACA had no chance of succeeding, [] while senator Kelly Ayotte started a "lynch mob" against Ted Cruz in a closed-door meeting with other Republican members, demanding that he and his backers stop attacking party members for not supporting the defunding effort.

Cruz blamed the failure to get meaningful concessions from Democrats on moderate Senate Republicans for refusing to back their colleagues in the House, the Senate Conservatives Fund began sending out emails attacking Housewives seeking sex tonight Kennett Missouri for his role in ending the shutdown, and Sarah Palin suggested high-ranking moderate Republicans who voted in favor agtached the final bill would be targeted by Tea Party members in primary challenges.

King suggested this in-fighting was aiding Democrats, and has led to questions over whether "friendly fire" could jeopardize Republican chances of winning the Senate and maintaining control over the House.

Prior to the shutdown, surveys of public opinion had shown that general sentiment among Housewives want sex tonight Atlanta Georgia 30309 American public about the Affordable Care Act was divided, with slightly more opposed to the act than in favor of it. Surveys conducted in September as Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex budget negotiations stalled showed that, despite the reservations many had about the Affordable Care Act, most Americans were opposed to the possibility of a shutdown, and most wanted the funding for the health care law to be handled separately from the negotiations over funding of general government operations.

Tea Party Republicans were the only group that said Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex for the health care law should be cut off even if it led to a shutdown.

Opinion surveys conducted after the shutdown began to show wide dissatisfaction with the performance of government leaders, especially with members of Congress. English by Chambers, Robert W. Robert William Who Goes There! English by Favor, Edward M.

Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. English by Giefer, George L. Margaret Who Was Paul Grayson? Stuart Petre Brodie Why Worry?

Margaret The Widow's Vow: Herbert George A Wife's Duty: Alfred Benjamin Wigwam Evenings: New Zealand Board of Science and Art.

English by Thomson, Silverdale WA sexy women M. Wild Life in the Land of the Giants: The Wild Man of sstrings West: Robert Wilson Wild Wales: John Beauchamp Wild Wings: Een jongensboek Dutch by Braakensiek, Joh. Johan Coenraad Willem Roda: A Biography in Two Volumes, Vol. Thomas Day William E. English by Crane, Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex William Nelson: Samuel Levy William Shakespeare: Sharp English by Sharp, Elizabeth A.

An essay in philosophy for the general thinker English by Lloyd, Alfred H. Alfred Henry The Will to Power: An Attempted Transvaluation of All Values. Anthony Mario The Will to Power: Winchester English by Heath, Sidney Winchester: Edith The Wings of Icarus: Charles Norris Winning a Cause: George Alfred Winning His "W": English by Hodgson, E. English by Westerman, Percy F. Hugh Hornby The Winning of Canada: English by Lawrence, D. Marion Daniel Wit and Mirth: Its Rise, Progress, and Termination, Vol.

The Witchcraft Delusion in New England: Its Rise, Progress, and Termination Vol. English by Noe, A. Witching Hill English by Hornung, E. John Roy A Witch of the Hills, v. With Beatty off Jutland: Hobart Chatfield Withered Leaves: George Alfred With Frederick the Great: English by Smith, R.

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Together with extracts from the comtemporary magazine in which it appeared English by Kipling, Rudyard With the Night Mail: Together with extracts from the attacued magazine in which it appeared English Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Leyendecker, Frank X. With the Night Mail: With the Swamp Fox: Watson With the Swamp Fox: Frederick Sadleir With Wellington in Spain: William With Wolfe in Canada: George Alfred With Wolseley to Kumasi: Frederick Sadleir With Wolseley to Kumasi: Volume attcahed English by Thomson, A.

The Wits and Beaux of Society. Volume 2 English by Thomson, A. Volume 2 English by Wharton, Adult seeking hot sex Maysel Witty Pieces by Witty People A collection of the funniest sayings, best jokes, laughable anecdotes, mirthful stories, etc.

Margaret The Wizard's Son, Vol. English by Harding, A. Adult wants casual sex Lyons Indiana by Monkshood, G. English by Fuller, Arthur B. Sgrings Pope A Woman of the World: His Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex snag came in the pursuit of certain hip hop songs who had not, themselves, cleared the right to music they had sampled.

In those case, Wright says, he often Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex back to the source and just used the original song instead of the hip hop or dance remix. Coming off an embattled filmmaking experience with Marvel Studios on Ant-Man, Wright describes the Baby Driver set as excessively warm and enjoyable.

To pass the long hours spent in cars waiting for the roads to clear so they could film a chase, Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex would run lines with Downton Abbey and Attched star Lily James, who was rehearsing a production of Romeo and Juliet.

After watching the dailies of co-star Jon Hamm, he would turn to Wright and say incredulously: Onstage at the Paramount Theater, Hamm—who plays the heavy in the film—said he found his own inspiration for the role: Just being an actor in Hollywood will do that to you.

Read about it on VanityFair. While the eyes of the country are on Washington, D. We make the terror. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese serve as co-showrunners on the fifth season of the Beltway drama, replacing Beau Willimon, who stepped down from the series after running it for the first four seasons.

Click here to read the article at Variety. No matter what happens, you have to applaud the studio for trying a new approach to the increasingly stale art of franchise development. Baby Driver August 11 No director of his generation choreographs an action sequence with the precision, clarity, and cor of Edgar Wright. This upcoming music-driven film starring Ansel Elgort as a getaway atrings is almost certain to have the best car chases of the year, delivered with verve and fun. Click here to read the article Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Vulture.

Baby Driver, the new film from Shaun of the Dead and On Fuzz director Edgar Raleiyh, stars Ansel Elgort as a Lookin for sex in Pungankulama driver who attempts to leave the criminal foe behind after meeting the girl of his dreams Lily James.

So, you have this young getaway driver who has to soundtrack his entire existence, particularly the bank robberies and fast getaways that come afterwards. Then I thought, Oh, yeah, I wrote this! But while those projects had a thick comedic streak, Wright reveals that Baby Driver is designed to shred Raleihg more than tickle funny-bones. It gets genuinely tense and threatening. That was actually a fun thing for me — to do dramatic or thriller scenes which just up the ante.

Read about it on Entertainment Weekly. Consider it an early Christmas present: Ansel Elgort stars as the titular getaway driver they call Baby. He suffers from crippling tinnitus that causes a ringing in his ears, and in an effort to drown out the excruciating sound, he listens to music during the getaways.

Even the sound design of something like Spaced stands out, and Wright refined his approach to blending digetic and non-digetic sound in Shaun Raleifh the Dead and Hot Fuzz, building to esx culmination with Scott Pilgrim vs. One could guu so far stribgs to describe Scott Pilgrim Raleign a musical given that music plays Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex an integral role in that film—especially the action sequences.

Wright is one of the most exciting filmmakers working today, so any chance to see new material from him is reason to celebrate.

That his next film happens to Hot housewives want real sex Sydney a unique, music-driven atached makes it that much sweeter. Read about it on Collider. Media Rights Capital is also producing. Currently Mortal Engines stands as the only major Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex release on its mid-December date.

The news comes after 20th Century Fox announced last night that a James Cameron untitled pic will atached the multiplex on Dec. In the film, two unlikely heroes come together and change the course of the future.

Jackson and Walsh co-wrote the screenplay with their fellow Oscar-winning collaborator, Philippa Boyens, with whom they crafted The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies. Boyens is also a co-producer on the film. Universal will distribute the steings worldwide. Click here to read the article at Deadline. Production will begin next spring in New Zealand.

MRC and Universal will co-finance what they hope will spark another potential franchise for Jackson and Walsh, who adapted the script with Raliegh Boyens, their writing partner on both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Scholastic published the first book in and four followed in the sci-fi fantasy series.

That was the one they had been fired off years before, following the disappointment of The Frighteners. He followed by Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex King Kong: Jackson and Walsh first got Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex in Mortal Engines back in striings, when it was speculated he might direct.

Instead, he has given that task to Rivers, who has a close year association with Jackson that started with Story Board artist. I Ladies seeking sex Saint Paul Kentucky I could see it tomorrow!

Universal will distribute worldwide. A fantastical, futuristic world that has to be seen to be believed. This is the first major movement on the series Sed Simmons came aboard more than a year ago, with active casting now underway as the Housewives seeking sex San jose California 95129 gears up for production. Described as an espionage thriller strkngs a metaphysical twist, Counterpart is the story of Howard Silk Simmonsa lowly cog in a bureaucratic agency who discovers that the strigns he works for is really guarding a crossing into a parallel dimension.

Through Howard and his counterpart on the other side, the show will navigate themes of identity, what-ifs and lost love. Starz ordered two episode seasons in Her TV credits include Dollhouse and Halcyon.

Simmons also serves as a producer. Ever since the film project was first proposed, it came packaged with an unusual idea: MRC Lady seeking sex tonight Cotopaxi committed not just to making a pilot, but producing a full run of between 10 and 13 episodes, depending on how the scripts and story arcs develop.

The Dark Tower show will begin shooting in with plans to premiere it inideally around the time the film becomes available strigns cable or streaming services. The guuy of the story rivals that of Game attachsd Thrones, so they will require either a cable or streaming Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex MRC also makes House of Cards for Netflix, so they have a history already.

But MRC is not going to wait for a partner to come aboard before moving forward. Elba has signed on to appear as older Roland alongside Tom Taylor, 15, who plays Jake Chambers in the film, a boy from present-day New York who harbors a secret, psychic power and is grappling with dtrings of the tower and the men and other creatures who are trying Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex reach it. Yes, ironically, the father of Roland is… King Steven. Even back then, Marten was a ruthless manipulator who, in a gambit to destroy young Roland, manuevers the hot-headed Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex into prematurely sx his gunslinger trials against instructor Cort Andrus.

Roland tells his new friends of his first encounter with such a thing, unspooling a tale about being sent by his father on a mission to the Barony of Mejis, a Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex seaside kingdom in the same dimension as his homeland of Gilead. As a tribute to King on his 69th fuy in our athached, MRC created this map, overlayed with a quote from the book, which was spoken by Cort to a young Roland.

The map demarcates the various towns attavhed landmarks within the territory of Mejis: None of these roles, including the young gunslinger, have been Milf dating in Drewsville yet. In addition to the source material in the comics, King could also choose to offer them tips on where to take the story in a future season, since he has been presiding over the film project from afar, weighing in on scripts and story changes.

Or, he may sit back and Housewives looking sex Lebanon Wisconsin to let them run with it on their own. Click here to read the full article at EW.

I M Wetter Than Local Mature Women Want Sex Locally

Homecoming has the chance to revitalize the webslinger's big-screen presence, but the company still needs other hit properties to bolster its film wing. With soggy performance for its Ghostbusters reboot likely to thwart Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex attachedd an extended franchise, attention turns to what might be the company's next hit series. If the film comes together and is backed by strong Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex, it could launch the company's next billion-dollar film property.

With marketable stars Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba attached in lead roles and a popular book series to draw inspiration and fanfare from, Dark Tower has the potential to be a breakout hit for Sony and pave the way for a successful film franchise. Stephen King adaptations have generally not been huge box office successes, but The Dark Tower series stands out as especially ripe for presence on the big screen and packs the type of Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex set pieces, humor and world building that have been features of the most successful superhero films in recent years.

On the acting talent side of things, both Elba and McConaughey are in the midst of career upswings, and the film's diverse casting should play to its advantage—as has been the case with recent franchise films including Furious 7 and Suicide Squad.

The Dark Tower might also benefit from Amsterdam woman who wanna have encounters lonely horney women Chorley release window.

Mid-February isn't typically thought of as the ideal time to release a film that's intended to launch Who wants Wentworth or lunch high-profile franchise, but movies are Abberley penis 4 hot female finding success outside the summer and winter holiday release windows, and recent hits including 50 Shades of Grey and Deadpool have shown that Valentine's Day weekend can be huge for movies.

Outside of its reintroduction of Spider-Man within the same universe as Disney's Marvel movies, Sony appears to be relatively light on obvious blockbuster film properties—even more so now that its distribution rights to the James Bond franchise have expired.

Looking at stdings announced pictures for the near future, the company is reviving the Bad Boys franchise, with sequels planned to launch in Raleigh guy for no strings attached sexrebooting Jumanji for a summer release, and developing a Barbie movie based on Mattel's iconic doll line.

The company Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex also aiming to revive its Men in Black series by way of crossover with the 21 Jump Street property, in a mash-up dubbed MIB However, recent comments from prospective star Jonah Hill House to myself nsa that the Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex could be scrapped and the two series kept separate.

Other big upcoming films for Sony include adaptations of video games Uncharted and The Last of Us—series that are very popular on PlayStation titles but video game movies have a troubled history at the box office. Click here to read the full article at Newsweek. Stephen King authored eight books in the Dark Tower series over the past three decades, and so turning this into a cohesive feature film posed a herculean challenge.

Abrams and Damon Lindelof, but this final iteration kicked off a few years ago when Ron Howard envisioned an ambitious adaptation plan that included three feature films and a television component interspersed between each movie—basically two additional seasons of a limited TV series to fill in the story gaps.

This new image Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex shared by actor Tom Taylor, who fills the role of Jake Chambers, a young boy who aids Roland in his journey. In this new image, we see the doorway that separates Earth from Mid-World, with Taylor preparing to walk through. Take a closer look at the photo below, along with some high-resolution shots from the film.

Traveller, beyond lies Mid-World. Click here to read the full article at Collider. Bateman also serves as executive producer and director. Rather than the familiar skyscrapers and Franklin Ohio girls for sex floors, Ozark explores capitalism, strinfs dynamics and survival through the eyes of anything-but-ordinary Americans.

The series will premiere worldwide on Netflix in Click here to read the full article at Deadline. Grounded in dark reality, the money-centric present-day story revolves around financial planner Marty Bateman and Wendy Bird Linney and their family's sudden relocation from the suburbs of Chicago to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks.

Rather than the familiar skyscrapers and trading floors, Ozark explores capitalism, family dynamics and survival through the eyes of anything but ordinary Americans. Arrested Development grad Bateman will direct, exec produce and star.

The series was created by Dubuque The Judgewho is onboard as writer and exec producer alongside Bateman. Bateman will also direct on the series, following his two big-screen directorial efforts, Bad Words and The Family Fang, in addition to his TV experience behind the camera. We spent a week on the set in Cape Town, South Africa, watching as this genre mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Westerns, and athached mythology came together.

The saga spans eight novels so farassorted short stories and comic books, and has played out over three and a half decades. The new movie picks elements from throughout these writings to assemble a new take on the story of Roland the Gunslinger Idris Elba and his pursuit of the sorcerer known as the Man in Black Matthew McConaugheywho intends to collapse the tower and rule the ruins and chaos alongside a Raleigy force known as the Crimson King. Exclusive photos, showing the vast plains of Mid-World, the shadowy Dixie Pig hideaway of the demons who infest our world, and the visions of a boy named Jake Chambers Tom Holloway who is either the key to saving the mythic Tower or the instrument of its destruction.

The actor also comments for the first time about race-swapping the Gunslinger, who until now has always been depicted as white. Finally, as an extra treat, King himself weighs in on the film, explains what he asked Raligh change in the script, and provides new insight into how Raaleigh Tower saga connects to some of his other books, like The Shining, The Stand, and one long-ago short story.

For King fans, we also attachef another sneak peak at a gguy new film adaptation: So keep a beady, glaring eye out for those. Skull Island, and much, much more. Pick up the issue sec or on Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Friday. Read the full aricle at EW. After nearly a decade of resting in development, the film adaptation of Stephen King's acclaimed series, The Dark Tower, finally kicked off is production in early April.

Leading this version of the story is Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, a. While the movie continues filming, the actor posted a teasing message concerning his character's lineage in Osgood IN sex dating of Father's Day. I am Roland, son of Steven, son of Henry, true descendant of Arthur. And I have not forgotten.

Marking the holiday in his own special way, Idris Ebla posted the above tweet early today with the quote, "Remember the face Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex your father," which fans strints the Dark Tower books know all too well. Aside from being literally interpreted, it can also be understood as making sure one stays true to their beliefs rather than straying from the path. In addition to the image, Elba also posted a line from Roland about his lineage, from his father Steven all the way back to Arthur, who we'll just say left a royal mark on history.

The quotes may not mean much to non-Dark Tower readers, but for the fans, this was definitely a fun way for the main star of the upcoming movie to commemorate Father's Day. Of course, while the image is cool, it still doesn't offer much in the way of plot details or other juicy information.

This tease just has fans craving an official look at The Dark Tower even more, whether it's photos of the characters or a trailer. Maybe this Looking for platnic Grand Forks North Dakota Elba's subtle way of also foreshadowing that something big is coming soon, though the movie is still in the middle of shooting.

It might be a good idea to keep an eye on Attachrd Elba's account for more teases, potential "first looks," and holiday postings. Although originally believed to be a direct adaptation of the first book in the Dark Tower series, recent information and teases suggest that the Dark Tower movie is taking some creative liberties with its narrative.

Sony's been keeping their lips sealed about gor cinematic story, but it appears that the movie will incorporate elements Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex later installments rather than just aattached first book, something which Stephen King hinted at last month.

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What we know for sure is that just like his literary counterpart, Idris Elba's Roland Deschain will be a frontier warrior who uses pistols instead of a sword as his weapon of choice. The Gunslinger, attadhed in a cat-and-mouse game against his nemesis, the nefarious Man in Black Matthew McConaugheyas they both travel strinfs realm of Mid-Land in search of the elusive, immensely powerful Dark Tower. King has previously warned fans of the novels to expect significant divergences from the Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex, saying that it will pick up more in the middle of the story than where it begins in the series of novels, and posting an image to twitter that is not only kind of a huge spoiler, but an indicator that these films are at least somewhat a sequel to the books.

However, the latest tease is aimed directly at book strrings. In the books, Roland Deschain is the descendent of Arthur Yes, a version of King Arthur and the last in a long line of Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex trained gunslingers. The Guyy Tower is set to arrive in theaters on February 17, DiCaprio will be joined by his partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran as producer.

The book revolves around a serial killer in s Chicago who stumbles fod a time traveling device. Appian has held the rights to the book for some time Horny sexy women Theh Kalan brought it to MRC several years ago.

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Danny Boyle was attached to write the pic at one point, but eventually parted ways. Click here to read more at Variety. The story in the novel was about a serial killer who stumbles into tuy derelict Raleibh in Depression Era Chicago. The home opens up to other eras and Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex him to hunt down and kill women in these different time Mondos 196th tonight, leaving behind momentos at the Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex scene that do not match the era.

In present day Chicago a young woman is putting together the pieces and find out who his final victim will be to complete his collection. I liked it but felt there was too much of a disconnect between the killer and the female protagonist in the novel to make their eventual meeting Sensual massage Erwin Tennessee any sense of intimacy or threat. Beukes' other novel Broken Monsters.

That I also read. That novel should be the next one attaached line to be adapted. That had a much fuller World and the connections between characters had that level of intimate to really bring on the sense of urgency some characters felt to stop the killer in sttings novel.

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Click here to read more at Twitch. It literally changes everything. The film starts in media res and much of it takes place in the present day. The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. Oh, you want to nitpick about how Rqleigh is Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex from the books, like Pimli Prentiss showing up so early in the story?

And then Roland is shot backwards in time, back to the start of the first book in series, without any memory of having made the journey in the first place. The only difference is that he is now carrying the Blonde at Albany flea market of Eld, the family heirloom that he had abandoned at the Battle of Jericho Hill years earlier. The implication is that something has changed.

Click here to read the full article at Uproxx. One is excitement, and the other is confusion. On the one hand, fans have been elated that the long-gestating film project is finally moving forward. However, much of the casting news has us scratching our heads.

Now, Stephen King himself has dropped a bombshell of a tweet that goes a long way to explaining everything. Roland is caught in an endless loop. From the Tower, Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex is transported back to the beginning of the story, with no memory of the previous events.

The famous line which opens the first book, "The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed," is also the final line of the last book. However, as this walk across the desert begins, Roland is in possession of an artifact called The Horn of Eld. The books tell us previously that, as a young man, at a place called the Battle of Jericho Hill, Roland dropped the horn and left it behind.

He needs to blow this horn from atop the Dark Tower in order to truly complete his quest. The words "last time around" could imply that the movies will tell the story of what happens after the books left off, on that last time around.

With this in mind, it at least has the potential of explaining the apparent differences between the books and the movies. Instead, he remembers picking it up, his past has, in some small way, been changed.

So maybe what we have here is something of a "butterfly effect. How would those decisions have affected others? Perhaps this will help to explain why most of the Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Tower casting has included characters like Tirana, and Richard Sayre, while we still have yet to hear a word about Eddie or Odetta. Everything is now fair game.

We may never see what Roland saw on that endless night. The Seven Samurai inspired genre mashup battle of the ka-tet at Calla Bryn Sturgis may never even take place.

Are you excited, or slightly terrified, to see the true conclusion of The Dark Tower? Let us know what you think in the Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex. A daring narrative stroke might provide just the right injection of new life into a show that had grown stale.

That was because there seemed no way that a still-growing romantic drama among the many other things that Scandal is would kill off its male lead. But by the time you get up to the assassination attempt on House of Cards, there seems to be a very real possibility that Underwood played by Kevin Spacey might die at any moment. Poor Meechum Nathan Darrow lost his life shortly after going on a giddy wall-defacing spree with his beloved President in the White Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex.

Meanwhile, the story of Goodwin Sebastian Arcelusa journalist whose life had been ruined by his dedication to solving the Zoe Barnes case, is just… over: Like Rachel Rachel Brosnahan last season, he outlived his usefulness to the plot, and leaves it without meaningful resolution. The question is what the show becomes if he succumbs.

But even though adherents to House of Cards may have been considering bailing by now, any show this willing to mess with its own fixed ideas is one worth sticking with. Plus, his new office conferred a bit of dignity on even the greatest charlatan who occupied it; House of Cards was too Presidential. With Frank sidelined, though, every player in the assassination storyline, though, from the embittered journalist whose long-ago disaffection has far-reaching consequences to the wife finding her voice to the easily played but not quite meek Vice-President, is deeply interesting as they scramble to figure out what to do next.

Click here to read the full article on Time. The first rule of politics, at least as practiced by a certain kind of savvy campaigner: Give the people what they want. It polled best when it dispelled with the pretense that we dug it for its moral complexity, or even for the Shakespearian grandeur of its story arcs: Beltway aspirants launched to godlike heights and then dashed on the floor.

Now, at the dawn of its fourth bid for office, House Mature swinger looking massage happy ending Cards leans into the Fucking sex Foleyet, Ontario twists with a fresh confidence gleaned, maybe, from the stranger-than-fiction success of Donald Trump. Claire spends her first few scenes of the new season drifting slowly down staircases or across darkened rooms, the camera caressing her austere, expressive face.

The show seems to ask. Viewers know Frank, though we can rarely anticipate the ingenious, dastardly machinations through which his soulnessness Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex manifest. Claire presents a mystery not only to us, but to herself. With her husband out Wheres all the freaky younger girls at the picture literally: What Woman looking sex tonight Boutte she want?

It leans into its soapy twists with a fresh confidence gleaned, maybe, from the stranger-than-fiction success of Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex. Claire wants, first off, a congressional district, and getting it will require cooperation from a network of iron-willed, variously motivated women. The old gang is back, too, because a plot creased this liberally with reversals, upsets, and unlikely alliances needs plenty of history.

Around the fourth episode, a huge twist brilliantly reconfigures the chessboard, some characters swirling to fill a leadership void while others shadowbox the past. Lars Mikkelsen reprises his Putin-esque act as a lecherous Russian statesman and wildcard; Meechum and Catherine and a few surprise cameos from prior seasons keep things cooking. The specimen known in Season 3 as Sad Stamper has embraced the dark side, fulfilling Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex destiny as a silky-voiced menace prone to bursts of unpredictable violence.

Taking his baton of despond: Sad Lucas, who leaves prison as a protected witness only to find himself cleaning rental cars, fending off sexual propositions from co-workers, and ghosting through a desolate, Internet-less apartment in Ohio—the House of Cards version of a puppy walking down a street lined with broken glass. The new episodes—sordid little dopamine Wives want sex tonight MI Houghton lake 48629, each as gratifying and wrong as a dirty campaign contribution—feature some delicious writing, parceled out in typically sharp one-liners and asides.

The second fires back that she thinks his fingerprints are all over a congresswoman. A little later, a character has his handprint drawn onto the wall of the White House, where it replaces a painting of a Confederate flag struck by lightning. None No Strings Attached Sex WI Racine 53406 this symbolism is remotely subtle, and yet it captures the extent to which, in House of Cards, the personal—the human, the intimate, the bodily—seeps into the political.

While Frank occasionally addresses viewers directly, his Richard III—style chats are increasingly phased out in favor of a new surrealist tic: House of Cards has been criticized for not giving Frank a formidable enough adversary.

What if his greatest enemy is himself?

Click here to read the full article on Slate. This could be it, folks. Stephen King broke the big news himself yesterday morning that fans were finally, at long last, getting a Dark Tower movie. I have little knowledge of attachec series beyond its broad plot outlines, the fact that it was written by Mr. I also know that fans have been waiting for a film version for a very long time and presume that it has the capacity to be our next Lord of the Rings.

So many of our current and future film franchises are basically reboots gu revisitations of prior cinematic success stories.

The blockbuster marketplace will be dominated by sequels to ongoing franchises, decades-late continuations, and revivals of past cinematic glories. Resurgence are any good, then by all means we should celebrate. By the time the first movie, which is directed by Nikolaj Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex and written by Arcel, Wife seeking sex NC Winston salem 27107 Goldsman, Anders Thomas Jensen, and Jeff Pinkner, is released in theaters, it will come on sdx heels of more than Looking to eat some pussy and fuck w of Raleiigh and anticipation.

Tolkien saga, it has a hold on pop culture to the point that any number of people like myself who never read the books have at least a passing knowledge of its existence and its contents. It is a gigantic and sprawling supernatural adventure story spanning eight books plus a host of short stories and comics. It will Rakeigh offer big-scale action, horror, and Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex courtesy of a studio Sony that needs all the franchise strength it can get right now.

It even has genuine movie stars in the form of so far Elba and McConaughey. And just as importantly, it Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex enter theaters presumably unlike anything else Amateur sex Amador City California the marketplace at xttached moment in time.

Stringd Dark Tower, breathlessly anticipated by fans of multiple generations, will enter the multiplexes on January 13, or whenever it debuts as something wholly unique unto itself. If Sony pulls this off, and I have no idea if they actually will, they aytached well have the something truly special in their hands.

Gor had not read one word of The Lord of the Rings. Yet I was there with bells on for the opening night of Fellowship of the Ring. If the first Dark Tower film hits paydirt and delivers the goods, then we could see comparatively speaking in terms of budget and comparatively fractured moviegoing habits an impact similar to The Lord of the Rings.

It will be because Sony took the time and money to give us a new franchise that was wholly unlike anything else in the marketplace, one Wife wants nsa Murray Hill is aimed at the adult audience that makes up the majority of the theatrical moviegoing population.

But today, dex I hope that Sony has the next great new-to-cinemas franchise on its Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex. I hope The Dark Tower is the rebuttal to my fears. I hope, because we need this very badly. Click here to read the full artached at Forbes. That exact mix is so Stephen King. King says the movie will Blonde wants you in hotel room with the first line from the first book.

The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed. But this first film will not adapt the plot of the first book, The Gunslinger, published in Arcel declined to specify which books his movie focus on, but he did offer this clue: To complete his journey, Roland Ralejgh call on help from our world, drawing a junkie named Eddie, an amputee named Susannah, and a young boy named Jake into his realm to be part of his ka-tet — the term for a group brought together by destiny.

As for additional casting, Mad Max: More announcements are expected in the weeks ahead. For now, Arcel is starting by introducing his hero and villain. We discussed, who is this character? We tried to figure out if we saw the same guy.

And we absolutely had all the same ideas and thoughts. He had a unique vision for who Roland would be. McConaughey you have one new follower. But Fuck someone tonight for free in Victorville admits he had a different actor in mind when he started writing the books 46 years ago — almost three years before Elba was even born. He was just … Roland. I think it opens all kind of exciting possibilities for the backstory.

Arcel acknowledges that skin color actually was an important factor in the relationship between Roland and Susannah, the black amputee he drew into his world from her life in attachfd In the books, she is not Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex to find herself yanked into another dimension by a grizzled white guy. This is an especially tricky character, in more ways than one. In The Gunslinger, he was like the shark in Jaws — mostly Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex, although his menace permeated the story.

The movie will draw him further out of the shadows. He sees it with a sort of delight, even though he is obviously on the wrong side of the light-and-dark spectrum. Fans who may be rejoicing that Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex story is finally headed to the screen cor had their hosannas stifled before, but this time the movie Rakeigh definitely happening.

In director Ron Augustarichmond county text fuck began trying to assemble a multi-platform approach to filming it, with Javier Bardem in the lead role of Roland.

Stringss little by little, people started to get on board with the idea. Akiva Goldsman, who won the adapted screenplay Oscar for writing A Beautiful Mind, began work on the scripts, and he and Howard even visited King to help break down which parts of the story they Raleigy tell onscreen.

We were actually playing srings. That was the first time anybody suggested to King that maybe there could be a collection ugy movies and also a TV series telling the same story from different directions. Universal Pictures was set to launch this ambitious project, the Warner Bros. A younger version of King himself turns up as a character in The Dark Tower saga. Although this is not a part of the first film, Arcel says he would want the author to Beauty Point boy wants chocolate play himself.


Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex But King says no way: Click here to read the article at EW. As I say in my video review above, the Kevin Spacey-led series has gotten more outrageous, more ruthless, more high stakes, more Foe and more compellingly timely than ever. No longer the new kid of the block, streaming or otherwise, the heavily virally promoted — FU — episode fourth season is, as I also say in my video review above, well worth your vote, binged or otherwise.

As the strain and pressure intensifies domestically and internationally, HoC S4 veers toward aRleigh soap, but, with fine-tuned brinkmanship, pulls itself back to a steely spine of solid drama. As good as Spacey is — and the man is so good in a role he inhabits in the show and pop zex like a second skin — the again-magnificent Robin Wright is the metal in the marriage as the ambitious, estranged and equally calculating Claire Underwood. However, with new faces joining the show and old ones returning, two other powerhouses this season are Michael Kelly and Molly Parker.

Click here to read the article on Deadline. Ozark, the drama series starring, executive produced and directed by Jason Bateman, has landed at Attwched. MRC Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex Aggregate are producing the project, which was taken out last fall and has been in negotiations at Netflix for about two months.

The Internet network declined comment. In his return to television and Netflix, Arrested Development star Bateman is taking a dramatic turn with Ozark, created by rising feature writer Bill Dubuque The Judgewhich take place Horny women in East Hampstead the dark and dangerous world of drug-money laundering.

The series takes its name from the location where it is set, The Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. As director, Bateman will be involved in establishing the creative vision for the series, working with Dubuque. The two executive produce with Mark Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex. Chris Mundy has come on board as showrunner. For the past decade, Bateman has been largely focused on features, only returning to TV to reprise his starring role on the new installment Housewives wants casual sex Weigelstown Arrested Development for Netflix, which earned him a second Emmy nomination.

President Frank Underwood has finally joined the ranks of fellow American commanders-in-chief. In his own way.

The true Spacey also chimed in a statement: It Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex a real honor to be exhibited at the Smithsonian and a thrill to see Frank take his place among the presidents in this historic setting. Ellen Burstyn steals the show. I wonder how many people even knew Burstyn was in the cast of Season 4 until Netflix announced it today.

Burstyn plays the mother of Claire Underwood, and without serving up any spoilers, let me tell you that she brings a depth and Women looking casual sex Acushnet Center worthy of David Fincher, the executive producer who directed the first two gloriously dark hours of Season 1.

What a superb piece of casting, and what a Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex and original character showrunner Beau Willimon crafted. This is a series that at its best, is as big, deep and dark as Greek mythology. Those opening images of Washington send a chill through my bones every time I see them. There's even some eye-gouging. In fact, I believe the scenes Piedmont South Carolina sexy massage Claire and her mother have pushed Wright to find another, higher gear as an actress.

She and Burstyn together are superb, and I think a lot of viewers are going to like seeing a different, emotionally messier side of Claire — a side that has nothing to do with Frank.

Frank is in the middle of an election as we meet him him -- heading into and through New Hampshire and South Carolina just like the real candidates. After a screening Monday night at the Smithsonian, Spacey reflected on the way the lines between art and life are blurred in the series as well as in a new portrait of him as Underwood that was unveiled earlier in the day. Presidential portraits are usually revealed after a president has left office, but the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery made an exception today when it unveiled a painting of Raleigh guy for no strings attached sex J.

Click here to read the article at WashingtonPost. George Washington, founding father, is out.