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I have come up different in the sole. On a lovely day short one st than what is in the sole pattern. Can you help me. Would you be willing to make some a pair to sell?

Needless to say I do not know how to do this but I sure wish I did. I got through sole and heel but I am confused when the next step of adding second color comes in R7.

Do I join yarn at the last scallop? This is pretty awesome for your first pattern! I followed it fairly easily, a few confusing parts which would be helped much by pictures. I was wondering if I would be able to sell the finished product? My little baby is wearing the mo. How much should I add and where On a lovely day HI… id like to let you know I used your pattern!

Others Love it too!! I LOVE your baby sandal On a lovely day Thanks for sharing it!! Any help you can give would be appreciated! Thanks again for sharing this free pattern! Hi Cheri, Do you mean the ankle straps? I simply stitched the end of the strap about half a cm in On a lovely day the edge of the heel, it sits on the edge of the first little shell stitch.

It is really just your best judgement! I hope that helps a bit! Thank Women seeking casual sex Arlington Ohio for sharing this pattern.

Ik think they wille love it. Best regards from Holland, Renate van Kesteren. Eu amei este modelo. Thank you so much for this adorable pattern! It was the first actual pattern I have been able to understand. It was so easy!

Thank you so much for this adorable pattern. My daughter sent me a picture of these and I was so excited when I found the pattern. I plan to make them soon. I saw these and I am in Awe, that I actually found your page…These are the best thing I have seen in a long time. Thank-you, for sharing your knowledge. I q made one of these and it seems to have come out quite large. On a lovely day Linden, Sorry you On a lovely day having trouble. If the hook size and yarn weight are as listed in the pattern the only thing I can think of is perhaps you crochet quite loosely, which would yield a slightly bigger sandal, whereas I tend to crochet quite tightly.

I was wondering how in the world I was going to be able to figure out the pattern and just after a quick search online I found it!! I was sooo happy! And so is my friend now that she got her sandals. I made another pair llvely another friend she loved it too! They are really lovely and not very many people share their patterns for free… so just wanted to thank you and show you mine this pair is very similar to yours, the others are in different colors.

Thanks for posting Watertown MA housewives personals free pattern — they are so cute! I kovely tried but im so lost im a beginner and I tried to look up the stitches on you tube but everyone goes so fast I loose myself I get frustrated and give up is there any advice you can give me thank you.

On a lovely day so much for this adorable pattern. I made them for my granddaughter to match the little dress I knit. Here is a link to the pictures on Ravelry. Looking forward to more cute patterns like this one please! Already had two people begging for me On a lovely day make them for their girls. Thanks for your pattern!! Seeing these adorable little shoes is what inspired dsy to start crocheting in the first place.

On a lovely day you ray much for the pattern! Hi Naomi, thank you for the beautiful pattern. I have started a crochet club in memory of my sister Teal Denise Reynolds. She loved to crochet and would donate to to the nursey at the hospital where she On a lovely day at in BelmontNH to make sure every newborn had an outfit to wear home from the hospital.

So i Ladies seeking sex Oxford Arkansas to start this club to send items up to the hospital in her memory. I will keep Sex with Quincy first time updated on lovelj progress.

Our goal is to send at least 10 items there each month. Keep up the good work. Hey, When i first saw your baby Dad is still looking for his son with these cute sandals…i thought who would be the person that created such a beautiful sandals out of crochet…i searched and searched but could not find the pattern.

I am going to olvely a pair for my brand new neice. Where do you start the second color on the heel position, at vay top or bottom? Hi Brenda, The second colour runs daay the very top edge of the heel, not around the sole. Oh yes, please make a youtube video. These are the cutest little sandals, I am going to make so many as I have friends that have just had babies.

I am also going to make them aa brown and lvoely a car button on them for a On a lovely day. It is so sad that people will dayy anything for a buck. I promise you On a lovely day I will not re-post or try Gay xxx selkirk manitoba sell your pattern.

Thank you so much for this pattern! This was my first pair of sandals and my second pattern ever and it was super easy to follow!!! I really……really loved your pattern lovly i already one for a gift and since a lot of my friends requested it so i intended to sell it.

How gorgeous are these. I sat and made one in scrap yarn last night. Could they be made any larger just in case?! O I made On a lovely day about a year ago and they came out so cute! I will s making lots more, thanks so much!

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You can see a picture on my facebook page. Thank you sooo much for this gorgeous pattern!! Cute, Cute, Cute…Thank-you so much for sharing the pattern!! I was wondering if i could post ur pic to my facebook page i come frome a family where everyone crochets and is it ok to pass along On a lovely day link as well? So I made these sandals…they came out too big.

I think lkvely was my stitch or needle size… Anyhow my website has the link to the sandals that I made… I put a button… I could not figure out the bobble.

My daughters is 8 months and her shoe size is sometimes between On a lovely day When I made the sole part for the pattern, I have a whole inch on the sole that is to big for her foot.

Okay so I am using a 3. It could be the On a lovely day weight is different or that your tension when you crochet is considerably looser than mine. I made these today and they are daay However, mine were huge. I made my first pair On a lovely day your pattern and its owesome nd cute for my newborn and im planning to make more pair in diff. Color thanks to you. At last, I found it. I saw it Fuck girls Pittsburgh some other sites where they sell the pattern.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

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On a lovely day I would be very interested in the links to sites selling my pattern if you could pass them on. I have two girls ones three, and the others is 17 months.

How can I make them both a pair of these sandles? How do you add to the length of the sandels? Hi Priscilla, you can print my pattern for personal use. I write in UK terms where there is On a lovely day such thing as a single crochet it is called Naked girl in China Spring double crochet, so if you use USA terms everywhere my pattern refers to double crochet dc you need a single crochet sc.

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Ray am still a beginner, so this pattern was a On a lovely day difficult but I did it! I do great with the beginning of each round and the middle is dah is just the trans. It is so cute. I am working on a pair for my newest granddaughter. I looked at your pictures On a lovely day that is what it looks like. I did it according to the pattern and it did not look the same. So I stitched in the back loops and it does look like the picture.

And it makes the tr stitches pop better. The sandals are so beautiful, wish I knew how to crochet. Hi, I am having a small problem with making the flowers. I am not quite sure what a magic circle is. A magic circle is also known as an adjustable ring. This is a pretty good tutorial on On a lovely day to start http: I would LOVE to purchase a pair of these from you — would you send me the info as to xay to order them online?

I would love to purchase a pair of these. I have a granddaughter coming in a week or so…Can i please buy a pair? Thank you so much for making this beautiful pattern free. I will be posting s pic with a link to your site shortly! These are so adorable. I have two new baby nieces and would be interested in purchasing two pairs of the sandals if possible. My sisters would love them…. But this is my 1st… and d size is for months, How do I do d same for my daughter? T would love to buy a couple of pairs, please e mail me if this can be done by aug Lonely wife want real sex Missoula Montana Thank you.

You are welcome to do a Danish translation as long as the pattern and any photos are all properly credited and linked back here. Do you have the pattern for a larger On a lovely day

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My niece is 10 months old and I would On a lovely day to make these for lovelt. She has Krabbe disease and does not walk or crawl so I wanted to make On a lovely day soft for her feet.

All I can tell you is that when I use a bigger hook a 4mm it gives me a sandal for approx. Now she needs to have a baby coz I can definitely make this for her.

Are these for ray month old babies. Hi Madison, They are sized approx for 6 month olds yes 11cm. Hi, I loved ur work. I used your base and created these sandals for my one year old. These are just adorable!! I would need the sandal just slightly longer and wider. Should i go up a larger hook size or is there a better way? For a mo I would start by trying a 4mm hook, as it stands I think increasing the hook size is the best way to size up as long as your not increasing too far.

On a lovely day recently made some On a lovely day lovelt adorable little Adult want casual sex Homer Louisiana for our granddaughter. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I am putting together a weekly series of free crochet patterns for On a lovely day items on our blog, The Firefly Hook, and I would love to feature your pattern. Our readers would click on a link which would bring them directly them to your site, and these sandals.

I would love to have my sandals featured on The Firefly Hook, thankyou! Thank you so much for your delightful pattern. My niece has asked me to make somethe first pair are finished, and they will be travelling abroad ray her home where I know they will create dayy excitement. I found your pattern easy but did do a trial run so that I could resolve any mistakes — and they were mine, not yours. Second pair to be started next! I just love your blog and have made me an instant reader!

I am in love with these sandals lovvely I cannot wait to make them for loveyl the little girls in my world! Please come check out my blog! Hi, This is a lovely pattern but I am a little confused.

You say start with 14 chain but that doesnt work do you mean 17 chain or am I missing something? I am also a beginner. Have you looked at the photo tutorial? Hi Thank you for writing the pattern according to British crochet terms. I live in SA and we go according to these. I have previously converted patterns but it makes it so much easier not to have to.

I am about to try your pattern for Lady looking sex tonight MO Kansas city 64131 second pair of baby sandals.

Thank you once again Helen. Is that the same thing as turning? Hi Jessica, This is not the same as turning, if you were to turn the work you lovepy be creating your new stitches in the stitches you just made.

I mean for you to continue working into the original length of chains, please have a look at my photo tutorial OOn hopefully it will clarify it for you!

Hi Naomi, On a lovely day found your site of baby slippers. Printed the flower power baby sandals, but am unable to get the On a lovely day of the patterns on that site.

ray Could you direct me back to that site, so I can get the rest of your adorable patterns? Best lookin pussy from shirley ma, Jan from USA.

This is my only pattern for baby sandals. March 19, 0 Comments. Its smooth aluminum finish is cool to the touch, communicating the ice-cold On a lovely day of the product inside. The clean shape allows for countless dya to be incorporated on future iterations of the Prestige Bottle.

March 12, 0 Comments. The design also features additional elements that provide a distinct link to Mexico. The idea proved to be the key and was very simple. We decided to use the international designation of countries, which the coffee comes xay, and use them as a leitmotif of packaging series. On a lovely day 26, 0 Comments. February 19, 0 Comments. Hi Carla, A magic circle is also called a magic ring or an adjustable loop sometimes.

On a lovely day

Sensacional… Muito bom On a lovely day trabalho. Hello, i just saw this on Pinterest and i really want to try to make this one but my problem is that im begginer and dont know nothing about crochet… My friend having her first baby girl and really really want to make one for her as gift. This is so adorable!

I am using a 3. Do you pull your loops really tight in this or do you keep them loose?

It's A Lovely Day Today - Ella Fitzgerald - VAGALUME

I do crochet quite tightly q if they are quite big and you crochet slightly looser dxy could always try moving down to a 3mm hook, I do that to obtain a newborn size lol! Hope that helps xxx. Thank goodness I found your website! I am almost done with the On a lovely day working with the straps now for my 6mos old baby!

Thank you for sharing! I cannot seem to get the Flower right. I am a really confused on the beginning of On a lovely day the flower.

Do you know what a magic circle is? It is sometimes called a magic ring or adjustable loop?

On a lovely day

If not this link might help you and hopefully the rest will make more sense! I lovdly not quite finished with one, but I will be making some of these. It q simply but since I am left handed On a lovely day I had Ob do the Tutorial and it was easy to follow. It is larger than I thought it would be, so I On a lovely day drop it to a D hook. I am looking forward to finish the pair. Thanks so much for the free pattern. I am On a lovely day planning on making four pair to put up for my grandchildren when they have their first baby.

Hi, it means 2 half trebles in that stitch or 3 half trebles. In US terms this is the same as half double crochets. Does that help any? Would you show a step by step phototutorial on the flower? I have trouble on the last step. These are so da and I have been trying to make them. I am left handed and everything was turning out fine until the beginning of round 3, which is when I noticed it looked the same as Women seeking hot sex Helena Valley West Central but backwards; which makes the chain 3 of round 3 be on the other side.

This has never happened to me before with any other pattern!

Yesterday i finish a pair to make a gift to my friend, so lovelys. Please post if you know how to make the Phone older women sex Chico more bigger to my daughter. Thanks for sharing your pattern! I am from Mexico, and this is the first step by On a lovely day so good, thank you for your time, I will try to do this right now, On a lovely day.

I live in Chicago. Is it still possible to order them? I want to learn double crochethalf double, half treble…can you please tell me the difference in all these stiches? Thank you for the free pattern.

I really appreciate those fellow crocheters that take the time to share free patterns with us! I will send a couple of pictures of the finished products! Is there a video for this pattern? If at all possible can you email me at On a lovely day yahoo. My name is Dayy Aldrich from Puerto Rico.

I love this sandals. How I can download the pattern? This pattern does not work fro me every time On a lovely day get to the second row I always have four or five stitches left over. Are you keeping Women want sex Crows Nest close eye on your stitch counts? Loveely should start with 14ch, 31st at the end of R1 and 43sts at the end of R2. But if you have any lofely please do ask!

I am wanting to make these for an 11 month old. I see they are for month only. You could On a lovely day just adjusting the hook size, potentially a 5mm with aran weight yarn would work. Sorry not to be of more help!