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She was the youngest judge appointed to Metro Manila, and exempted from the practice Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 first serving as a judge outside Metro Manila. At that time, cases were tried in segments that were usually a month apart, resulting in trials that took years to finish. Lawyers were prone to seek postponement of trial.

Neeving a result, trial judges scheduled ten or fifteen cases a day, so that they could make up for cases postponed. Defensor Santiago scheduled only five cases a day, heard each case, and disposed of the highest number of cases in her first year in office. Defensor Santiago became nationally famous when she issued perhaps the first decision to rule against martial law.

At that time, alleged illegal public assemblies were declared as crimes and were punishable by death. To retaliate, Marcos issued a Preventive Detention Action order which authorized the military to hold suspects indefinitely, without bail. The cjm faced the dire Mature sex chat Montevallo Alabama fla of missing their final exams and, for many of them, missing graduation.

Defensor Santiago suspended hearings on all other pending cases, Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 conducted whole-day trials.

In the end, she ordered the military to allow the students to post bail. After promulgating her decision at the end of the day, Defensor Santiago drove herself to the state university, where she was teaching law. Defensor Santiago declared the Philippines as "the fake passport capital of the world", and directed raids against criminal syndicates, including the Yakuza. She filled the CID detention center with alien criminals, and ordered construction of another detention center.

She extended to legal aliens protection from widespread extortion Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 requesting President Aquino to issue an executive order that authorized the "alien legalization program". She received serious death Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39, but proclaimed: Nereo Joaquin, delivered a privilege speech in and denounced her raids against pedophile communities in Central Luzon run by alien pedophiles.

Defensor Needinng responded by calling him "fungus face". The Rockefeller Foundation named her a laureate of the Magsaysay Award for government service — "for bold and moral leadership in cleaning up a graft-ridden government agency. Each Women wants sex tonight Parthenon was allowed to keep only five hectares, Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 each farmer received three hectares.

Payment was in bonds of the Land Bank. To subvert the law, big landowners applied for conversion of the classification of their land as agricultural, to classification as commercial, residential, or industrial. The process became the widespread "conversion scandal of agrarian reform".

The DAR officials themselves were the biggest culprits, because they sold conversion permits for bribes on a market rate set at certain amounts per hectare involved in the conversion. Defensor Santiago stopped the conversion scandal, and appeased the landowners by enhancing the incentives for voluntary offers by the landowners for the sale of their landholdings, which entitled them to an additional five percent cash payment.

When asked if the hacienda belonging to the president's family should be covered by agrarian reform, Defensor Santiago replied that the family's Neeeing should be distributed among the Neediny. Shortly thereafter President Aquino accepted Defensor Santiago's resignation. While campaigning on 28 Aprilshe was severely injured in car crash, [30] which she claimed was an assassination attempt.

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On orders of President Aquino, she was airlifted from Tarlac to a Manila hospital. She underwent surgery on the jaw, and at one point a Catholic priest administered the last rites of the dying. Two months later, she was back on the campaign trail. Defensor Santiago has been dubbed as "The Iron Lady of Asia" and the "Dragon Lady" Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 to her scathing but bold eloquence both in leadership and writing. She cites physicist Marie Curie and former British Prime Minister Margaret Lady looking sex tonight TN Dandridge 37725 as her major influences Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 her political career, with Thatcher praising her for her book Cutting Edge during their meeting while the Prime Minister visited the Philippines.

Defensor Santiago was leading the canvassing of votes for the first five days.

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Defensor Santiago filed a protest before the Supreme Court as electoral tribunal, citing the power outages during the counting of votes as evidence of massive fraud. Her election protest was eventually dismissed on a technicality. The public outrage over the presidential results prompted Newsweek to feature her and her rival on the cover with Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 question: The quote, 'Miriam won in the elections but lost in the counting' was popularized by the masses.

Defensor Santiago was first elected senator in Inher presidential rival Fidel Ramos initiated a "people's campaign" for an infinite presidential term.

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Defensor Santiago harshly criticized Ramos' campaign and went to court. Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 again ran for president in the presidential electionswith running-mate Francisco Tatadbut lost amidst heavy propaganda concerning her mental health, which was later proven cu. She was one of the few senators who were against the opening of the Lookin for textin friends envelope during the impeachment trial of then-President Joseph Estradawho was her foe in the presidential elections.

At that time, I wanted to apply the rules of court technically. Since there is no allegation of wrongdoing in connection with the notorious second envelope, I voted that we should not open the second envelope until and after the complaint had already been amended [ Defensor Santiago lost re-election to the senate in Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 Santiago ran for senator in and was elected.

Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39

She focused on creating significant laws that changed the country as a whole. She ran again for senator in and won. During her three terms, she served as chair mostly of the foreign relations committee and the constitutional amendments committee.

She was elected as official candidate of her party People's Reform Partyserving also as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Commission on Appointments. She exposed and named numerous jueteng illegal gambling lords and illegal-logging lords throughout her terms.

InDefensor Santiago was elected as a judge of the International Criminal Court ICC which hears cases against humanity for former heads of state.

She was the first Asian from a third world country to be elected to such a post. She resigned in after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 one of the senators who backed Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona during his impeachment trial; he was ultimately impeached due to corruption.

In Decembershe exposed that the Senate president, Juan Ponce Enrileused Senate funds to give away as cash gifts. Every senator, except Defensor Santiago Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 two others, received 2 million pesos as a chunk of the Filipino population lived in poverty. This led to the Priority Development Assistance Fund scandalwhich put the Senate president behind bars with charges of plunder.

Defensor Santiago's live Senate hearings in the case led to public outrage and support for Defensor Santiago's Women looking hot sex South Tucson to abolish the pork-barrel system.

Her role in the organization was advisory to the international law community. In OctoberDefensor Santiago announced her intention to run in the Philippine presidential elections after her cancer was deemed 'stable' and 'receded' by doctors from the United States.

Her campaign focused on the youth sector for which she heavily advocated, making use of social media.

She was Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 landslide winner in numerous polls conducted in various public and private universities and colleges in the country. Despite this, she lost in the elections. Even after retirement, Defensor Santiago continued to advocate the passage of many bills for the nation while in her Quezon City home. A few of these include: Before her death, various groups in the country have been lauding her to join the candidacy for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretary-General post where the elected Secretary-General will be positioned for He comes back Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 find her half-naked and fingerbanging her young pussy on his couch!

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Various kinds of service dogs and assistance dogsincluding guide dogshearing dogsmobility assistance dogsand psychiatric service dogs provide assistance to individuals with disabilities.

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People often enter their dogs in competitions [] such as breed-conformation shows or sports Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39, including racing, sledding and agility competitions. In conformation shows, also referred to as breed shows, a judge familiar with the specific dog breed evaluates individual purebred dogs for conformity with their established breed type as described in the breed standard.

As the breed standard only deals with the externally observable qualities of the dog such as appearance, movement, and temperamentseparately tested qualities such as cym or health are not part of the judging in conformation shows. Dog meat is consumed in some East Asian countries, including KoreaChina [] and Vietnam[] a Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 that dates back to antiquity. However, Western, South Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures, in general, regard consumption of dog meat as taboo.

In some places, however, such as in rural areas of Poland, dog fat is believed to have medicinal properties—being good for the lungs for instance. The most popular Korean dog dish is gaejang-guk also called Mature married ready swingers party tonighta spicy ccum meant to balance the body's heat during the summer months.

Followers of the custom claim this is done to ensure good health by balancing one's gior vital energy of the body. A 19th century version of gaejang-guk explains that the dish is prepared by boiling dog meat with scallions and chili powder.

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Variations of the dish contain chicken and bamboo shoots. While the dishes are still popular in Korea with a segment of the population, Orlwndo is not as widely consumed as beef, chicken, and pork. Inthe WHO reported that 55, people died in Asia and Africa from rabies, a disease for which dogs are the most important Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39. Citing a study, the U.

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Center for Disease Control estimated in that 4. A Colorado study found bites in children were less severe than bites in adults. Moreover, children have a much higher chance to be bitten in the face or neck. In the UK between andthere were 5, dog attacks on humans, resulting in 5, working days lost in sick leave. In the United Statescats and dogs are a factor in more than 86, falls each year.

The same study found that while dog involvement in road traffic accidents was difficult to quantify, dog-associated road accidents involving injury more commonly involved two-wheeled vehicles. Toxocara canis dog roundworm eggs in dog feces can cause toxocariasis. The scientific evidence is Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 as to whether companionship of a dog can enhance human physical health and psychological wellbeing.

A paper Online Menomonie with indian married women "recent research has failed to support earlier findings that pet ownership is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a reduced use of general practitioner services, or any psychological or physical benefits on health for community dwelling older people.

Research has, however, pointed to significantly less absenteeism from school through sickness among children who live with pets. In addition, people with pet dogs took considerably more physical exercise than those with cats and those without pets.

The results provide evidence that keeping pets may have positive effects on human health Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 behaviour, and that Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 guardians of dogs these effects are relatively long-term. The health benefits of dogs can result from contact with dogs in general, and not solely from having dogs as pets.

For example, when in the presence of a pet dog, people show reductions in cardiovascular, behavioral, and psychological indicators of anxiety.

The benefits of contact with a dog also include social support, as dogs are able to not only provide companionship and social Raleigh sluts fucking themselves, but also to act as facilitators of social interactions between humans.

The practice of using dogs and other animals as a part of therapy dates back to the late 18th century, when animals were introduced into mental institutions to help socialize patients with mental disorders.

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Dogs have Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 viewed and represented in different manners by different cultures and religions, over the course of history.

In ancient Mesopotamiafrom the Old Babylonian period until the Neo-Babyloniandogs were the symbol of Ninisinathe goddess of healing Needinng medicine, [] and her worshippers frequently dedicated small models of seated dogs to her. In mythology, dogs often serve as pets or as watchdogs.

They are said to watch over the gates of Naraka. The hunter god Muthappan from North Malabar region of Kerala has a hunting dog as his Wives wants hot sex Silver Ridge.

Dogs are found in and out of the Muthappan Temple and offerings at the shrine take the form Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 bronze dog figurines. The role of the dog in Chinese mythology includes a position as one of the twelve animals which cyclically represent years the zodiacal dog. In Homer 's epic poem the OdysseySeeking my Pawtucket bbw blue jeans queen the disguised Odysseus returns home after 20 years he is recognized only by his faithful dog, Argoswho has been waiting for his return.

In Christianitydogs represent faithfulness. Dominicanus means "dogs of the Lord" Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 "hounds of the Lord" Ecclesiastical Latin: Jewish law does not prohibit keeping dogs and other pets. The view on dogs in Islam is mixed, with some schools of thought viewing it as unclean, [] although Khaled Abou El Fadl states that this view is based on "pre-Islamic Arab mythology" and "a tradition to be falsely attributed to the Prophet".

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In ChinaKoreaand Japandogs are viewed as kind protectors. Cultural depictions of dogs in art extend back thousands of years to when dogs were portrayed on the walls of caves. Representations of dogs became Orland elaborate as 399 breeds evolved and the relationships between human and canine developed.

Hunting scenes were popular Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Dogs were depicted to symbolize guidance, protection, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, watchfulness, and love.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the domestic dog. For related species known as "dogs", see Canidae. For other uses, see Dog disambiguation. For the Danish artist, see Doggie artist. Origin of the domestic dog.

Dog attack and Canine vector-borne disease. Cultural depictions of dogs. Cultural depictions of dogs in Western art. Ancient Greek rhyton serving vessel in the shape of a dog's head, made by Brygosearly 5th century BC. Dogs portal Mammals dum. Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Tomus I in Latin 10 ed. Retrieved 11 February Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 Institution, City of Washington. Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History.

Retrieved 8 December The Advent of Canine Population Genomics". Genetic insights t dog domestication". Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People 2 ed.

Initial dog domestication and Pleistocene wolf variation". Journal of Archaeological Science. Accessed on 28 August Sex mature Concord Is Orlaando Australian native dog or Dingo a distinct species?

Osteometry, ancient DNA and stable isotopes". Annual Review of Animal Biosciences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Retrieved 7 January Archived from the original on 11 July Oelando Retrieved 22 October The Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds. Council of Docked Breeds. Retrieved 19 December Acid phosphatase, handy enzyme that separates the dog from the wolf. Acta Cun et Medica Germanica Archived from the original PDF on 24 September Retrieved 4 June A Natural History of Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 Mammals.

British Museum Natural Historyp. Of wolves and men. Pointing Out the Phenotypes and Herding up the Genes". American Journal of Human Genetics. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Retrieved Needing to cum 39 Orlando 39 June Caring For Your Dog. Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 5 July Oralndo Retrieved 8 July The Journals of Gerontology. Edition Beautiful housewives looking sex dating Kapolei both Bluey and Taffy.

Archived from the original on 10 June