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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or Looking for casual encounter with mature lady, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I will attempt Meaningless sex host here post this question without offending women.

Please attempt to Meaningless sex host here it seriously. My question comes from the expression meaningless sex that women often quote. They often say this when talking about a sexual ecounter that had nothing else but Meaningless sex host here.

For most men the only thing we want out of For most men the only thing we want out of sex is pleasure. For what I have observed, most women want the pleasure, but are not completely satisfied unless there was something else they got out of it. What I mean is that it appears that women need more out of sex than just the pleasure of it. It could be the complete undivided attention and affection of a man, or it could be something material.

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All I am saying is that it appears that most women not only want the pleasure of sex, but are constantly thinking what else can they get from it. So it apears to me that the only way to add meaning to sex Meaningless sex host here by giving something else.

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It is just an opinion that I hope I worded properly without offense. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? For the record, I think that you worded your question very nicely and I was not offended by it. I think that to a woman, Meaningless sex host here sex is random, anonymous, and simply for the physical pleasure. Probably a one-night stand that she understands is a one-night stand when she goes into it.

Most women see sex as meaningless when there are Meaningless sex host here emotions involved and it has no potential to grow into something else. I mean, after all Women don't separate sex and emotion as easily as men do.

Meaningless sex host here I Wanting Sexual Partners

Mewningless That's why women don't generally do well in the "no strings attached, friends with benefits" situation. Its because they do get caught up in the Meaningless sex host here undivided attention that you speak of, and become less willing to give that up when the time comes. This is the point where the line between meaningless sex and making love gets blurred for some people.

Meaningless sex, by definition, can't mean anything. Sex can be fun, and if you're adult enough, and take precautions, they're referring to having hst for sex's sake, without the emotional attachments usually needed. Most women don't do this although some might fantasizebut if you really like sex, and if you can find a partner that does too, without getting emotionally attached, you can have fun without all the emotional baggage that goes with it.

Well, I can only speak for myself and I am a Bbw webcams from Oro Valley. I do not just have sex. I make love and want to be made Meaningless sex host here to. It has nothing Meaningless sex host here do with materialism nor am I wondering what else I can get from it. To me meaningless sex would be to have sex Meaningless sex host here someone you had no feelings for except for physical feelings.

I would rather use a vibrator than to have sex with someone I had no feelings for. It is quick, not messy and yet the end result is there. It Conway-NC mfm threesome you got Meaningless sex host here booty call dude. In 1 sense, women are the same as guys - sometime you just really need to get laid. In anther sense, they are different in that they are usually open to more than just getting laid, whereas hots guy is more likely to just want to get laid then get out.

Another difference is the definition of what is included in sex. Huys just include the act of sex. Women tend to encompass more - the flirting, the chase no matter how slow they ranforeplay, afterplay, pillow talk, heee.

Guys are programmed to have sex and then frequently move on. Women are programmed to value much more - they need the attention, they need to be desired, lusted after, etc.

Guys have a lot of other outlets for her gratification tham women - we derive much more satisfaction from work, money, posesions, stature, power, etc. Don't get madat me ladies Meaningless sex host here I didn't make the rules, I just call dem az I seez dem. Sex was designed for meaning. It was not designed just for pleasure, it was designed Meaningless sex host here love and out of love. It was made with the intention of making two people become one, in Woman want nsa Culpeper and spirit.

It was intended for marriage, but used for pleasure. People use sex to feel good, to feel whole, wanted, needed, admired, loved, people use it to feel something that Msaningless lacking within.

Sex will never bring wholeness, peace, or contentment if outside of marriage. Sex was intended for beauty and love and inspiration. Not meaningless, Everything has a reason, even if we don't see it or know it. Sex without a deep meaningful emotional connection is Meaningless sex host here a physical workout.

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Frankly, aerobics is more interesting. Do you get the point?

Sex plus a deep emotional connection to someone who cares about Meaningless sex host here and your experience to the depth that the care about their own experience is out of this world.

Meaningless sex host here woman doesn't open up completely without her partner's full and open emotional involvement with her. Meaningkess just does not happen. To many woman me included sex is Meaningless sex host here personal. It is full giving over of oneself. So, for most woman sex needs to be some kind of human, emotional two bodies becoming one to be satisfying. Otherwise it feels kind of dirty and like being used. It's just different for us.

Meaningless sex is having sex Adult seeking real sex MT Montana city 59634 someone you don't have any emotions or feelings for. You're having sex with them, not because you like them or want to pursue a relationship with them, but just because you want to hers sex with them.

It's ussually with someone you barely know like a one night stand. I had a woman like that once, then she decided she had to be married. Saw her again after her second marriage.

Still wanted to have Meaninglless with her, but I didn't. Wish I could find her again. Answer Questions What Meaningless sex host here work can I do in neurology that could position me well for a career pivot in clinical research? Does money equal success? Why do I get so stressed when people acknowledge my nervousness?

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Why do I feel as if my Meaningless sex host here is all one big dream? No suicidal stuff but what is the point of living?

Is it right to have a baby just so you are not alone in life? Can animals hoost suicide? Does someone have nightmares during a traumatic event or only after? Does regret beget regret?