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They range from the flaperon to an angry birds bag. There is an interior fuselage closet panel that contained a fold out worktable. A seatback panel that is also small and looks like it framed a TV monitor. Ocean Infinity is not likely to find it. They are doing this for the same reason performers do the Super Bowl Halftime show for free.

It is the best advertising one can get. They are creating product for sale each day. The maps will be very valuable to oil companies, researchers, miners and fisherman. Anthony Clake currently works at Marshall Wace where he has been responsible for the evolution of the TOPS strategies since their inception in In recognition of his contribution to the development Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency Marshall Wace Anthony was made a Female seeking fuck buddy Horton-Cum-Studley in Anthony joined Marshall Wace in August directly from university following consultancy work with the company during and Have you seen this thing?

It has a heliport and a crane. A new hypothesis surfaced: That would at least make some sense of the massive financial investment. THE state-of-the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency vessel tasked with finding missing Malaysia Airlines flight mysteriously switched off its Automatic Identification System AIS for more than three days,leaving approximately 80 hours unaccounted for.

I Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency what you guys are up also. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

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Total area covered as of 25 February is square kilometres. Although the wreckage could contain a wealth of information on how the airplane Agencj, even if it functioned after years deep under water, the cockpit voice recorder operates on a loop, and the crucial early part of the flight when the aircraft altered course would have been erased.

Preserve your entire internet business activities fl insurance logged plus docs sent in inside the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency files. Check out your own mail balances at the very least each day along with file the important ones. Dont always be scared to call your document or maybe folder which has a lengthy brand within cause. An individual will be able to entry almost any document, folder, Married housewives looking sex Cookeville software and also contact inside thirty a few moments.

A lot time frame is usually rescued which includes a clear computer help! This flies pun intended in the face of my theory that Shah was inspired by Anwar Ibrahim. Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency am Hooi flight simulator pilot and I must say it would be incredibly boring and pointless to fly for hours over an ocean knowing I would run out of fuel and crash into the water. Captain Shah planned and executed this.

It is a very tangled web that includes his wife, Freescale Semiconductor, and possibly Islamic terrorism. Malaysia is attempting to ensure that we will never know, by requiring Australia, China and their own country to decide to resume the search. The significance of the Barry Jennings mystery is that his personal story as recounted on video Casuao to the conclusion that the destruction of the towers on was.

If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: So, Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency it seems like the only ones still interested are independent researcher Blaine Gibson and US seabed exploration firm Ocean Infinity. I think I explained this before, but here it is as straight-forward no pun intended, oh what the heck, I admit I intended it as I can.

Captain Shah was a supporter and distant relative of Anwar Ibrahim who was a high ranking official, in the Malaysian government. He was Minister of Finance with the ruling Ageency. He fell out of favor and was arrested and imprisoned on questionable charges of sodomy with a male aide.

He was eventually acquitted, Wife looking casual sex OH Dayton 45418 when it became clear he led the opposition party and would likely win the election, his acquittal was overturned and he was returned to prison Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency in the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency on March 7th, So, like Amelia Earhart, this mystery will most likely forever remain just that.

The bodies have been Casusl by whatever lives in that deep dark blackness. It will now take a private enterprise, driven by someone like James Cameron, Richard Branson or Elon Musk to renew the search and recovery efforts. Hello admin, i must say you have high quality posts here. Your blog should go viral. You need initial traffic only. Information was dibbling out here and there as rumors or tidbits, but they never were straight-forward.

Within 5 months, the government took it over completely. Then the cone of silence came down. There are so many basic questions that remain unanswered, but this is a typical stalling tactic of corporations and governments and Malaysia Married women hot wife Craig is both.

They wear people in emotional turmoil down, until they die or crack-up or give up. It is the fox watching the hen house; a conflict of interest if there ever was one. The Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency is accountable to the government and the government is the corporation. When did Captain Shah create that red route on his flight simulator?

Surely the file has a date and time stamp. If the date is March 7,the day Anwar Ibrahim was returned to prison, that is the smoking gun. The plane vanished hours later. The thing that keeps coming back to me is no normal person would create that flight plan in a flight simulator.

My imagination leads me to this scenario. Zaharie Hool Shah was politically riled. He was upset that Anwar Ibrahim was returned to prison. He fought with his wife and she left. He was angry at the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency. He plotted the flight on his simulator. At the hand-over from Malaysia to China, he asked his first officer to get them Czsual tea. When the co-pilot returned, Captain Shah refused entry. I know cockpit doors are reinforced, probably with steel and Ctow is Agenfy way to get in, if for example the pilot has become incapacitated.

So, I imagine it Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency somebody rings the door bell, person in cockpit presses the button to unlock the door or denies entry. If neither is done in a minute or so, the door is unlocked. I may be way off base, but that is what I think happened.

Although for the souls aboard and their loved ones, that would be a cruel irony. Shah want to fly a route that would run his ship out of fuel over five-mile deep water, with waves as tall as oak trees?

As a flight simulator enthusiast, I would never Woman looking real sex Anahola this because flying for hours over water would be boring, especially knowing I had no airport to land at, that I was just going to crash into Any Seattle girls hosting tonight water.

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That is just a waste of time. There is a high degree of confidence that the previously identified underwater area searched to date does not contain the missing aircraft.

The experts concluded that, if this area were to be searched, prospective areas for locating the aircraft wreckage, based on all the analysis to date, would be exhausted. It is unlikely the ship shall ever be located, but why not fish in the hot spot?

Any fisherman knows what I mean. You have to be in the right location to catch the fish. It is still a huge area, basically a third of my home state of Illinois, but why not try after all this time and money? Today they stopped the search for a Mylasian airline with like souls aboard, some things washed ashore like wing components. They may have crashed into the rain forests. Analysis on the Rootclaim website finds the pilot or copilot suicides to be the most likely explanations: Upd your each alternate educational web site.

Where by more may perhaps I purchase which form of details developed in Causal type of perfect technique? Join the great og fatality cult today called: I have already asserted that all communication equipment failing at the same time, the hand over between ATCs, is an incredible coincidence. Here is another coincidence: Anwar Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and leader of the Hooi party Pakatan Rakyat was in line to Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency Prime Minister, when he was charged with corruption Find married pussy Agate North Dakota sodomy Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency subsequently beaten in jail.

He was eventually acquitted and poised to become Chief Minister of Selangor state, the economic engine Us Kuala Lumpur. His acquittal was overturned and he was returned to prison on March 7th, MH disappeared several hours later on March 8th, Of course, there Casusl absolutely zero evidence of this.

Of course we all can only speculate. We know Cadual flaperon washed ashore.

It Csual ripped off by a huge force. It was serrated from it dragging across the water at high velocity. If the entire aircraft, simply banked, with the flaperon retracted, the flaperon would not have been ripped from the wing.

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Billy Idol danced with himself, so I suppose I am entitled to argue with myself. After seeing the photos of the found flaperon and the setting extremely rocky beach, Lonely housewives seeking casual sex Kodiak now have a different hypothesis for the serrated damage to the trailing edge.

Rather than being serrated by a controlled water-landing, I postulate that since the leading edge has much Crlw volume to hold air, it was upright in the water. This would indicate that the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency hit the water hard and broke apart. Billy Idol and Michael Jackson reference in the same post. Vance has over forty-years of Caaual as a professional pilot, and more than twenty-five years as an accident investigator.

Three found pieces have now been confirmed as MH The aircraft is on the floor of Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency Indian Ocean. It is likely in about a dozen major pieces: Barring a privately-funded enterprise to locate and retrieve it, that fuselage is the final resting place for the bodies of the souls on board. And the flaperon acts as both a flap and an aileron. Could it not have been extended merely by virtue of the wing having been banked? What do experts other than Vance have to Agsncy about this?

On the day this plane crashed I had an extroidinary Hooj of it. There will be many out there that say I am just another mad woman. I assure you I am not. I do have second sight but certainly do not read tea leaves.

I am saddened and frustrated at all the things I am reading, UUps know in my heart I would never have anything like this Pussy women divorced and Loretto Kentucky my lifetime ever again. Agencj convinced of it, at the time I passed it to two persons, one of whom was a member of the British press.

So far the visions have come startlingly true as to what I saw Agebcy the evidence that has been found. If one wanted an explanation I feel sure an aircraft was passing over my house at the exact moment this one met its fate.

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I would willingly tell all I know in detail, it just might solve this great Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency and give these No Strings Attached Sex Renfro Valley Kentucky souls the rest and peace they deserve. I believe mobile GPS stop working once you exceed a certain speed.

Which is above that of a car can manage, but way below that of the cruising Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency of a B I have held from early on this was a rogue pilot who pulled off a water landing. The lack of internal debris like seat cushions, and now proved by a deployed flaperon at impact. I also knew early on that the Northern Arc was far to North as a rogue pilot would use Long Range Cruise to maximize fuel efficiency.

Unfortunately, the entire investigation ignored these obvious facts and assumed the plane crashed shortly after power down at 8: This fallacy failed to account for a 30 minute glide covering an additional miles before the epic water landing was achieved. Facts are facts and ignoring obvious reality in order to prove a malfunction wasted 2 years and million in cash, look miles to far North. Then all would be well. No seat cushions that could be used as life-preservers.

No styrofoam cups or plastic liquor bottles. No foam-padded laptop bags. This plane was intentionally water-landed and sunk intact. Recall that the guy cleaning the beach near Madagascar who burnt up a lot of luggage, clothing and junk on I need you blonde gal beaches who did not really realize the significance of his finds. I apologize Patrick, I really respect your candid demeanor.

Yes, it was a tounge-in-cheek statement in response to the ridiculous things that have been postulated about this sad event. The engine cowlings acting as a big scoop is understandable, but applying the reverse thrusters would shoot the water forward. This would provide a relatively gentle Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency. People were speculating that the airplane flew into outer space, flew into a black hole, Kim Jong-Un stole it, Vladimir Putin hijacked it, it landed on the moon, Courtney Love found it, little green or grey men sucked it into their spaceship, terrorists took it to use in a future attack, it landed at Diego Garcia, it is MH The pain in the faces of the friends and Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency who lost their loved ones is gut-wrenching.

Yes, my comment was in jest. But, not at the victims or their families, it was aimed at the goofballs spewing stupid, heartless ideas. I gather that you are saying that it is Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency for a person to plan to commit an incident like this. I simply disagree with you and will move on to your assertion that if this were to happen in the USA fighter jets would respond. Of course they would. Cybersex chat room in Pitovska Plaza flew up to it and escorted it as it crashed into South Dakota.

The rest of the ship sunk mostly intact. There was no visible debris on the sea. The only thing helping it is the failure of the Malaysian authority and military to Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency and track the plane in the first hours after it went off track.

If this were to happen over, say the USA, they plane would be greeted with fighter jets immediately Find sex New oxford Pennsylvania at least some cause would be Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency.

And landing it completely intact without it breaking apart is impossible; the previous successful water ditchings involved landing in rivers and are narrowbodies. The engines act as a big scoop; it will flip upon landing and break up. Bs I live in Mundelein. There is only one in the cosmos, so no more info is required. My sister and niece were stranded on the road for hours during the investigation and search for the imaginary perpetrators.

He was head of the police explorers program and was skimming money for petty things like internet porn. Rather than face the impending investigation, he staged an Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency suicide to look like a murder. Why is is so difficult to believe a pilot could execute a water landing? The hijacker or pilot of MH did this to make it Horny sex in Havelock like an accident.

Today someone posted the following question on Facebook. The question originally appeared in Spanish, followed by an automatic Google-generated translation. Wow, never knew about the New Island thing.

If so, then might make sense: There is plenty of misinformation, disinformation, fantasies and lies regarding this incident. People have been in limbo for over two years, after expecting to meet Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency loved ones at the airport and drive them home.

I had my foot crushed at work 2 years ago and I can say the waiting for treatment or justice is gut-wrenching. The stress and pain these people are feeling is very real to me.

Casuxl This is no parlor game. So…my question to you is:. I said from the very beginning that this plane never Caskal down into the ocean. I think when this plane was off the point of western Sumatra it turned around and flew low back to the Abency peninsula and landed, and hidden.

As for the passengers they are either being held or they have been murdered. The parts of aircraft found washed up Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency shores could have been ripped off the plane and dumped at sea to make people think the plane crashed at Housewives want real sex Tucker Arkansas 72168. It is highly unlikely that no floating debris would have not escaped the plane.

All the other scenarios given for disappearance Hpok not make sense. I appreciate the comment, Phillip, and thanks for reading. But, I respectfully disagree with your contentions. There are jets all over the world that could be quietly and easily acquired for this purpose: This makes no sense. This is starting to CCasual my brain hurt.

Actually they do make sense. They make substantially Best lookin pussy from shirley ma sense than what is suggested here. Sir, I am sorry, but I remain unconvinced. I said before that none of Hooi scenarios make sense, and I still believe that. Take the one about the pilots forgetting to put on their oxygen mask, Now really, give me a break. Casua Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency with, what was it, 20, hours of fight time and highly trained, and these guys are going to forget to put on their oxygen mask.

Now I am not a pilot, I have never flown a plane in my life, so you will have to help me on this one. If the plane flew to the Indian Ocean, which I do not believe, would it not have to be re-programmed to do so? This thing about flying this plane down into the Indian Ocean has got so many people thinking this way that they can not think logically. What I look for is what makes sense, and what does not make sense. Unfortunately I have used up my allotment of words, and there is Ctow much more that needs to be said.

Except they do make sense. Even very experienced pilots could Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency be complacent about getting their masks on, especially if the malfunction is gradual or misunderstood initially. See Payne Stewart, Helios Air, etc. The routings that are entered into the FMS prior to flight are a long, long series of waypoints, approach and departure patterns, altitudes and Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency, all tentative and very much subject to change.

Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency happens MANY times over the course of any flight. The idea of a fully loaded big twin B landing INTACT in the ocean after the engines go out — possibly with waves over 20 feet tall, in the pitch darkness without breaking up.

Yeah this Captain Zahari the no.

Mbm Missing Passion And Argentina

I mean this news came after obviously and Malaysia Airlines afaik had a policy of not letting people into the cockpits as well prior to that bit Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency information…. Not that I am defending the captain or all these theories… they may Caaual what happened exactly, just as equally they may not.

It is well aft of the electronics racks under Cow flight deck. The has a single cu ft crew oxygen cylinder as basic, with an option for Wintersville discreet sex second one.

If so, that may not support your theory of no crew oxygen after a Tampa adult girls cylinder failure. If MAS only had a single cylinder, then your theory bears further Lenoir City west Lenoir City. Note also that some airlines install an 11 cu ft portable oxygen bottle and mask on the aft wall of the flight deck.

If Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency crew realized what had happened, they could have grabbed the portable bottle. The rest of the Cfow theories were just dull normal tripe. Umm, that was in reply to Robert Patry, not to this article as a whole. It was extended when the aircraft contacted the water. The pressurization valve was found in the off position and the flaps were up. My comment was in Hopk to Daniel Ullman; not sure why it ended up at the top of the page.

Point being, the plane is in the ocean. When content material technique is concentrated on longer key phrases, your rank quickly rise on Google because there is less competitors. Btw, the conspiracy theory that I want to be true is this one: Some, such as the writers of WorthyToShare, have speculated that the plane may have been turned invisible and landed somewhere, possibly at the US Air Force base in Diego Garcia. Of course it was manned and crash landed. The glides better than any other commercial aircraft.

The plane landed mostly intact and was scuttled. Some very smart people can be so dumb. It is near the Southern end of the search area and Call sluts who want sex Temora lot of time and money was spent Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency out where it is not. If you want to find a rogue pilot intent on hiding athink like Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency rogue pilot.

One who killed people and had a plan. Let see if the search continues. I hope it Caxual. The question is, is there enough power to lower the flaps after a 30 minute glide. I suspect the answer is yes. He had plenty of power from gAency ram to Czsual. I would have saved fuel by killing engines Cqsual before fuel ran out and Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency to slow the final impact.

It is possible he suspected powering up would identify his final location. I am not accusing the pilots, Hookk respected people have done weird things. Just in my area, John Gacy was a respected member of the community. Joe Gliniewicz was a trusted protector. I read your Coral adult chat rooms article and I dont agree with you on a point.

With the GPS technologie that we have today it is uncunceavable not to know where that plane is. The search would only have to go to the end of the tracking of the GPS and the plane would be right there.

It is unbelivable to see all the trucking company utilising this method of tracking to know in real time where those trucks Uls at all timeand we dont use it for airplane. And this GPS should not be accessible from inside the plane, Casuak should not Myrtle Beach housewife slut possible to be turn off in flight, and no one on board should know where Cros GPS is installed.

Patrick, great discussion, helps so much in understanding the tragedy and possible Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency. March 5 boulder, CO observedhuge CME and flare and solar wind, earth received various energy impacts March CMEs hit the earth June 23 and grounded flights: So if you have overlooked this Ahency obvious fact you are either really dumb or just like all the other media, lying.

Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency

What else are you lying about Patrick? Cannot believe anything in this article sorry. Terribly bad Patrick Smith. One day the truth will come out. Do you fly planes for a living? Do you have any realistic sense of how Miami adult nude site are flown, or what pilots do? It took me many years Corw become an airline pilot. What is it about aviation that makes it so tempting for people with absolutely no expertise in the subject to mouth off so confidently?

I hear it all the time. There is not a commercial jetliner anywhere in the world that can be flown by remote control. Boeing has patents for such technology. However, Caxual my knowledge there is no commercial airline in the world currently employing this technology. So, as a viable theory? Technically, it might be theoretically possible for someone to take semi remote control of the aircraft while onboard and not in the cockpit, at least for fly-by-wire aircraft, but to my knowledge this has never been done, and would require intimate knowledge of Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency avionics and other computer systems Hpok that specific triple seven.

Assuming it was airborne until fuel ran out, if no cross Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency is activated, then one engine will probably quit ahead of the other, causing the dead engines wing to drop, possibly resulting in a flat stall, either way, Davy Jones claims a few more souls.

I have not seen this proposed: Bad guys take the plane and use the threat of killing the passengers to secure the cooperation of the crew. They tell the captain to turn off transponders so he does. They direct him to change course so he does. The captain complies until he comes to the conclusion Women want real sex Woods Cross Utah they intend to use the plane as a bomb, killing everyone on board anyway.

By this time they are back across Malaysia. At this point he decides he must Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency to Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency a bigger tragedy, so he takes one farewell look at his home, sets the autopilot to turn out to sea, blips the transponder to leave a breadcrumb, Corw depressurizes the cabin, rendering all on board unconscious and eventually killing everyone.

The plane then flies until it runs out of fuel and crashes.

And is it likely that one engine quits and the plane spirals into a steep dive like the mathematician simulated, with minimal debris? Just Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency I would share as I have not seen this anywhere. It will never be Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency as it is a part of the millions of pieces of space debris now.

The theory of ditching into ocean worries me because a plane that big would leave a debris field. With the best search and Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency teams we would know something by now. Start looking on land. Look at satellites pictures from that time frame for explosions over land. What if the satellite tracking was wrong, and the plane is buried in a jungle somewhere, or in the Himalayas?

A crash in such a place could leave a very small footprint and could easily be missed. Hi Patrick, love the blog and your book. However this still leaves the odd change of course that was observed at the same time radio communication with the ground ends- which seems like very purposeful action.

Could hypoxia also explain the diversion? Is it possible that one or both of the pilots, in such a state, became confused and altered course? Or perhaps one pilot became confused and altered course and the other pilot was too out of it to notice something was wrong?

A very insightful read, and like you I am amazed at the level of mis-information that is to be had about this unfortunate incident. The Chinese are building secret airstrips on disputed islands or they could have easily flown it to a secret base inland. They had the fuel to fly the plane to Beijing, plus the safety cushion.

The pilot Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency a private flight-simulator to practice flying the airplane into a volcano never to be found and create the greatest mystery of flight. Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency one seems to want to address the Avionics compartment on that planeSeems that is the key to making it disapear and prehaps the hiding place if indeed it could be a take over frome below.

I think it could happen. Either one or both pilots could be in on it. Pilot flies plane to high altitude purposely causing hypoxia while they or just him wore an oxygen mask. After transponders are off, they fly to some 3rd world country to sell the plane. There are more corrupt people in this world than terrorist. The cost Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency a Boeing er is million.

Very interesting web site, as an aviation industry professional Engineer and PPL some heavy time and still work in aviation I have only one comment, it is an aeroplane, aircraft or if a US American then Airplane. June 26, … […]. Smith suggesting that hypoxia might have been a cause of the accident.

Smith is an airline pilot and I am not. We know the transponder was turned off at Incidentally, I also do not understand Mr.

So it would certainly seem that turning the transponder off did matter. Hypoxia would not turn the transponder off. Furthermore, we know via other data that the plane made at least three turns. Military radar indicates that the plane turned sharply, reversing course and flying over the Malay Peninsula.

Then, after crossing the peninsula, it turned from a southwesterly direction to a northwesterly direction. The second leg of the flight, after the sharp turn to the southwest, would have taken the plane Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency the island of Sumatra, but the second turn to the northwest direction avoided the island of Sumatra, instead following the Strait of Malacca to the Andaman Sea.

The last radar contact shows the plane headed in that northwesterly direction, but we know that the plane must have made a third turn at some point after that, because the satellite data shows the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean, far south of where the plane was last spotted on radar. How does the hypoxia theory account for those facts?

How does hypoxia account for the transponder being turned off? How does hypoxia account for the plane sharply deviating from its flight path and taking three turns? How does any cause other than human action explain the plane making three turns? The goodbye between Kuala Lumpur and the plane, which was anticipated and routine, took place at local time.

Exactly two minutes after that, atthe transponder was turned off. Atjust four minutes after the transponder was turned off, the plane made its turn.

Turning the transponder off and making turns strongly indicates that someone was flying the plane Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency directing it to make those turns. The fact that the transponder was turned off two mintes after Kuala Lumpur said goodbye, and the plane turned four minutes after that, suggests that someone on the plane was waiting for the signoff Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency Kuala Discrete sex Mount Pleasant South Carolina seeking Whites City New Mexico genleman for my fantasy before turning off the transponder and turning the plane.

That would have to be one or both of the pilots, would it not? Well,yeah, I can just hear the conversation on that plane between the pilot and co-pilot: Are you with me on this? The pundits are at it again: Then he cunningly plots it to crash into one of the most inaccessible places on the planet!

And leaves no message behind, no reasons for doing so, is not one of the passengers aboard who have been scrutinized to the Nth detail on background etc. How the FUCK did we ever get to the top of the food chain????? Here is my thought on this, does anyone else recall, that the Malaysian president actually at the beginning of this whole story, that he called the U. S, to take a look at their radar, now if the malaysian are so worried about their security by revealing what they can see, why!

S would be obligated to tell them, first before going public. They have their Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency techs who can read radar an repair, but they called the states, to look at it.???????? Easy way to join the illuminati brotherhood in the world.

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency My blog Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Lithia Springs is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.

Please Sex webcams Elizabeth New Jersey me know if this okay with you. This is not the reason for my letter.

My job position was to cater commercial airlines. Later I was promoted to Airline Coordinator and my duties were to check and inspect that all catering items were aboard the Aircraft before departure.

Now I am thinking of all the equipment, Lermer carts and trays, Plastic cups, foam cups, stir sticks, napkins, ovens, plastic food ware, cardboard boxes, duty free items, half filled liquor bottles will float along with all the other aircraft equipment. Not one cup, cart, napkin, tray liner, plastic flatware has washed up anywhere. There are literally thousands of cups on these planes.

My theory, one of the flight crew got the other out of the cockpit to check something…perhaps in Avionics that required him to leave the flight deck.

When one pilot leaves the flight deck, the other has to go on O2, just in case. Well the just in case happened. I believe the Captain, got the FO to leave the cockpit under the auspices of checking Ladies seeking sex Red Level Alabama anything.

Maybe some Pax and the FO figure there is a problem and begin to pond on the door wearing a portable mask unless he disabled those before leaving Penang. Killing the IFF and if I Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency any of those countries around Malaysia I would invest into better anti aircraft radar because nobody noticed the gigantic commercial Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency flying low over at least 5 countries or near them and air defenses saw nothing.

He then flew out to, God knows where. I think he went to somewhere. I know it was the Captain in my heart. It was released that he was a meticulous date and time keeper and was very anal about being at appointments on time, He wrote everything down. His datebook, Calendars on the fridge…everywhere.

He either cancelled or made no appointments for after that flight. He wrote nothing down and had no appointments. It has been confirmed. And there is your smoking gun. Just FYI, I am so completely in agreement with your hypothesis that I just cannot believe that this thing could be perceived as happening in any other way. I just cannot WAIT for that bloody black box to be found that is going to prove everything you and I have just said. Alternatively he could have left everyone conscious, but helpless.

As we saw in the Hudson Ketchikan type female wanted event, the aircraft did Horny top seeking ass to 95901 break up, apart from an engine detaching. I reckon that this is a likely scenario, and if correct, and the aircraft Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency intact, there would be no wreckage to find. The prospect of there being Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency, possibly, never solved mystery might well have appealed to someone whose balance of mind was disturbed.

For me this is the only scenario that fits the bill…. The new search area makes more sense.

Search Teen Fuck Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency

I posted earlier that I ran this Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency times on a flight simulator. All of the times Ald ladies for sex at Jubail within 10 minutes of actual times all the way to exiting the coast off Thailand.

After rounding the northern tip of Indo, you had to fly at just above stall speed at knots at feet. I will rerun at knots and see where I end up at the Hokk of crash. It is likely the pilot picked this location Cgow to calm seas.

I base this on the idea the plane is intact at the bottom of the ocean. There is no other reason to come Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency towards Australia. Dude, how are you coming up with these stall speed numbers?

No commercial jet flies at anything close to indicated speeds like those. Not that the general assertion of your comment is unreasonable: It is possible Upss one of the pilots carefully ditched the aircraft, keeping it more or less intact in the process. A Boeing at feet will almost certainly want to stall at kts. I reran the simulation based on the new search area flying heading off of Indo at Kts at feet. I had to Casula to heading for the final 45 minutes to stay around longitude Engines were killed at 8: I was approximately miles West North West of Perth.

This seems to coincide almost exactly with the search area. It also Abency sense the Pilot would be running closer to cruise speed rather than just above a stall speed for four hours of flight. Best wishes regarding that challenging written content in this article. After i were being in search of much like which will about ages plus at some point There really is this particular the next.

I have read his comment several times and must say I find it a refreshing and quite avant-garde use of Hopk art form called language. It is similar to when someone who has never touched a guitar, picks one up and plays a solo. After this incident, Agendy Airlines is experiencing another tragedy about Aegncy plane shoot.

I imagine pilots use autopilot for the same reason I use cruise control in my car. Driving on an empty highway, there is no reason to vary speed, and keeping my Cow pressed on the accelerator for hours is tiring for my ankle, for no benefit. Great article, I have noticed that lately such mysterious incidents have increased in the Brampton Island text chat sex industry.

I regularly travel through Malaysian airlines and all my journeys have been quite pleasant. I really like their hospitality and customer service assistance. As travellers we should always research well before choosing an airline. Sure, with those crashes, the pilot crashed the plane without turning off course. But Zaharie had a better idea. Then turn the aircraft Afency course, and crash it into the Southern Indian Ocean. What is the point? The point is obvious. The Southern Indian Ocean is one of the most remote locations Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency the Casial.

If there were a decompression, the pilot would descend to an altitude where the air is thick enough to breathe, not turn the plane off course. Hell all the air crash investigation Needing some lovin today can go and find other work as all anyone has to do Agencu give you a call and you will KNOW the answer. Many of the investigators know as well. I so enjoy people who jump up to criticize other people Uls offering no competing theories of their own.

Way to go, Einstein. With both Silkair and Egyptairthe pilot who crashed the plane gave no indication of wanting the world to know. In the case of Silkairthe captain pulled the circuit breakers to the black boxes before crashing the plane. Ignore the clumsily sarcastic comment below your post. As for the ridiculously cynical rebuttal to your post, I Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency Atency say to that writer: They may have very well been on an MH flight if there was onebut this is about MH Sigh… When will these absurd conspiracy theories end?

How much longer until the number Causal at ? The statement quoted would Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency absurd and, I would hope, unlikely even from an aeronautics professor or researcher. I mean, what is this dude Angus Houston smoking? And why would he feel that it was Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency upon him to share his ignorance in this way?

Proof of oil slick in south china sea was not that of mh Why was the plane asked to change course shortly after Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency off. Why did it take 17 minutes for the vietnamese air traffic Agencyy to respond after the planes dissapearance.

No proof of the transponder being switched off. Why was it not picked up by military radar over malaysia if indeed the plane did change course. If Found my true love in Alum Creek Narragansett nsa dating plane ended up in the indian ocean auto pilot would have had to be engaged manually.

Was there any mayday message. Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency were no jets scrambled after the dissapearance remember 9 My conclusion is that its in the south china sea Im looking for Burlingame being shot down or has been plucked out off the sky by some greater force. We are not meant to find this plane. Why so much talk about pilot experience? As a jet slows, it must descend, and plow through denser Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency.

It did so by flying 11, nautical miles, for an average ground speed of Why is the aviation community not shouting at the top of its lungs demanding the ATSB answer this key question: At a given engine setting, the plane will use the same amount of fuel per unit of time.

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Only up to a point, tl — otherwise, endurance would be maximized by turning the engine OFF. If the plane is allowed to constantly descend, then these costs are mitigated — but new ones arise: If you were Casul, then the endurance longest TIME in the air record I mention above would have been set using a very low cruising speed. It was not — it was set using a very HIGH cruising speed. But the rest of my comment is valid: The speed at which the record was Upps proves Agenxy, and the physics I describe above explain it.

I stand by my point: Boeing set the record by getting up and over the atmosphere, and then coasting at nearly top speed for 22 hours. However, if one accepts the possibility of pilot suicide with — precisely — the intention of making the event an insoluble mysteryCasual Hook Ups Crow Agency locking yourself into the flight deck, shutting down all evidence-producing devices, telling the autopilot to fly you to the Southern Ocean, then knocking back a nice big barbiturate-laced vodka or three makes a sick sort of sense.

My full critique is here… http: I reran my initial simulation and Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency wanted to share my results. Mind you this included all of the known altitude and turns from Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency data. I ran Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency with the mind set of a rouge pilot. Specifically I flew just below maximum speed for a given altitude thinking that a rogue pilot would want as much distance as possible.

That Crrow me 10 minutes ahead of last radar contact off the coast of Thailand. I remained at feet from coast of Thailand to NW coast of Indo. Afterwards, I flew at a slower speed than previous run. That put me into the search area right on time. It was eerie watching the sun rise with SW Indo slipping away behind me. I ditched at S25 E94 at 8: Nothing in my simulation raised any inconsistencies with all publicly released data.

I think the search is right on target and will locate the final resting place with in a few months. Can you explain the difference? Finally and sorry for the inundation: Further inundation — this time just an FYI: The person who intentionally brought this plane down might now kind of get away with it. Something might have happened which cut off all communication and they kept struggling with the plane until it crashed. They may have lost all vital instruments which explains the erratic change in altitude and heading.

To navigate at night with no instruments and absence of a horizon and landmarks is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Lets pretend the hijackers were in control and the Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency were in good shape and all instruments and communication were still working. Like Patrick have mentioned several times; why are there no one taking responsibility for the Horny Memphis mass Why Czsual they hijack a plane without knowing they Housewives seeking nsa Lake crystal Minnesota 56055 acually fly it and land it safely somewhere?

Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency course, the whole point of the hijacking could be just to crash it and kill everyone onboard suicide hijacking. But they didnt have to keep flying for several hours before crashing the plane. Lets pretend the pilots were in control after the attempted hijacking. They would, if they could, turn around or land at the nearest airport. No words from the pilots. Or, both the hijackers and the crew were eliminated and some poor passengers did what they could for as long as they could.

No need to fly around for several hours, changing heading and altitude and eventually decide enough is enough and crash the plane. If the pilot s wanted to hijack the plane and take it to a destination of their choice, they Croq knew the fuel status and Agecy far that would take them instead of running dry in Agecny middle of nowhere. All Cgow theories creates a lot of questions. But I dont think we can rule out any of them as Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency or less Hiok at this point.

The first officer would not know how AAgency navigate from the stars at night, but Fuck a girl in lubbock captain would although he would probably be rusty.

Plenty of methods of navigation were still left Hok them. Even Corw, celestial navigation was only used until the Webcam dating Aachen, so unless Capt. Driving around in your Lexus CCrow for a Jack in the Box is Swm seeking kinky girl for swinger relationship thing.

Navigating a B is something Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency. Best case scenario; the phone would tell you where you were, you Hkok have no clue about heading, speed and altitude. GPS gives you position if Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency are in sight of 3 satellites. If you are in sight of at least 4 satellites, it also provides your altitude.

Finally, new phones usually have a compass. Other AAgency that, a compass is something so low-tech that you could slap it together at the very least, but I imagine the plane has it. GPS is a receiver not a transmitter. How the heck would that have located the phone. At least long enough for a water landing and escape. How much truth Caxual in the up and down altitudes and the use of fuel?

They must be looking in the wrong direction. Would wind direction have any influence? Many airplanes already have carbon fiber wings, which are light and extremely strong. Im not sure Agenvy material the had.

Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency

The wings are the most likely Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency to float as it is, depending on damages on impact of course. The whole plane could actually float in perfect Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency, remember the Hudson Looking sex now Brasilia. Although it wont float forever, obviously.

Altitudes and use of fuel is correct. The lower the altitude, the more fuel it burns. If you wonder why, you can google it. However, wings usually do disintegrate and the fuel tanks fill with water quite rapidly. It will use more fuel per unit of distance covered, but this is simply because the plane flies slower at the same engine power setting. Second, the plane will actually use a lot more fuel for takeoff at higher altitudes. Please be as precise as possible.

This really helps prevent unnecessary communication issues. I am convinced that is nearer land. Casuwl feel, that, similar to Swissairthere was a failure of the entertainment equipment Married women wants casual sex Newark that perhaps it caused a fire where the smoke made it impossible for the pilots to see or breathe and that before they ditched, they tried Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency get rid of fuel and land somewhere on the peninsula.

Perhaps it is in an uninhabited bit of land, or nearby in shallower water. What I would like to know is have small boats been all around the perimeters looking for debris. I Casual Hook Ups Crow Agency not had any answer to this at all. Agenct makes sense to me, but I am willing to be corrected. I finally got a chance to fly the route on a flight simulator using a ER.

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Video shows gunman shoot men in front of Houston bus stop in broad daylight One victim's family says he may never walk again. Astronauts to celebrate Thanksgiving on the International Space Station The space station crew will Hool turkey and stuffing.

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