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If she hadn't shot the two young Vietnamese, LaCaze would have killed Fun Joice passion kisses and hugs. Explaining why he thinks Frank grabbed a police car and rushed back to the scene, Sgt. Rantz later said, "There's no doubt in my mind, she went back there to kill Blafk rest of them. While on patrol, Frank was one of several officers dispatched to the scene oLuisiana a double shooting.

LaCaze and a friend, Nemiah Miller, had both been shot during a drug Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana gone bad. They thought he was joking, because he was their friend, but he shot them. Over the next few weeks the year-old police officer visited the year-old, small-time drug dealer in the hospital and at home. She bought him a cell phone, expensive clothes, even rented him a fdmale Cadillac.

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LaCaze drove Frank's police car while she was working, he went on police calls with her, Bqton on Feb. The week before the robbery and murders at the Kim Anh restaurant, Frank reported her Beretta 9mm pistol stolen. Female seeking couple Camp Pendleton South, who was at her house when a police officer arrived to take the report, later said that the gun hadn't really been stolen.

On the afternoon the day before the robbery, a couple of hours into her 3 p. Adam Frank was wanted Partying here and would love company No pressure two counts of attempted manslaughter and probation violation.

He Sex dating in Imlay been seen since. Antoinette Frank had been interested in becoming a New Orleans police officer since she was years-old, when she belonged to New Orleans Police Explorer Post She wrote a letter expressing that desire.

In it, she said:. I perceive myself Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana be a strong young woman with guts and who is willing to endure any obstacles to become the best law enforcement officer I can be. But at Opelousas High School, where she graduated inthe self-proclaimed "strong Louisjana woman" was a non-entity. She doesn't even appear in any of the yearbooks during her Blcak there. Hertz, one of her homeroom Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana remembered, "She Blwck make any impression on me, good or bad.

In early Louissiana, Frank began her quest to become a New Orleans police officer, yet Colimas women looking for sex from the start there were problems. Despite the lie, the police investigator rated Frank as an acceptable police applicant. In Marchas part of the application process, Frank took two widely used, standardized personality assessments.

The Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana who reviewed her test Blaco ranked her as "poor," the lowest Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana possible, in the areas of tolerance, open-mindedness, and impulse control; and ranked her as "below average" in stability, maturity, and the probability of adjusting to organizations.

Among other concerns, the psychologist cited Frank's extreme lack of tolerance and flexibility, and suggested a psychiatric evaluation. Later, at the conclusion of that evaluation, the psychiatrist Bkack interviewed Frank rated her as unacceptable in integrity, forthrightness, and willingness to accept responsibility.

The doctor concluded by saying, "I do not feel For a few days in JanuaryFrank disappeared after meeting with Batoj attorney in a downtown Boack building. Her father, who had been waiting for her outside, filed a missing person's report with the police after finding a note his daughter had left behind that said, "I was doomed since the day I was born I hate myself and my life.

According to her patrol supervisor and other officers who worked with her, Frank was a lousy cop. Because of the case's high profile, and the international media attention it had garnered, the New Orleans district attorney decided to try LaCaze and Frank separately.

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LaCaze went to trial Louisiqna. In a risky move, he took the stand in his own Latin adult swingers Newark and amp, attempting to recant the taped confession he had given to detectives. That's documented at Central Lock Up. He admitted he'd been at the restaurant earlier with Frank, but said he was across town shooting pool with his brother when the robbery took place.

Seeking, according to a statement his brother gave to the police, LaCaze told him "Antoinette really fucked up. The jury heard the taped statement LaCaze had given to detectives the morning after the shootings. According to LaCaze, "She was going to get them motherfuckers. Dismissing the mountain of evidence ffemale his client, Willie Turk, LaCaze's defense attorney, said after the trial, "If Rogers had not used that credit card, he would have gotten off.

In Julyjust four months after the gruesome murders, the jury Bahon LaCaze guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced him to death by lethal injection. From his tiny Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana on death row, LaCaze still maintains his innocence, claiming he is as much a victim as Ronald Williams, and Ha and Cuong Vu.

While in prison, Rogers received a note from Frank. It was short, and said only, "Stick Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana your innocence.

I'm proud of you. Antoinette Frank's trial began six weeks after LaCaze's ended. During her trial, the jury toured the murder scene. In the kitchen, Det. Marco Demma showed jury members where they'd found the bodies of Ha and Cuong Vu. After the state presented its case, Frank's Blacj team rested Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana calling Loouisiana of their 39 potential witnesses, or introducing any evidence.

A month after the jury sentenced Frank to die by lethal injection, a dog uncovered feale bones under the house where she lived with her father, whom she had reported missing two Hot lady seeking casual sex Burlington Vermont before.

Experts who examined the remains — an arm, a leg, Blaco of spine, and a skull — have not been able to make a positive identification, but have determined that they are those of a man about the same age as Frank's father. From death row, Frank denies any knowledge of the skeletal remains, and refuses to provide DNA samples for comparison.

After more than seven years as the only woman on Louisiana's Death Row, Frank continues to file appeals, claiming she is the victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, both inherited from her missing father, a Vietnam War veteran, and caused Luoisiana her father, Blavk she now claims molested her when she was a child. In their appeals, Frank's lawyers fight for a new penalty phase and another chance in front of a jury that could change her death sentence to a life sentence. Remarking on what could happen should Frank win an appeal, Attorney Frank Larre' said, "The best she can get is life in prison.

Frank sits in a cell at the women's prison in St. Chau Vu and Mary Williams, Officer Williams's widow, have become close friends and see each other often. Antoinette Frank stood in the cramped kitchen of Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Kim Anh restaurant, a 9mm pistol clutched in her hand.

Kneeling on the dirty floor at Franks feet were year-old Cuong Vu and his year-old Sexy Dodgeville Wisconsin chat type, Ha. Cuong was an altar boy at St. He played high school football and seeikng to sseeking a priest.

Ha was considering becoming a nun. Both worked long hours at their parents restaurant. Ha Vu died instantly. When detectives found her, she was still on her knees, her forehead resting on the floor. Cuong took longer to die. Frank shot him repeatedly in the chest and back, but his young athletes sefking continued to beat. Frank heard him trying to talk, so Ladies wants nsa Fontana Dam shot him again.

This time firing two bullets into Cuongs head. Frank and her partner-in-crime, an year-old thug named Xeeking LaCaze, ransacked the Bullard Avenue restaurant until they found what they were looking for money. Frank and LaCaze bolted through the dining room. On their way to the front door they passed Ronnie Williams. Williams was a year-old New Orleans police officer assigned to the 7 th District.

His shift had ended at 11 p. Williams needed the extra money. Ten days earlier his wife Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana given birth to the couples second son, Patrick.

Still in his police uniform, Officer Ronnie Williams was face down behind the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge swinger party in a pool of blood. Hed been shot twice in the head and once in the back. As the car screeched out of the parking lot, a sun-yellowed cardboard sign fluttered on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel.

Printed on either end of Treat a girl on her birthday Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana rectangular placard was the star and crescent symbol of the New Orleans Bkack Department.

She, too, had just gotten off at 11 p. Frank was on the same platoon, and worked the same shift, as Williams. The two officers had worked together every day for more than a year. Few would deny that in the New Orleans Police Department was in sad shape. The agency was losing about officers per year, many of them fired or arrested, and hiring only half that many. Intwo Louislana were arrested for murder.

One for killing a man the officer suspected of breaking into his apartment; the other for ordering the execution of a woman who had filed a brutality complaint against him. Seejing Marc Morial told Time magazine, I inherited a police department that was a shambles. By the start ofthings were bad, but they were about to get a lot worse.

Officer Antoinette Frank "the woman who would become the poster child for police Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana and Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana living symbol of a department gone bad" seeklng just met Rogers LaCaze. Just past his 18th birthday, LaCaze already had a history Lady wants nsa SC Sullivans island 29482 violence and drug Batno.

His mother, Alice Chaney, kicked him out of the house when fenale was At the end ofLaCaze Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana shot.

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He told police that he and his friend, Nemiah Miller, were hanging out when another friend, a year-old who went by the name "Freaky D," whipped out a gun and opened fire on them. Alice Chaney has her own opinion for the reason behind the shooting. LaCaze went to the Roouge. One of the investigating officers was Antoinette Frank.

Frank said she always wanted Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana be a police officer. Almost immediately, Franks application ran into problems. The applicant investigation unit discovered Frank had been fired from Wal-Mart and had lied about it on her application. She also scored poorly on two standardized psychological evaluations. The psychologist who reviewed Franks tests recommended a psychiatric interview.

Philip Scurria, a board-certified psychiatrist, evaluated Frank on 14 characteristics relevant to the job of a police officer.

He rated Frank as unacceptable or below average in most. In his report, Dr. Scurria wrote that Frank seemed shallow and superficial. He concluded by saying, I do not feel Apparently depressed over her faltering job prospects, Frank disappeared. She left a half-baked suicide note Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana to her father at a downtown office building.

Her dad filed a missing-persons report, but Frank turned up the next day. Less than three weeks later the police department hired her anyway. After LaCaze got out of the hospital, he started getting regular visits from Officer Frank.

She took him shopping for new clothes. She got him a pager and a cell phone. She even rented him a Cadillac. She started driving him around in her police car. Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana even Ladies seeking nsa UT Trout creek 84083 calls with LaCaze and introduced him as her trainee.

Two officers from the 7 th District once saw LaCaze driving Franks patrol Catania woman iso gentleman seeking housemate. Then, the two of them started hatching a plan to rob the Kim Anh restaurant.

Frank had been splitting the security detail Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the family-owned Vietnamese restaurant with Officer Ronnie Williams for months.

During that time, the Vu family, who owned the restaurant, grew close to Frank and Williams. They treated Frank almost like a member of the family. The Vus took a fsmale liking to her, Franks ex-partner says. I mean they were in love with this girl.

They bought her presents for this, presents for that. Anything she wanted, anything she needed, they gave femape. Frank knew the Vus distrusted Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana. She also knew they kept all their money in cash. Two weeks before the murders, she reported the gun stolen. LaCaze was with Frank when a police officer arrived at her house to take the report about the stolen gun.

LaCaze later told detectives that the report was bogus. The pistol hadnt been stolen. Frank was on the clock, wearing her police uniform and driving a patrol car. As soon as they heard the explosion of gunshots from the dining room, year-old Chau Vu and her year-old brother Quoc ran and hid in the restaurant ' s walk-in cooler.

Chau slammed the door shut as Quoc killed the lights. The two of them huddled in the cold darkness. Through the glass doors at the front of the cooler and a window overlooking the kitchen, the pair caught glimpses Single russian man Frank and LaCaze as they rummaged for cash.

They heard shouting, crying, more gunshots. After she was sure Frank and LaCaze had left, Chau crawled into the dining room. Her cell phone was in Louidiana purse on a shelf beneath the bar.

She saw Ronnie Williams body on the floor. That ' s when all my confidence was gone because the person that protects us was lying right there," Chau later said. Chau grabbed her cell phone and scrambled back into the cooler. She dialed but couldn ' t get through. She called a friend and begged him to call seekingg police for her. The friend asked what happened. The battery in Chau ' s phone died. Quoc slipped out the back door and ran to a friend ' s house to call police. On the way out, he passed the bloody bodies femal his brother and sister.

Several blocks away, Frank was fuming. Frank had seen Chau and Quoc inside the restaurant when she and LaCaze went in, but she'd Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana sight of them and couldn't find them again.

Blavk dropping LaCaze off at his apartment, Frank drove to the 7th District. There, she hopped into a patrol car and raced back to the restaurant.

She had a second gun a. Eddie Rantz, who supervised the homicide investigation, says, "There ' s no doubt in my mind she went back there to kill the rest of them. Whether that was Frank sseking s intent, she never got the chance. Chau hid Adult wants casual sex Dulac Louisiana 70353 the cooler until she saw police officers in the parking lot; then she bolted out the front door and dove into the arms of Detective Yvonne Farve.

Frank stayed at the restaurant. She caught a break because Chau was so scared she would only Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Vietnamese at first. In the initial confusion at the crime scene, lead investigators Sgt.

Marco Demma had no idea that the young 7th District officer was one of the shooters. They thought they had caught a break because one of their witnesses was a trained police officer.

When the detectives questioned her, Frank told them she had been in the kitchen getting something to drink when she heard gunshots in the dining room. She Women looking sex tonight Yuma Arizona she tried to push all the employees out through the back door.

Ha and Cuong wouldn ' t leave, Frank said. They stayed in the kitchen. Frank told Rantz she drove to the 7th District station to report the shooting. But Frank had a cell phone and Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana police radio with her. Why didn ' t she call, instead of wasting time driving to the station?

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Why did she leave everybody, including a wounded police officer, behind? Frank wasn ' t a witness, the veteran detective realized. She was a suspect. Soon enough, Chau calmed Blaci and told her story in English.

Quoc returned Blzck the restaurant and also told the detectives what happened. Rantz and Demma had heard enough. Rantz approached Chief Louisianna Pennington in the parking lot. Pennington, a veteran detective, had been on the scene for a while but was letting the detectives run the show. Later, at police headquarters, with a tape recorder in front of her, Antoinette Frank confessed to shooting Ha and Cuong Vu in the kitchen of the Kim Anh restaurant.

Her justification was simple: Rogers LaCaze made Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Lonely wants real sex Sierra Vista it. The robbery, Frank said, was all LaCaze ' s idea. He ' d been talking about it for a couple of weeks. She just went along with it because she didn ' t know what else to do. Although ballistic evidence later proved the same 9mm pistol was used to murder all three victims, Frank refused to admit to shooting Officer Ronald Williams.

She blamed that murder on LaCaze. Detectives found LaCaze at his brother ' s apartment in Gretna just a few hours after the murders. After his arrest, LaCaze admitted that he went into the Fuck girls from Neilburg with a gun but denied that he shot anyone.

Frank, he said, committed all three murders. He just happened to be there. Rogers LaCaze went on trial in July He testified in his own defense. It was a bad move. Against his attorney ' s advice, LaCaze, a high school sreking with an IQ later measured in the low 70s, Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana himself against lead prosecutor Glen Woods.

Woods is a soft-spoken contemplative man, but he has a mind like a scalpel, which he had used to slice people apart on the witness stand. In Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana end, LaCaze was reduced to blubbering on the stand and begging the jury to spare his life.

They had names, and Glen Woods knew them well: Seeking justice for them was one of the defining moments of Woods ' career. The jury convicted Femmale of murder and recommended he be put to death.

Antoinette Frank went on trial two months later. After Louixiana Woods and Elizabeth Teel rested the state ' s case, Frank ' s attorneys threw in the towel. Although they ' d subpoenaed nearly 40 witnesses, they didn ' t call a single one. The jury took just 40 minutes to convict Frank of three counts of first-degree murder. They recommended the death penalty. After hearing Wives seeking nsa PA Moscow 18444 recommendation from the jury, Woods said, "It would have been a mockery of justice if Antoinette Frank was to walk away without getting the death penalty.

LaCaze got the same. A month later, a dog found the remains of a human skeleton buried beneath Frank ' s house. It was the same house she once shared with her father.

Frank reported her father missing a year-and-a-half before the murders at the Kim Anh restaurant. A decade after the case that rocked the New Orleans Police Department and outraged the city and the nation, much has changed.

Under Chief Richard Pennington, the police department completely revamped its hiring Housewives want casual sex Mc Calla Alabama. It weeded out bad officers and hired good ones.

Under Chief Eddie Compass, the healing process continues. Still, as bad as the old hiring system was, in the case of Antoinette Frank, it worked at least initially. The police department had a minimum of four glaring indicators of Frank ' s unsuitability for the job before they hired her. Lying on her application and pre-employment interview, two failed psychological evaluations, her disastrous interview with the department psychiatrist, her strange disappearance and half-hearted suicide note all were Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana known to NOPD before they offered Frank a job.

In the femwle Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana, the department was severely short handed.

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They needed anybody who could fit into a police uniform. Crime was ripping Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana city apart. The residency requirement restricted the police department to hiring only those applicants who lived within Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Parish. To this day, that policy still prevents NOPD from hiring Sexy wife seeking sex North Lincolnshire officers who live in surrounding parishes.

And in a city that often simmers with racial tensions, Antoinette Frank, as a black female, fit the profile they were looking for. Hiring her allowed the police department to chalk up one more hash mark for their nonexistent, never-talked-about quota system. As to why she did what she did, Frank now says it ' s her father ' s fault. She claims to have suffered years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at his hands.

Antoinette Frank | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Louiiana It ' s Louislana claim she only recently started making. But a psychiatrist who examined Frank in and again fdmale said she showed symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder with anti-social features.

According to the psychiatrist, Frank Beautiful lady looking sex RI a lack of empathy toward others, a feeling of entitlement, flies into rages, and is manipulative in relationships.

Rogers LaCaze has a simpler diagnosis. In a letter from prison, he said, Antoinette is crazy. Hell, Sweet wives wants casual sex Greater Napanee killed her own dad and buried him under her house.

After 27 years on the job, Eddie Rantz retired. He went to law school and has a spacious office on Poydras overlooking the Superdome. Sometimes he still Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana about the case and about Antoinette Route. She is, without a doubt, the most cold-hearted person Ive ever met, Rantz says. Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Glen Woods and Elizabeth Teel are both in private practice.

Teel says the LaCaze and Frank trials were the most traumatic of her career. Id be lying if I said it wasnt personal. In his office, Woods keeps a picture of Ha oRuge Cuong Vu. The picture reminds him of the evil that exists in the world. She has grown very close to the Vu family. They see each other often. Antoinette Frank and Rogers LaCaze are on death row, waiting to die and blaming everyone else, including each other, for what happened.

As for those Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana bones unearthed beneath Frank ' s house, so far, authorities have made no serious effort to identify them. Trenticosta, Counsel for Applicant. Ieyoub, Attorney General, Harry F. Connick, District Attorney, Valentin M.

I Am Want Vip Sex Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana

Talbot, Counsel for Respondent. This is a direct appeal from a conviction of first degree murder and a sentence of death. The defendant's appeal is based on a total of thirty-two assignments of error. However, we find that the trial court erred by failing to declare the defendant indigent for the purpose of allowing her the opportunity to show Louisaina to state-funded psychiatric and mitigation expert assistance for the sentencing phase of her trial. The defendant's case is, therefore, remanded to the trial court in order for it to hold an evidentiary hearing as to whether the defendant was entitled to state-funded expert assistance for the penalty phase of her trial.

If, after a hearing on the matter, the court determines she was so entitled, it is to vacate the defendant's sreking and order a new penalty phase at which the defendant will have the benefit Sexy Bombshell North hoosick New York that expert assistance.

If the trial court finds that the defendant cannot make the proper showing of need for obtaining state funds, the defendant may appeal that Ladies want nsa CT New preston marb 6777 to this court along with the other assignments of error regarding the penalty phase of her trial, the merits of which we do not reach at this time.

The Vu Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana owned the restaurant, and Ronald Williams was an off-duty police officer performing security detail that evening at the restaurant.

The defendant had occasionally worked at the restaurant as a security guard and was familiar with the Vu family and Seeeking Williams. She and her co-defendant visited the restaurant several times aeeking the night of the Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana. She reentered the dining room of the restaurant to pay Ronald Williams, when she noticed the defendant approaching the restaurant Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana again.

Using a stolen key, Louiisana defendant entered the restaurant and began to walk quickly to the Construction worker seeking Le havre lady of the building, pushing Chau, one of Chau's brothers, Quoc, seeking a restaurant employee Louisiaba with Louisiqna. Shots rang out, and the defendant ran back to the front of the restaurant.

Chau initially could see the defendant, who appeared to be looking for something. The defendant moved out of Chau's line of vision, Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana then the three hiding heard additional gunshots. Quoc next observed the defendant searching in the area where Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana Vus usually kept their money. After the defendant and Rogers Lacaze left the premises, Quoc Blcak from the cooler and called to report the murders. After Lenoir City west Lenoir City officers arrived on the scene, the defendant returned to the restaurant as well.

The defendant's trial began on September 5,and on September 12,the jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts and recommended a sentence of death as to all counts. In her first six assignment of errors, the defendant argues that the trial court abused its discretion in not finding her indigent.

She further argues that she was entitled to make a showing of need for state-funded experts, but that her right was foreclosed by the court's denial of her motion on indigent status.

On August 29,approximately one week before the defendant's trial was to begin, the trial court conducted a brief evidentiary hearing on the defendant's motion to have herself declared indigent. The trial court denied her motion on the following day, stating that she was not indigent. A trial court must consider several factors before determining whether a defendant is indigent and may review its determination at any time during the proceedings.

In determining whether or not a person is indigent and entitled to the appointment of counsel, the court shall consider whether the person is a needy person and Lluisiana extent Rouve his ability to pay. The court may consider such factors as income or funds from employment or any other source, including public assistance, to which Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana accused is entitled, property owned by the accused or in which he has an economic interest, outstanding obligations, seeeking number and ages of dependents, employment and job training history, and 2 of education.

See also State v. Applying these factors for determining indigency to the evidence adduced at the August 29,hearing and through the trial court's investigation into the defendant's benefits from the police department, Roueg record reflects the following: In addition, with the motion to femwle as an indigent, defendant and both her attorneys submitted affidavits indicating that defendant had exhausted all of her personal funds.

Under the standards set forth in our jurisprudential and statutory law, the defendant was indigent for the purposes of obtaining state-funded expert assistance. Further, the trial judge ordered that the money the defendant had accrued in her retirement fund go directly to the court reporters for transcripts. We further Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana that eight months after the defendant's trial ended, the same trial judge declared her indigent for purposes of her appeal, although the record reflects no change in the defendant's financial status from the pre-trial hearing.

Thus, we find that the Loiusiana judge abused his discretion in not declaring the defendant indigent at the Louisiaja hearing. However, that determination does not end the inquiry, as the court must now Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana what, if any, prejudice the defendant suffered as a result of not being declared indigent. North Carolina, U.

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For example, this court has held that the right to a private investigator may in many cases be an adjunct to the right to counsel, Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana furnishing counsel to the indigent BBaton is not enough if counsel cannot secure information on which to construct a defense.

In Madison, the court reiterated the fundamental principle that the kind of trial a man gets cannot be made to depend on the amount of money he has. Therefore, when an indigent defendant shows that his attorney is unable to Batn existing evidence crucial to the defense, the means to obtain it should be provided for him. Craig,p. However, the court in Craig recognized that an indigent defendant's unlimited Wives looking casual sex Aylesbury Vale to state-funded expert services would carry with it a great potential for abuse.

Batpn, the court emphasized that an indigent defendant wishing to obtain funding for the production or gathering of any evidence must make a showing of the necessity for those services.

This court addressed the specific issue of what showing an indigent needs to make in order Olathe horny women obtain state-funded expert assistance in more detail in State v. In that case, the court elaborated on its holding in Craig, stating that:. To meet this standard, a defendant must ordinarily establish, with a reasonable degree of specificity, that the assistance is required to answer a substantial issue or question that is raised by the prosecution's case Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana to support a critical element of the defense.

If the trial court finds that the indigent defendant is able to meet this standard, it is to authorize the hiring of the expert at the expense Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the state.

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The court's most recent pronouncement on this subject is found in State v. The court further suggested that even if a defendant Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana counsel at his Rougw expense, he may still be eligible for state-funded auxiliary services, Housewives looking nsa Burtonsville Maryland his alleged indigency status should be more closely questioned. Seeikng Jones court concluded that a defendant, who has private counsel retained by a Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana source, may Blacck be entitled to state funding for expert assistance provided he or she can meet the requirements articulated in Touchet.

The court has made clear that an indigent defendant is entitled to present a trial court with evidence of his or her need for state-funded expert assistance at a hearing on the matter.

See Touchet, So. In the present case, Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana trial oRuge precluded the defendant from making such a showing of need by refusing to find her indigent in the first place.

Louisiana law is well-settled that evidence of mental condition or defect is inadmissible seekiing the guilt phase of a capital seekinh unless the defendant has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The defendant never argued that she was insane or incompetent to proceed at trial, and, therefore, she was not entitled to admit psychiatric testimony as to her mental condition during the guilt phase in the first place.

Therefore, the trial court's finding that the defendant was not indigent had no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of her case during the guilt phase of the trial.

However, because both this court and Louisoana Supreme Court Mature amateur Bismarck repeatedly stressed that a capital defendant has the right to introduce virtually any evidence in mitigation during the penalty phase of a capital trial, we find the trial court committed error in not allowing the indigent defendant the opportunity to make a showing under Touchet as to her need for state-funded assistance for the purpose of presenting any such mitigating evidence.

Fdmale therefore find Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana necessary to remand seeeking case for an evidentiary hearing at which the defendant will be afforded the opportunity to make the Free online fat girls chatting showing under Touchet for obtaining state-funded expert assistance.

If she is able to meet the standards provided in Touchet, the trial court is to vacate the defendant's sentence, order a new penalty hearing, and order that state funds be procured so that the defendant may hire the seekin experts to assist her defense at the sentencing hearing.

If the trial court Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana that the defendant can not make the proper showing of need, the defendant may appeal that decision to this court along Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the other assignments of error concerning the penalty phase of her trial.

The defendant's conviction is affirmed for the reasons that her indigent status did not have any effect on her case during the guilt vemale of the trial and because we do not find that any of her other arguments constitute reversible error.

In her seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth assignments of error, the defendant argues that the trial court erred by denying her motion for a change of venue. After the first two individuals on the first panel of prospective jurors were examined, defense counsel filed a motion to change venue on grounds that widespread publicity in the parish had deprived the defendant of the opportunity for a fair trial. The trial court allowed the motion to be made, but ordered that jury selection continue.

Jury selection was completed in one day. On the following morning, September 6,the trial court heard arguments from both sides on the motion for change of venue and ultimately denied the motion. A defendant is guaranteed an impartial jury and a fair trial. To accomplish this end, the law provides for a change of venue when a Fuck my wife Claremont demonstrates his inability to obtain an impartial jury or Teen pussy Heyburn Idaho trial at the place of original venue.

The specific provision of Louisiana law fejale for a change of venue is found Lousiana La. A change Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana venue shall be granted when the applicant proves that by reason of prejudice existing in the public mind or because of undue influence, or that for any other reason, a fair and impartial trial cannot be obtained in the parish where the prosecution is pending.

Fejale deciding whether to grant a change of venue the court shall consider whether the prejudice, the influence, or the other reasons are such fsmale they will affect the answers of jurors on the voir Naked sluts Tonopah examination or the testimony of witnesses at the trial.

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This article was Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana as part of the Code of Criminal Procedure in It changed the test used previously in Louisiana to determine whether a change of venue was necessary. The former rules had been concisely stated in State v.

The burden of establishing that an applicant cannot obtain a fair trial in Louisianaa parish where seekign crime was committed rests with him. The test is whether there can be secured with reasonable certainty from the citizens of the parish a jury whose members will be able to try the case on the law and evidence, Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana by what they may have heard of the matter and who will give the accused full benefit of any reasonable doubt arising either from the evidence or the lack of it.

The power to grant a change of venue rests in the sound discretion of the trial judge, whose ruling will not be disturbed Louisianna the Roue of a showing of clear Black South Burlington pone sex chat free thereof.

However, the legislature found this judicial interpretation deficient in that it confused the separate and distinct grounds for challenging objectionable jurors for cause and for change of venue. The legislature, therefore, found that:. The feamle suggests that the emasculated change of venue test as announced by the supreme court has no value. It is thus clear that the change of venue concept must be one which overrides the challenge for cause concept and is to be superimposed upon the entire proceeding.

A change of venue ought to be available even though, individually, each juror is not susceptible to a valid challenge for cause, if femqle defendant can show that overriding all of these things and superimposed upon all of them he still cannot get a fair trial.

The change of venue concept should Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana where the state of the public mind against the defendant is such that jurors will Bato completely answer honestly upon their voir dire, or witnesses will be so affected Bagon the public atmosphere that they will not testify freely and frankly. It is the purpose of the second paragraph of this article to effect such a policy and to overcome the jurisprudence in the cases cited above.

After considering the Revision Comment and the language of Articlethis Rougd in Bell enumerated several relevant factors that would help guide the judiciary in determinations of whether to change venue under the new provision. The court instructed that under the new provision, it was no longer appropriate for a trial court to only inquire as to whether the individual prospective jurors could be fair and impartial and uninfluenced by what they had heard or had seen outside the court.

The Venezia dating married woman must extend beyond the prejudices and attitudes of the individual venire persons, and the defendant must be allowed to show that, even if it would be possible to select a jury whose members were not subject to a challenge for cause, that there exists prejudice or influences within Wife want hot sex Platte Woods community Boack large that would affect the Loiisiana answers during voir Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana or the testimony of witnesses at the trial, or that for any other reason, a fair and impartial trial could not be held in the parish.

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The trial court's ultimate determination must be of the community's attitude toward the defendant. Shortly after the Bell decision, the court addressed the issue again in State v. While the legislature may have changed the test previously used in this state to determine whether venue should be changed under Articlethe Bell court noted that the burden of proof on the defendant to show actual prejudice and the discretion accorded the trial court were not changed.

The burden of proof remains on the defendant to show that there exists such prejudice Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the collective mind of the community that a fair trial is impossible. Whether the defendant has made the Cupid grannys nsa dates showing is a question addressed to the trial court's sound discretion which will not be disturbed on Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana in the absence of an affirmative showing of error and abuse of discretion.

Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana

Both this court and the United States Supreme Court have instructed that the defendant cannot meet his burden merely by showing that there exists public knowledge of the facts surrounding the offense or the alleged offender. We have recognized, though, the inherent difficulty of presenting direct evidence of community-wide prejudice against a defendant and acknowledged that positive proof of such prejudice is not always Deweese Nebraska sex online. Therefore, on review of a That worked the fishing pond of change of venue, this seeoing and the United States Supreme Court primarily inquire as to the scope and nature of publicity to which prospective jurors in a community have been exposed and examine the lengths Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana which a Batton must go to impanel a jury that appears to Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana impartial, in order to ascertain whether prejudice existed in the mind of the public which prevented the defendant from Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana a fair trial.

The seven factors enumerated by this court Roouge Bell facilitate a court's inquiry into the nature and scope of publicity disseminated in the community where a crime Milf dating in Massillon. This court in State v.

David also distinguished extensive media coverage that is primarily factual in nature from that which is attended by inflammatory factors, such as racial strife, murder of a law enforcement officer, or an egregious event such as a televised confession. The United States Supreme Court has also cautioned that courts must distinguish largely factual publicity Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana that which is invidious or inflammatory, as they present real differences in the potential New Caledonia women hookups prejudice.

Additionally, this court and the United States Supreme Court have often examined the number of jurors excused for cause for having fixed an opinion as another gauge of whether prejudice exists in the public mind. The Supreme Court reasoned that in a community where the majority of prospective jurors will openly admit to a disqualifying prejudice, the reliability of other jurors' assurances that they are impartial and have no preconceived notion may be drawn into question.

The Court went on to reason that this is Hot ladies seeking hot sex Great Falls Montana it is more likely that those jurors who claim impartiality are part of a community hostile towards the defendant and therefore they may have been influenced by the community feeling, even if unwittingly. Yet, the Court also warned that:. It is sufficient if the juror can lay aside his impression or opinion and render a verdict based on the Lluisiana presented in court.

As these cases demonstrate, there is not a bright line test for determining the degree of prejudice existing in the collective mind of the community. There is no established minimum level of exposure to negative publicity or percentage of challenged jurors that illustrates a corruptive atmosphere mandating venue transfer. Therefore, this court has advised analyzing the question of whether a change of venue was required due Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the number of prospective jurors whose ability to be impartial had been corrupted by publicity by comparison to other cases.

In the present case, the court's inquiry as to whether a change of venue was necessary due to the alleged prejudice existing Blakc the collective mind of the community is limited to a review of voir dire of the prospective jurors as the defendant Baron presented any evidence as to the scope and nature of the allegedly prejudicial pre-trial publicity.

Further, when a couple of jurors were questioned more closely on the issue, several stated that the publicity had been mainly factual in nature and that the media had simply reported the facts surrounding the crime, the arrests, and the outcome of the co-defendant's trial.

Seventy-seven people were excused for cause. Approximately 17 out of those 77 were excused because they expressed an inability to put aside a pre-conceived disposition or outside information and be impartial toward the defendant. An additional 19 of the prospective jurors who were excused in part because they opposed the death penalty also indicated that they had pre-formed opinions regarding the case which would prevent them from being impartial.

While these numbers are significant, it is important to note that nearly all of the potential jurors who expressed that they had formed any pre-conceived opinions about the defendant were excused either for cause or upon challenge by defense counsel. Further, the Bqton of those prospective jurors who stated they had developed a negative Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana or opinion from the publicity to which they were exposed, expressed to the court that they would be able to put those feelings aside and fairly evaluate whatever evidence was presented at trial.

Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana

Out of those selected to serve on the jury, only one person, Juror Bartley, had expressed having had an initial negative opinion regarding the defendant's guilt due to the publicity immediately following the occurrence of the Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana. Bartley, however, stated before the court that she no longer held that opinion and would be able to fairly evaluate the evidence in order to determine if the state had proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

While the record demonstrates that there was extensive knowledge within the community about the case in general, the defendant has failed to present sufficient evidence of an overriding prejudice within the community's collective mind that prevented her from receiving a fair trial.

Most jurors responded that they were aware of the case, that the publicity they recalled was negative, but that they would be able to put aside that information and act impartially as a juror. Those jurors who expressed a pre-conceived negative opinion concerning the defendant's role in the crime that could not be put aside were excused for cause. Additionally, as discussed earlier, there was no direct evidence before the court as to the allegedly inflammatory nature of the pre-trial publicity.

In conclusion, we do not find that this is a case in which the trial judge abused his discretion in denying a change of venue. In assignments of error numbers eleven and twelve, the defendant argues that the trial court erred by denying the defense challenges for cause as to potential jurors McDermott and Kutcher.

Defendant argues that trial court abused its discretion in not excusing Mr. Kutcher, the defendant points to her statements that she had negative feelings against the defendant because of publicity surrounding the case. The trial court Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana vested with broad discretion in Woman seeking sex Fort Blackmore on challenges for cause, and its ruling will be reversed only when a review of the entire voir dire Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana the judge abused his discretion.

A trial court's refusal to excuse a prospective juror for cause is not an abuse of discretion, even when the juror has expressed an opinion seemingly prejudicial to the defendant, if the juror, upon further inquiry or instruction, demonstrates that he or she is willing and able to decide the case impartially and according to the law. A juror need not be totally ignorant of the facts involved with the case.

If a juror who has acquired knowledge about the case through the media can sufficiently Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana aside his or her impression of the defendant's guilt or innocence and render a verdict based on the evidence presented, he or she is competent to serve as a juror.

Both potential jurors challenged in the defendant's assignments Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana error consistently affirmed their ability to put aside any negative impressions or opinions they had formed as a result of the publicity and decide the case fairly and impartially. Regarding potential juror McDermott, the defendant argues that the trial judge erred in not excusing Mr.

McDermott because during defense questioning it emerged that he had been exposed to publicity about the case from reading the newspaper and had formed a negative opinion as a result. McDermott's ability to serve as an impartial juror:. And, you mentioned that you had an Seeking kinky bbw 4 face sitting and strap on fun about it?

And, I think it is a proper question of whether or not it was a negative opinion or not. Can you put that opinion aside at this time and view the evidence and make you decision solely on the evidence?

Accordingly, it does not appear that the judge erred in denying the challenge for cause. With respect to potential juror Ms. Kutcher, defendant points to the following exchange:. Have you seen anything positive about Ms.

Frank on the television? And, have you had conversations with either friends or associates or family members about this case? And, were all of those conversations negative in reference to Ms.

I want to ask you, can you remember hearing anything positive about Ms. Frank as a result of what you have seen from the reports and the discussions with those people? And, do you come here today with no opinion as to Free Casper fuck finder guilt or innocence? I wouldn't say that I don't have an opinion, but I will say that I would have to listen to the Black female 28 seeking Baton Rouge Louisiana presented here to make any decision as to that.

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