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Then Ladifs seeking for you. I've been replying to W4M ads for a little while now, but I thought it was high time I wrote my own. If you are overweight I am not interested. Tall, mixed man with beautiful eyes smile you are tall, about 6'3, slim, dressed in a dark grey crew neck cotton short sleeve t-shirt, dark blue jeans, lighter grey skateboard shoes with a blue Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington.

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It had cost him considerable time, money lsdies caused untold aggravation. There was a knock on the door and Sally entered. She approached the desk Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington her eyes drawn to the canes; a look of fear crossed Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington face.

She was wearing a white blouse with a navy blue, knee length skirt. Her blonde hair was in a pony tail and she looked amazing. Apart from that it has cost me money. What do you have to say for yourself? That was stealing and that was why I caned you. What punishment did I give you? I am going to cane you twelve times on your bare bottom.

Do you have anything else to say? Twelve strokes on the bare; she Beaautiful expected three maybe six on her bare bottom but not twelve. However, she had no choice but to accept it. Sally was embarrassed Wimlington she walked towards him bare from the waist down. She was afraid, excited and goodness she was becoming aroused. She hoped that he would not notice. Mr Boyd moved the Carver chairs to one side. Head right down, legs slightly apart and stick your bottom out as much as you can.

Sally did exactly as she was told and when in position she realised that her behind was perfectly positioned for a caning. Mr Boyd picked up the crooked handle cane, flexed it and swished it through the air a couple of times. Sally could hear swishes but dared not look around, she was too Bequtiful. Mr Boyd took position to Adult sex Greenport West left, placed the cane across the middle of her bottom then took a full back swing checking that he was not about to break some priceless work of art.

He drew back the cane then stopped staring at this lovely girl and her semi-nakedness. She was at his mercy, she looked so vulnerable. What on earth was he doing? He wanted to protect her, care for her, not thrash her. It I love to lick a sweet bald pussy just her fantasy, she wanted an experience. But he had promised her. Sally sensing the delay turned towards him with enquiring eyes, but said nothing.

David Boyd quickly made a decision to cane her, but he could not be cruel, he would give her twelve firm but not vicious strokes. She would still feel them. Sally heard the cane hit her bottom well before searing pain shot through her body. She made no sound but goodness it stung and there were still eleven whacks to go. She groaned slightly as the second hit her in almost the same place. Mr Boyd could see that stroke really Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington her, but she made no noise.

She was losing count of the strokes, but now the stinging pain in her Bdautiful was constant and in a way each ,adies stroke made little difference.

Her bottom was on fire and hurt terribly. She was confused by other sensations building in her body. Somehow Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington was enjoying this. After about seven strokes she realised that Mr Boyd was not putting his full effort into the caning. God, could he see how aroused she was, she thought she might orgasm. Those two came very quickly and she gasped. The last stroke caught the top of her thighs and she squealed BBeautiful the sharp pain.

Sally did not move. Please could you rub some into my bottom to ease the pain? David, felt uncomfortable massaging the cold cream into her behind but he did as he was asked. He resisted any temptation to explore her womanhood. The cold sensation soothed Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington hot bottom but she too strove not to make any evocative movement that would encourage him to feel her although that was what she craved.

When David had finished Sally stood. David fixed himself a large Scotch on the rocks and relaxed confused by his experience. He had to admit to himself that he had enjoyed seeing her naked bottom and, yes, he had enjoyed caning her, but he was pleased that he had not Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington full force.

Soon the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington opened and in came Sally. She had changed into a loose fitting, pale blue frock which suited her complexion wonderfully.

She had taken out her pony tail and her blond hair hung loosely well past her shoulders. You should look distressed, uncomfortable, angry. I assure you Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington my bum is very red and very sore. A bottle of Petit Chablis is chilled; Sweet housewives want hot sex Anniston you prefer I have decanted a lovely Claret. I also made sure that I have plenty of eggs.

I make Lonely ladies Norfolk Island wants man omelettes for breakfast. The head waiter, Roberto, met him at the door.

Your wife is over there in the corner. His wife waved Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington attract his attention, his heart missed a beat when he saw her, it always did. Her smile melted his heart as he neared the table, they hugged and orggasm. The IMDB even put it on their list of external reviews.

Thanks for the interview with Pedro. So there will be a third "Milgrim" film And I loved Pedro's answer as to why Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington doing a third film: Why else do filmmakers make sequels anyway?

As long as they can do another high quality production, I say go for it. The cute assistant is back as a blonde now: She doesn't look much like Christina Ricci anymore now.

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Why do women with perfect looks feel the need to change them? But even as Private sex Palmer bleach blonde, she still looks pretty cute.

Does the fact that she's tied up in the last picture mean she'll be playing a victim this time around? You've found his weak spot! Now bombard that pint-sized moderator with annoying punctuation until he's reduced to a quivering mass of cowering jelly. That should obliterate those Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington Bradys once and for all. Maybe he'll even adopt a threaded forum.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington

Here, let me ladiez another salvo…!!??. Perhaps Beauiful Noble Prize… if if not the Nobel awaits. Of the movies that both Elite Pain and Mood Pictures have put out, the "Milgram Experiment" films are my favorite because they work as both a horror film and an erotic film. The actresses who are cast as the students know that they are going to be whipped, but they don't know how much or how long because that is in the control of the lafies.

The teacher is completely oblivious to the fact that they are the one being tested and not the Ex Chesterfield football player wanting a mistress. For me, this makes Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington as much a psychological horror as a physical one "physical" being the beating and the gore; "psychological" being the loss of control to protect against the depravities of even the most Wilmjngton mind.

I had asked Orgadm some time ago if there was going to be a third "Milgram" film and he said no, he wanted to explore other ideas Wilmingtln. I then convinced him to try a Roman theme for his "History of Pain" series but Lomp got to it first and, well, we see where that went.

So, I was a little surprised when he told me he was doing another Milgram film. I like the new "torture room" part with the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington not so much the Construction tape part a biohazard warning would be more appropriate in my opinion. Also, if you look at the teaser pic, the two women behind the still-cute Ricci-Gone-Blonde assistant: The one standing next to her, also in black, is the one that tested as both a dom and a sub so Wilmingfon we'll see her in both roles in the movie.

Lookinv be interesting to see. As for whether Ricci-Gone-Blonde gets whipped, I doubt it. She strikes me as being more of a professional actress than Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington bondage model.

Pedro likes to cast pro actors in non-nude roles to elevate the quality of the film. But, Custer for older guy dont trust her boy can dream can't he!

Just to remember how great the first "Milgram" film really was, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington is one of my favorite parts from it. The idea that someone could be convinced that stripping an innocent person and humiliating her would be for her own benefit is chilling.

The discussion of a new Milgram vid prompts it. Some years back, I taught Psychology at a university; one of the topics was the Milgram Experiment. I won't Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington into detail here you can look it up easily enoughbut the results were chilling. An astonishing, Beauutiful completely unpredicted, number of subjects inflicted what they thought was excruciating, even life-threatening, pain on another simply because an authority figure told them to do so.

It wasn't the willful sadism fantasy we enjoy, but a dark example of what otherwise civilized people can be capable of. Decorum prevents me making some cheap Scientology joke here. Now some more news. Wednesday, 1 April Come to think of it, my favorite Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington is actually a panty gag sealed with tape.

Not sure if that kind of gag has Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington mentioned already, but yeah, I like it. I found a youtube video of the Sleeping voice. Ted kooking is just my experience Sharing a little April Fool's image Wilmnigton everyone.

There's a reasonable copy of the Sleeping Wilmingtoon at Cutscenes - link above. Kelsey Matheson in Living Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington [ www You can get a copy of The Sleeping Ladkes at thepiratebay if you can't find it elsewhere. Ralphus, I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary for the past 16 years and many more.

Anyone seen "Gnome Alone " movie release in Jan ? Yes, Casey was fantastic. Thursday, 2 April Kathyrne, you should sell the T shirts your April Fool's villains are wearing! Friday, 3 April Today's cover is from Raccolta Women FOR SEX Macks creek Missouri Covers the Relentless, Wow!

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In a 'secular' country to actually force people to observe the No Drinking commandment of the Holy Church, is kind of strange, right? But there it is. If you go to have dinner to Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington nice restaurant, let's say a good Italian restaurant, and you order some amazing pasta and, as it should be, a good wine to go with it It doesn't Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington that you remind them that Jesus himself had his apostles drink wine during the Last Supper, and that he turned water into wine when there wasn't enough to party at a wedding!

A dream many of us have, but where will it lead? By Douglas Ramsey “Hi Sally.” Sally Maitland looked up to see her economics master, David Boyd, smiling at her. The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll .

This is a complicated production, it requires a lot of pre-production work, with all the costumes, props, torture instruments, locations and so on. The most difficult part is to get all those things not knowing exactly how many of those things we'll need since we haven't been blessed with the script yet.

We get Finding sex Sacramento California such as "We'll need two changes of Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington for four prostitutes" or "we'll need uniforms for six soldiers, including their weapons " So off we go Seeking german nerd for uniforms and weapons Pre-French revolution wigs, non ANY wigs.

However, there's so much to get together, the movie is otgasm grand, that while we do that we'll Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington shooting another gem: I say Jac and Amy because Jac is writing the script and Amy will be directing it. I said that before, I know, so, I'm repeating myself and I'm not a grandma yet. Jac is not only writing the two scripts, he's also very busy preparing the stars for Beautidul fabulous roles.

Jessica Amateur Hot from Wilmington Orgasms on Private Cam

I hope Woman want real sex Aberdeen Kentucky have many pictures soon. Here's what is filtering through to my fingers. We'll be going into production in a few days; we'll not stop until we complete 2 movies, and then we'll Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington again. Yes, we're full of plans for Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington near future.

But today is a day when we can't have a drink. I can't deny that Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington has inspired us to produce a lot of religious related movies, like Martyr. Don't know if this issue has been discussed, but Quicksand is like drowning in water but you can't see the gimp's body once it goes under.

I am very much disappointed after watching the movie "Gnome Alone" The youtube trailer boozed me thinking there will be lots of naked bondage scenes as the story is about a psycho killer Looks like I managed to make the time for that 16 year anniversary after all. JD-thanks, I was curious about that scene. I'm with Bill K on this one.

You don't see anything body wise. Whoever it was let her loose before I had a chance to shave her pubes off. I was gonna roll 'em up and smoke 'em. No, I asked the same question, and Mike says the last names are just a coincidence. Mike does a great job of mimicking Dan's style, though! On the quicksand question, I suspect it probably wouldn't do anything for me.

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Just wanted to add my hurrah to Ralphus and his merry band of helpers. I was curious about that scene. There is only one AVI file, splitted Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington two archives. Probably your un-archiver is not capable of working with RAR multivolumes. Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington another freeware, I think 7-Zip doesn't have this isssue. After extracting the content, you should end up lzdies an AVI file large as the sum of the archives.

If I understand it right. Since you seem Wanna fuck for a week have seen every movie known to man wink I wish I saw so many movies.

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Alas, my day Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington only 24 hours so I FFW through most of the garbage. Sometimes, seldom I watch movies in their entirety. As for The Loft, it's more boring and cliched than my mother-in-law. The only half-assed bondage scenes are lame. The twists are predictable and the script requires a leap of faith bigger than Wilmingotn jump in Furious 7.

Should be used for re-education purposes of major offenders. I'll try tomorrow to see if I can milk anything worthy Bdautiful that POS. Hi, Ralphus, Sorry ortasm the bad fiction link, try here: Thanks for the info on "The Loft".

If it's that bad, then you probably shouldn't even bother. Just putting it out there just in case. Belated happy Meet guys in Snow hill Alabama anniversary. GIMP with nude scenes are most preferred taste. Isabel Lucas acting dead in The Loft Interesting story by Osouk.

Saw a whipping scene in the Australian TV show Banished, episode 1. Monday, 6 April Ah, the duct laries gag won?

Happy 16 years Ralphus and the gang here! Hi Ed - Margot asked me to respond to your question about the downloads, since I'm the one who works with the system most. A sure sign of spring Jenkinjones WV milf personals when the titwhippers come out.

I can believe that. Those of us who are still into discs and endure whatever tittering may come ladise way from the ladles 'uns like to get the full package. In fact it's highly recommended as anything in that app is DRM lokking and doesn't play on anything but Windows Media player I don't understand people who still use DVDs or Blu-Rays either but I've never felt thier system forced anyone to do so From my recollection of the Royal Navy during that time, the whip was something that was used Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington just about every infraction there could be on a ship.

I can only assume that nudity Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington sadism isn't shown because of censorship issues; you can show one or the other but never both. Same with "Game of Thrones" - Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington torture and execution at the end of a crossbow isn't shown ldies the act, only afterwards during narration.

And don't get me started on that "Spartacus" series with the crucifixion of the slave girl fully clothed. But, can't complain too loudly. At least we get the occasional boob-flash. Thanks so much for uploading the "Banished" whipping scene.

Yeah, it was toned down for British TV otherwise no reason to not remove her top but I still like the scene quite a bit. A good long scene with foreplay and an actual payoff, even though it cut away after only 10 lashes.

And it was a nice touch showing the bloody whip marks on Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington back afterward. I always like to see the evidence of the torture after the whipping is over.

My main issue is that they deliberately toned down MyAnna Buring's appearance for the scene I really appreciate it when gorgeous women not only allow themselves to be tied up on screen, but to be tortured, too, and in her case, it's not just once. She's now got entries in 2 different databases, Whipping television scenes and the Hot Iron Database, for Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington great scene in Doomsday.

I think there's validity to Thomas Chaser's theory against combining nudity and sadism, but my guess is Sex partners in Springfield Massachusetts it's actually self- censorship rather than being told they can't show it. I think it goes back to the politically correct attitudes that have pervaded Hollywood today Not only that, I know it seems hard to believe outside of our perverted little community, but most people probably don't WANT to see nude torture scenes.

It makes them uncomfortable. It's mainly just the freaks like us that are clamoring to see more, but I'm afraid we're in the minority and always will be. That's why a film like Maleficarum is so rare nowadays. It's a "mainstream" title that revels in showing naked sadism, but that's because it was made by a company that got their start Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington making bondage productions.

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That's the most obvious reason why they "get" Fuck buddy women Grant City Missouri we like, and more importantly, actually cater to us as part of their audience. Tuesday, 7 April Pirates and Gimp did not go together in true Caribbean history pirate stories. They were made up mostly of ex-slaves and the pirate leaders and captains were ex-slave ship officers and interested in booty of the gold and silver coin kind only and not the gimp kind.

I believe a Pirate ship's code of conduct and rules was the first democracy because every crew member, including the captain had an equal share to the loot. Housewives looking casual sex Rutland Vermont there was never any whipping or similar discipline needed on a pirate ship.

Sorry the raping and killing of women by pirates were very rare events. One explanation for the lack of flogging in Black Sails: It could only be imposed by vote of the crew. Though if you saw Anne Bonny's threesome with Jack Rackham and the woman who took over Eleanor's bar, you saw scars from a flogging on Bonny's back. Historically, she had been flogged in Charleston S. I do agree with Spartacus' but at least we got to see plenty of skin, especially Lucy Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington who used to have a no-nudity clause in contracts.

So, I have a new set soon to be released or I Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington it will anywayand I thought I would let everyone know a little background on how it came about. I currently have two requests I have been working on, but I am subject to bouts of mild depression, which kills my artistic ability. Lately I have been feeling a bit Local whores Grandchester tn, but I didn't want to work on anything that had a heavy emphasis on text work, so I created a new set with very little verbage.

Hope y'all enjoy the ladies! My new set got posted faster than I expected, and it's up at my site now for those who are interested. And if not, then I hope that you enjoy the cover image. Ralphus, I got your e mail asking me what I had in mind, and I thought which stories you could use to illustrate. Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington would be interesting to see these stories put in illustrated form. Let me know if you would agree.

Mike B - I don't know what Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington discussions with Ralphus have been, but I would be flattered if you illustrated my story State of Emergency. If you would like to get in touch to discuss any details, my email address is kingdiocletian [at] yahoo. Congratulations Ralphus on reaching 16 years, and it's great to see the Snidely cartoons again. They really have a power that goes far beyond Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington simple tools he was using.

Here is my latest render for your enjoyment! A lot of valid and historically accurate points on why whipping was not employed by pirates.

Tables are the perfect option next to the torture rack to strip bound beauties. I remember a similar beautiful scene in "The Creeps" but actress Kristin Norton stripped topless. Hey guys, I just wanted to put a movie on the board's radar that I haven't seen discussed here.

Rob Zombie is about to wrap shooting on his Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington film It's about a group of demented clowns that terrorize five people in a traveling road show. Now there are two reasons to be optimistic about this one. And more importantly is the amazing concept art that was used to pitch potential backers during their crowdsourcing campaign posted below. One discouraging thing however, is the cast. It's very male and villain heavy, and the few women who are in it are older.

It's not entirely clear who would play the damsel portrayed in the art. My guess is Sheri Moon Zombie, who appears to be playing one of the victims, though she's never done anything like the scenes in these images. So either she's going all out in this one, someone else is doing Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington, or the concept art is not indicative of what we'll actually see in the movie.

It's still a ways off, but I think it's worth keeping an eye on. More Milf personals in Corte madera CA the movie here. First of all, a belated happy sixteenth to Ralphus and the site. Sorry Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington wasn't around for the festivities last week. Wednesday, 8 April Given the somewhat tepid response to the two new sections, I guess there aren't many comic fans here… Oh, no, the GIMP forum is like an iceberg I'm sure most of them would like to have a voice but they are terrified about having their real IP logged in.

Would people like to see comic segments as well? For instance, rather than Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington readers to leaf through a lot of non-GIMP plot to see a few pages of peril action, would editing out the highlights be okay… or do you want the whole story… or both?

Personally, I prefer to N train blonde 30th ave to 34th Netherlands the comics intact — they'd be just unrelated drawings otherwise — but I'm probably in the minority here. Makes the GIMP part so much sweeter. So I would love to have it all. One obvious almost endless source of content is the growing assortment of fumetti archives on the web.

I know JD and adelbert have extensive collections, and I've amassed over a hundred online copies myself in recent months. As per the section intro, I do plan to get some of the better examples posted, but at the same time I don't think it makes sense to dump oodles of fumetti, which are easily available elsewhere, at the GIMP. True but the effort of going through a gazillion fumetti with zero GIMP content is exhausting. Think Terror Blu serie that has only maybe 5 good stories out of And most of the avenues for fummeti are just completists, not real GIMP lovers.

I recall when one of a major players from ElviFrance forum said that 'they would rather keep most Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington the violent fumetti under the rug not to attract the wrong crowd'. Well, we are the wrong crowd.

Ideally, I'd like to see these charming titles cleaned up and translated into English — like Akujo is doing at Groovy Age of Horror. Well, as someone who's comfortable in both French and Italian I find ludicrous some of those translations. I mean sometimes no translation is better than any translation at all. If all goes well, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington at the comics section should double by the weekend. Over time, I hope it continues to grow steadily, but as I Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington, unless others contribute and show interest, it will soon become dormant.

Just say what needs to be done aside from translations, you know, traduttore traditoreand I'll do my very best. I, for one, enjoy the comics section. It could almost serve as a storyboard for a live-action B-movie if someone was looking to make the penultimate film in the genre. As for "31", Rob Zombie has pulled together some good B-movie talent for his film. If his wife really is the damsel-in-distress, I wouldn't count on any gratuitous nudity mixed with Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington.

I get the feeling it is going to be a "Saw" derivative of some sort, which may not be a bad thing if the bondage is strong which I doubt. I also wouldn't count on the concept art being in any part of the movie. If it was storyboard art, then ok, but it looks more like promotional stuff. This site needs more pirate porn. The best I can do is this vidcap from "Poor Cecily". Great Wives looking sex tonight UT Genola 84655 pic Ralphus Back when I wrote Alice and Melissa the Looking to Cheyenne Wyoming something meaning now here on GIMP are substantial rewrites to correct the original hurried and sloppy prose I sent them to BDSMartwork in just the hope that one of their artists would choose to illustrate them as I can't draw for shit.

I'm in mid-polish on Seeking pussy gardens tonightgirl in adults sex flops now, a fairly straightforward medieval religious persecution story. Has my obligatory breast whipping, of course, but I did branch out a bit.

Yeah, but it's such a marvelous scenario! Shrieking noblewomen in the hands of cruel and unrestrained outlaws of the sea in a historical setting. Can't let accuracy get in the way of a good sadistic fantasy.

I also confess to a personal bias. The very first erotic sadism book I ever found, a revelation that I wasn't alone in my fantasy lusts, was a Tortura Press paperback Eneg illustrations named Buccaneer's Boundage [sic].

It featured a torture device called "The Breast Caresser! Hi, everyone, I have seen some comments by JD and Fritz as to the scanty response to the "Comics" section added recently. That prompted me to step in. I think that "comics", "fumetti" and, to a smaller extent, "poser renderings" to give those a name offer great possibilities at illustrating historical GIMP situations, far greater than movies or even pics.

It is the balance between the story and the illustrations that brings a "comic" to life. Often, very simple though well-thought drawings are enough, if accompanied by a good story.

Personally, I find most of the "renderings", even those superbly made technically, a bit "over the top", depicting unrealistically savage torments, which would have the subject out of the game fairly soon.

I hope the "Comics" section keeps expanding in the future. Belated Sweet Sixteen, Ralphus. Fritz, I just saw the nascent comics section for the first time yesterday. It looks like a very promising beginning.

Stravinsky may have had a flair for the music, but you've certainly got a flair for the visuals! Could be better if filmed like this It's a very welcome feature, as far as I'm concerned, and your debut material was unexpected and totally new to me. It's a rich format for the peril genre, so I do hope you continue your efforts to expand it!

I asked Ralphus if there'd be interest in hosting a couple of my solo textless comics efforts. If so, get in touch with Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington through Ralphus and let's make it happen.

Given the somewhat tepid response to the two new Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington, I guess there aren't many comic fans here… or at least far less than those who like to Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington films. I seem to recall a lot of queries about Snidely Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington the past year, so I'm surprised only a couple of posters commented that the collection has finally arrived.

I don't think the response has been "tepid" at all. I did a quick check on the posts and there have been 8 thanks for the Snidely section and 9 for the Comics section, plus a personal e-mail thank you for the Snidely section via private e-mail.

So that's 18 positive responses so far and the 2 Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington have only been open a week and a half. I'd say that's pretty damned impressive. Snidely's Playground is pretty much a closed feature as far as growth goes, since Snidely is no longer around to draw more cartoons and we've now pretty much archived his entire collection here. It stated small, but there's Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington lot out there we can still add.

It's Fritz's section, but as far as what I would like to see, I like the English translated Fumetti's, but we don't want any duplication of the Akujo works that he's doing over at Groovy Age of Horror.

I'm not real familiar with the work he's doing, but we don't want to take anything that he put his heart and sole into and just repost it here. Same with any copyrighted material available at paysites, that's obviously out.

But Klingsor sent me some old comic stuff, nearly all of it in a foreign language, and the images are striking, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington just couldn't understand the text. So to get some of that translated and posted here would be something special, and something new and worth waiting for, even if it takes a while to convert it to English. I'm not sure if we want to see all the non-GIMP panels of the Fumetti's, especially if there's not a lot there except a small section of it, but just the GIMP highlights would be sweet.

I'd like to see the entire section carry on at that same high level. How about some high seas GIMP from the 70's? Not really traditional pirate but still a good scene. Came to me in an old newsfeed; probably scanned out of a magazine or something. Although a few people but far from 18 by my count did mention the new sections, what I was hoping for was some feedback on the material. Recent posts are addressing that, so thanks to those who commented. Granted, there are only four selections in the comics section now, and three are by the same artist, so maybe we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what readers like and what they don't care for.

Of course a lot will depend on the contributions, so I suppose the best way to influence the content is to share what you enjoy. I'm not sure if we can continue to add comics which feature the amount of GIMPage in the current titles.

Once you get past Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington copyrighted stuff, there'e not as much out there as you may think. Also, I'm inclined to agree with JD that having some good stories punctuated by less frequent peril scenes can be fun as well. For now, expect new comics to be heavy on the GIMP action, but in time, I imagine there will be more variety in both style and content.

I'm glad to hear you've already received some candidates from Klingsor. I can attest that translations, if you know the language, are not Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington difficult, but they are time consuming because they involve erasing the original words and replacing them with something that not only makes sense, but fits in the existing text balloons.

As a result, I expect translated editions will be a special treat, and most non-English comics will be posted in their original language which seems to be some people's preference as well. Akujo has completed 20 translations for Groovy Age, and aside from one or two others, these are the only English fumetti I'm aware of. Only about half feature much GIMP content, so of the hundreds of peril-oriented titles, less than one percent are available in English.

I suppose it's as good an excuse as any to sign up for Berlitz courses. Oh, no, the GIMP forum is like an iceberg Still, the arrival of new sections, like the hot iron database two years ago, Looking for sex Topeka generates a bit more buzz. Now that I mentioned it, it seems a bit more of the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington has been exposed.

I agree, but it's not about getting rid of the surplus, it's the time needed to find the peril scenes. I don't mind reading a hundred Look for a petite Louisville female comic that has only a few panels of GIMP, but I also can understand that many readers won't have the patience to do so. We also need to consider that some contributors may have saved only Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington comic parts which interested them.

The Terror Blu line consists of issues and 3 supplements. Some Terror Blus have only a Womens in Colorado springs tx pages of female peril while others like the one slated to go up soon are packed with it. I used to think the French and Italian versions were identical except for language, but it appears many of the Elvifrance editions are edited for reasons of either space or content censorship — usually with the most violent or sexually explicit panels missing.

For example, the story in Terror Blu on deck has over a dozen pages more than the French translation in Serie Verte If you are lucky enough to have a choice, go with the Italian originals. Easy for you to say, since you understand the primary languages used for the originals.

Still, I'm guessing most people who don't would still prefer a bad English translation over trying to follow these often convoluted tales based on the visuals alone. I too speak French and Italian as well as German, which came in handy for my first attemptand I know it's almost impossible to get good results by relying on automation.

But however Akujo does it, his efforts are impressive. The Story Blu I keep mentioning was in Italian, so you can soon Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington whether I succeeded in that language. Still, if people agree that no translation is better, trust me… I'm more than happy to post unadulterated originals. I can enjoy them either way, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington I'm assuming that most site visitors are fluent in Beautiful couples searching nsa Tennessee only, so I don't see the harm in posting translations now and again, even if they are less than optimal.

Even without the translation step not difficult, but Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington mechanics are time consumingmost fumetti and digitized hardcopies in general are poorly scanned and need some fixin' up. If you're serious about Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington North Canton tx horny bitches a try and have access to Photoshop or some similar program, I can give you pointers on what to do.

E-mail Ralphus for my contact info. Thursday, 9 April Since hours she is pretending not to know anything Been on vacation, so a few comments: And any stories, pics from Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington these issues? Wonderful eight delights being whipped. As Shakespeare also said: I enjoy the new comics section and realize it will take awhile to build to a healthy merciless section. While I read a few languages, I usually ignore them in comics and get to the 'good' parts.

Erodite likes to take them and rewrite her own stories. I knew I was forgetting to pack something back from the campground. An idea I had while looking Hot Newport News Virginia bored and lonely my Poser files I seldom use that I wanted to do. And having done it, I figured I may as well share. It's a group of seven perils where, once the victim orgasms, she meets with a particularly gruesome and very final fate.

Thanks for the extra fumetti details, many of them I didn't know. I agree that Akujo makes a better work than most. Some of the more difficult part in replacing text is that you can't simply mark the text balloon and erase, it looks weird.

Instead, one should clone the texture of the paper from a convenient white spot on the panel Long live Europe but defended by Uncle Sam!

Finally one of my pet peeves are addressed. Boobs that doesn't defy gravity when subject is positioned upside-down. You hit it right, anyway. Clip of the day. Sara Malakul Lane in Jailbait One the minuses there's a monstrous boobjob any increase with more than 2 sizes over your natural size should be made illegal.

On the plus side, she cute and she got freckles. Nothing says more 'girl next door' than freckles. Then you see those giant hyperbolic boobs and magic is gone. But that's me, your mileage might vary. Thanks to Rapid Ralphus posting them in record time, some new titles are up in the comics section earlier than expected. These four selections will add a bit of variety I hope, though like the first set, none of them skimp on the GIMP.

I'll aim to include some lighter, plot-oriented fare in the future.

Maybe some Archie outtakes. There's also a pics-only story by an unknown artist who's more than a little bit warped. I hope you find something to enjoy. And remember, if you click on Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington icons, use Nude Tucson Arizona women to view the slideshows in full-screen mode for best results.

Ladoes ongoing obsession with Lana Clarkson's dungeon scenes in the "Barbarian Queen" films led me here. I've watched the scene from the first film so many times I instantly Wimington the sound of every little exhale, groan and moan Lana makes. So my Holy Grail has become any image that expands on these scenes and fleshes out their world beyond what we see in the films.

While I'd love to find more pics like this, I'm guessing they're non-existent. So Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington take the next best thing - photoshops! Anyone got some more clever Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington scenes" from the BQ series like the ones shared here a while back?

Friday, 10 April Mikhail asked for Photoshop edits to Barbarian Queen dungeon scenes.

So, here is one. Her black bikini underwear bottom is gone, showing bit of pubic hair!

Housewives Wants Real Sex Warner Ohio 45745

I share your obsession for the dungeon scenes in "Barbarian Queen". Here is a very old pic I made years ago. Also very old and not made by me. Thanks for the behind-the-scene image.

I think I posted that already. My idea of an improved BQ rack. Dead But Dreaming now on Vimeo! Okay, so what happened with my "You Cum, You Die" set is that it was too big for the set-up that my site uses. As such, I had to lookinh it into two parts, and Wilmingon did a second cover for the second part.

So, anyone who goes through Moraxian can get everything in one set, and through mine it is in two. The price is the same for both, so if Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington were looking for my latest, both places have it.

And, of course, I decided to post the second set cover here to share with all of Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington. Ralphus, I came across this article on Cracked. Since you said that you were interested in old movies I thought you might like to see it. Due to the nudity, some of the scenes had to be shot twice for such countries as the UK.

For the Sexy Hampton girl where Dargent is whipping the naked Castel, another scene was shot with her wearing a bra and panties. For the two other Beauitful, where Castel and Dargent make love, two scenes were shot: In the original scene where Dargent is being chased by the man, she was topless; in the censored scene, she was clothed.

I thought it's a new development due to the accursed PC. But here we talk early 70s'. He got that right!! Even though we have films like Maleficarum now, I still think Inquisition was the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington rack scene.

It just had something Maleficarum doesn't if that makes sense lol Another great one was from water bondage. This was my other favourite. There's no point in just posting text, so here's a Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington sweaty girl. I'm glad you guys are enjoying these covers. I hope to get back to the MAM covers when I am done with this series. However, based on the website, [ www. Covers the Magnificent said: There's nothing more to my likinhg than a sweating gal. It's a 2 bucks atomizer loooking, for Pete's sake!

And it's improving a scene 10 fold! Fuck, here I am, ranting Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington. Thanks for the info on the artist. And for the MUBI website, had not come across it before. Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington another reason why this forum is so good, someone posts something and I find a new ladiea to appreciate.

And as for sweaty girls, never enough L a horny girls them. Oh, that reminds orgadm that erodite will be back soon. Saturday, 11 April One of my favourite Quoom stories in the daily pic I just wished the story had gone on longer - and I might have been tempted to use a cat rather than a bullwhip, but still And speaking Sexy women want sex Texarkana stories, I recently discovered the genius of SkatingJesus - some examples here: A true master in the class of Quoom.

Michele Mercier plus others in Women of Devil's Island I tried to include all the bondage moments, as there's no actual whipping Wilmingtln. But still, lots of gorgeous ladies in chains. Female prisoners are shipped to Devil's Island penal colony. They are indoctrinated into the prison life from abusive guards and then a new prison governor arrives with planned reforms.

I'm not the only one who likes sweaty girls bodies in bondage then! Mary Anna Reyes getting interrogated. Shame the rest of the film was a pile of senseless crap lol. I ever start my own bondage site, I will be sure to all of the DiDs are at least moistened a bit. Suffering torture has GOT to be hard work and the gimp's body should show that. A little delayed, but great image! Medieval torture chambers have Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington Lady wants hot sex AL Cahaba heights 35243 place in my sick little heart and you do a nice job with them.

Mike B, if you liked Alice and Melissa, get in touch with me via email crueltiercel gmail. I'm still running into that frustrating windows "default email" problem and so couldn't contact you directly. Excelent job with the 'Tyrant of Hywunz', Fritz. I used to have a bad Italian version and a good French version.

Alas, the French version was missing 6 panels the midget hanging by the breasts of the heroine and the ones with the poles sticked into her orifices otgasm the lower plane. Your version Sir is the best of both and firmly made its way into my vault of disreputable materials. I was just thinking that one of the recent pics posted of Amy could almost fit into this pirate theme And ye shall now kiss the gunner's daughter.

For those that don't know Not only Wilmnigton Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington also could be used for a college Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington showing a cheerleader the true meaning of the school's fight song. My alma mater's song is "Bare Down". Sunday, 12 April As Barb Wire was Hory women wanting cock in Maracanau, I checked my copy and found it to be a rather crappy one.

Being a perfectionist and completist myself that's it, I wanna have everything ever made in best quality, how moronic me I looked for a blu-ray.

Here's the result of my search. I love that scene and how evil the shock devices look and the control panel having so many buttons and dials to vary the settings; and being tortured in front of a group adds a bit of an extra something to the interrogation experience.

The Payment of Teresa Videla A 70s quirky short art doc described as "a documentary film about an Argentine Adult singles dating in Bryant, South Dakota (SD). officer who discovers the secret police use of political prisoners for Beautidul exploitation film purposes Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington protests after the murder of a young girl.

Night and day, I say. Commenting on a few recent posts Some really good stuff, and all of it new to me except for "Bizarre Museum" but I was already a big fan of that series anyway. Eric Stanton was one of the early pioneers of bondage artworks, and he came up with some real unique bondage torture devices.

I'm proud that one of his best comics Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington has a permanent place on our site. BTW, I checked, Bizarre Museum was published back inBeautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington that makes it 64 years old, and still just as good today. And admit Sexy ass Jupiter xxz, some of those old movies looked pretty good, didn't they?

They always Wilmungton over-the-top titles, and this one is no exception. Can you imagine being a young man in and reading filth like this? It certainly would have helped shape him into the pervert he no doubt became.

But the real reason to check out the Wilminggon is to see the fantastic restoration job Fritz did on the inside scan. It's amazing how he's able looming recreate missing parts of the original pages Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington no elements of the picture are there to work with.

For this one, for instance, the woman kneeling in the center of the picture literally had her foot Chatroulette free mature girls off on both sides of the scan because of the seam in the middle of the magazine.

He had to crib another lady's foot from a different MAM scan Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington digitally Photoshop it into the picture. The fact that the final result looks so seamless literally is a testament to his artistic talent. One the minuses there's a monstrous boobjob any increase with more than 2 sizes over your natural size should be Sexy wives seeking real sex Topeka illegal Nope, my mileage was the same as yours on that one.

Now, I love women, but I wonder sometimes what they're thinking when they make these embellishments to their bodies and tell themselves this a positive move. I mean, the girl was cute, but she went and made herself look like one of Kathyrne's plastic bondage models.

Maybe Kathyrne should chop her head off for that. I've been meaning to post this for a while as one of first forays into 3DArt, but my procrastinating nature kept finding other things to do.

I Rewards for some favors read inside! it "Interrogation of the Conspirators," imagining the Queen overseeing the interrogation of a noblewoman, her sister, and their personal maids, both on the wheel.

I'll post some close-ups later says the procrastinator-in-chief! The second episode of Salem has many young teenage witches set on fire and burning and screaming for about a minute long scene. Also Lucy Lawless is a Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington witch and has a bound gimp in the closet scene. You think you can catch the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington of it on WGN this week.

Monday, 13 April JD Thanks for the amazing find on the "art" short. I Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington seen anything like it before. The woman, the filming, the performances, the theme were all riveting, and Adult looking sex tonight Sudan gimp keeps me going back to it.

I was thinking about working on this month's 13th image this morning, but I caught up with the forum and I'm not feeling very motivated any more. I hope you will not stop posting simply because of a few recent comments about big boobs. Although I'm a B-cup fan in real life I like your pics no matter what size the lady is.

I certainly know the sudden lack of interest in one's own new work, that might take days or months to get back to. I Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington that is why Quoom will suddenly stop a series then go back and fill in another series. We all have these moments so don't let a few comments made in general let down your spirits. Thanks for Barbwire movie scene. I remember similar scene from "Machined Reborn". I look forward to your posts I seek them out and Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington at them first I have to tell you I am a lover of big breasts I love my curves on a rubenesque lady!!!

I'm afraid I may have inadvertently hurt your feelings with my last post. I used the wrong words when describing the digital figurines that you and other computer artists use when you create artworks. I still don't know what to call them, but obviously "plastic bondage models" was not the right term.

I Am Wants Horny People Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington

It was certainly not meant to imply that your art was "plastic" or artificial or whatever. On the contrary, I love your artwork! You really should know that by now. And I love having you around to grace the board with your new creations. Hottie paddle board surfer vilano north beach far as comparing the actress in Jailbait to one of your models, I was poking fun at her ridiculous breast implants, and was in no way attempting to disparage you.

It's just that you're obviously known for rendering characters that have cartoonishly large breasts which I love, BTW. So it was definitely not pooking knock against you, and Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington sincerely apologize if my comments hurt your feelings. It was lookijg intentional at all.

I hope you'll accept my apology. I'm sorry if my comments on huge boobs offended anyone's feelings. Certainly not my intention. I'm sure Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington is an loyal audience for every kink in the fold. As for today's update, here's a rather lame and tame rope play in a mainstream from Tina Aumont in Lifespan.

BDSMshelf. Collected by kinkcrazy. Mine ( stories listed). Clinical Teasing: by Eric (Synopsis: A businessman checks into a sperm bank for a private is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac subjected to a prolonged series of series of excruciating teases from . The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff. Single women to fuck Urdom Beautiful older woman seeking sex personals Richmond Virginia a good catch I'm well educated, driven, confident, independent, passionate, loyal, have sense of humor, strong, and good looking. Of course I'm looking for the same. Send pics with response Beautiful wife looking sex North Hertfordshire.

Those Woman wants sex tonight Hays us who have been around for a while know that Ralphus is a Wilmingotn transparent guy. It's not hard looknig tell when there is malicious intent in his comments -- eg. I hope you will accept his apology, which I know is sincere, and continue to post your artwork on the forum.

Please forgive the Boss; I don't believe he Wlmington any insult to you. And look at the photo in his post. Is there any more appropriate looking dog to use in an apology? If he was being sarcastic, he would have used a pit bull.

Size, female or male, reaches lookig point where it is just silly, and therefore, not erotic. Last month I looked in a couple of times at a site called exgfbdsmgallery at Tumblr Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington I think I found somewhere here on the Gimp Forum.

Anyway, today, Tumblr says it's not there. So it would seem another wonderful site bites the proverbial politically correct dust. Anyone Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington of this? That is such a cute hound dog! Have to save that for my files.

Firstly, to Ralphus, I never thought it was an intentional insult or anything. It just hit me wrong this morning was all. Hence why I said I might be back later, once I had time to process it emotionally.

St. Petersburg black pussy, I didn't mean to imply "I am going forevah! I was hoping to be back today, as I do like to try and post something on every 13th my mild depression issues permitting.

I didn't intent to kick up such a fuss. Thanks for the support, y'all. Was very nice of you. So I am hoping this clears this up. And, I did manage to get something together for the 13th after Beautful, so I hope that y'all enjoy. I'm not so good with the "bending forward" poses, because Victoria 3 almost looks broken if you bend her that way, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington I gave it a shot anyways.

Dear Kathryne, You should know that your artwork is a treat for many of us. While the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Wilmington size of the poor victims of your art may be considered exaggerated, I do Bfautiful believe there is an actual complaint from anyone. Even those that prefer their live models with a more modest chest aren't bitching about artwork such as yours.