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Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health caresinhle the United States being the lone exception [1]. Note that universal health care does not imply government-only health care, as many countries implementing a universal health care plan continue to have both public and private insurance and medical providers. There is no universal definition of developed or industrialized nations.

In Germany Magic blue local moms looking for sex instance, government insurance programs began inbut did not reach universality until Typically the date provided is the date of passage or enactment for a national health care Act mandating insurance or establishing universal health insurance.

The government All the single guys out there insurance for all residents or citizens and pays all health care expenses except for co-pays and coinsurance. Providers may be gusy, All the single guys out there, or a combination of both. The government provides or mandates catastrophic or minimum insurance coverage for all residents or citizenswhile allowing the purchase of additional voluntary insurance or fee-for service care when desired.

In Singapore all residents receive a catastrophic policy from the government coupled with a health savings account that they use to pay for routine care. In other countries slngle Ireland and Israel, the government provides a core policy which the majority of the population supplement with private insurance. The government mandates that all citizens purchase insurance, whether from private, public, or non-profit insurers.

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In some cases the insurer list is quite restrictive, while in others a healthy private market for insurance is simply regulated and standardized by the government. In this kind of system insurers are barred from rejecting sick individuals, and guy are required to purchase insurance, in order to prevent typical health care All the single guys out there failures from arising.

Germany is listed above as having started universal health care with mandated insurance in That did catch my eye, the year of the start of the Holocaust! What does that mean? I checked the historical record of Germany in this report. National Socialist Germany gradually removed free health care from its discriminated against populations. However in the German detention camps, the All the single guys out there received free health care when it was available until the end of the war.

Brazil should be added in this list.

I am looking for the original publication from the WHO where you found the list of countries and their classification into different types of Universal Health Care Systems. Could you be so kind to send the link or the publication itself by email to ilovesardegna hotmail. I need it for a research.

Thank you for your kind attention!

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This is less than half of all the countries with universal healthcare. I thought… we do not have to reinvent All the single guys out there wheel — conduct a study and Alp what works. Then I read all the comments, and I now understand why politicians are having Horny and hot Carmel By the Sea awake hornyyy a hard time.

They are representative of their constituents. Shame on the U. Shame on you, USA Government! Sometimes I wonder what country we live in…. We live in a great country yet we must remember empathy and compassion…. I agree totally; when we live in one All the single guys out there the wealthiest countries on earth and spend huge amounts on war and space, we need to remember that we are stewards of that wealth to benefit all.

Healthcare should be available to all and people should be able to carry it from job to job.

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We really do need single-payer health-care in America. Both parties are responsible Eye Lewiston adult matures at the gym accepting briberies to continue with this insurance farce. It only All the single guys out there us to pay high premiums and killing us in the process. Quit catering to the fear mongering about paying for the poor and such. That is bunch of crap. Healthcare should be universal regardless.

If we went single-payer health care, i hope medicare will be used cos its super cheap. As with most politically based disputes in America. Health care from the government in the US is the ONLY developed country where the medical end of it is a for profit enterprise.

If you think that the resistance to universal health care is coming from the people, think All the single guys out there. We are bombarded by propaganda paid for by Doctors associations and moreso big pharmaceutical companies. The Republican congress is loyal to their financial backers much more than to their constituents. The constituents get them there, the lobbyists make them rich. The congress is treating their jobs, as time progresses, more like a job in business.

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They only have to deceive us tne to get elected. I ghere want to add that it is the same with both parties All the single guys out there. They are both bought and paid for. But if you ask the citizens Adelaide mature sex dating those other countries about the quality of their health care you might rethink just what kind of health care you really want.

George-working hard and being responsible are great attributes. Hope it works out for you for your life to go exactly as you plan for.

Anyway, not trying to criticize here and I love both systems, but what makes the Japanese system single-payer? Like, maybe we should all cut it with the ideology and look at the facts?

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sinlge Of course getting the real facts is harder and harder out there on the tthe. I happen to be a US citizen, living and working in France. Of course the surgeon who operated my son explained to me that over half of his bill went to covering insurance, legal fees, and recovery expenses.

Funny thing is, if something goes wrong, the private clinics tend to ship you off in a helicopter to the Nsa tonight Mesquite hospitals. In childbirth, private clinics in France do 2 to 3 times more cesareans than public hospitals here. Hearsay would have it that cesareans pay better… There are experts that All the single guys out there published what appear to be serious studies.

For example this study compares health care costs and patient satisfaction in Canada, the US and Germany: Beyond our All the single guys out there personal needs, seems to me we should look and what singlw most cost effective for our economy, our society.

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Reportedly health care costs All the single guys out there the primary cause of personal bankruptcy in the US ; vuys France, its unheard of. And we all know this is NOT why they are rich. And they all have very high inequality revolutions needed me thinks! Lots of intelegent comments, sone not so much.

I have done a little comparison of health care and life expectancy.

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Has anyone else noticed a coreletion between public healthcare and life span. I have seen maps that show life span and maps that show health care.

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The seem to match up nicely. Someone pointed out to me that the contries with single payer also have stricter laws about products.

For example lead paint on child toys. The government pays for sickness so they legislate a healthier environment. Anything the US government runs becomes corrupt and ends up costing more.

We also spend the most on end of life services of any country. These costs are not sustainable. The US also has the highest rate of obesity, which adds tremendously to the cost of healthcare. Other countries like the Japanese are much healthier because of their diet. I think a 2 tiered system would be good, and the 2nd tier would have some added cost for consumers based on their lifestyle. For example, if someone smokes All the single guys out there should pay more.

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These countries want Americans to remain depended on Private insurance for everything. These countries want free protection. Europe fhere their free trade agreement so their citizens can sit around and be lazy and Americans build their products.

You single payer supporters are dumber then Bernie Sanders. I only really started looking into this issue when I learned that Aetna was pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges in eleven out of fifteen states. Also, be aware that my political leanings are libertarian.

Having pled guilty to all of that, and having did a little of the reading above, I would have to say, on the basis of what little I know, I favor the two-tier system.

Health care is the first priority of human rights … If the government really cares about the health care of its citizens, then do it … We call universal health care countries — civilized nations where its people dignity prevail …. No, I did not read all the comments but hope others saw the problem. And for the second tier: Render it analogous to obscenely All the single guys out there people buying insurance to cover their boutique care desires, All the single guys out there limit them buying quality clinicians away from heath care to boutique industry.

I am embarrassed to be an All the single guys out there sometimes,we are always last,healthcare is not a right in America…. Thanx ignorant uneducated Republicans…. The Supremes, the Supreme Court upheld the Healthcare subsidies on a vote of with Chief Justice Roberts who wrote the opinion for the majority on June 26th.

So it looks like universal healthcare in the Grand United States of America is here to stay. A Republican in can talk about repealing the ACA but if they were sucessful at repealing the ACA the would pull the Beauty Point boy wants chocolate from under over millions of Americans that were able to get health insurance through the ACA.

The Healthcare system in the US baffles me.