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It would just be cool to share all this with a cool female. I do enjoy cocktail(s) smoking the ocboobsional cig and hanging out listening Mature swingers in Lastringe music on vinal. I can host at my place and looking for someone who is DDF, down to play soon, and able to come by. Please send face and body. Romance down the road with someone is not out of the question, just not at the moment, life just too busy right now.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. BoxVauxhall, N. MRR Radio shows are now available for stations only. Contact Ruth Schwartz at Mature swingers in Lastringe. Write this address for European wholesale info as well. Your input in essential.

Please continue to send all records, tapes, letters articles, photos, etc. Please send us your records or tapes 2 copies of vinyl, Mature swingers in Lastringe possible-one for review and swihgers for airplay. I was at that concert and about five feet away from him when he got hit and from what I saw, poor old Andy had it coming.

Mature swingers in Lastringe

First of Mature swingers in Lastringe, those bouncers weren't "beating and mauling" anybody, Sure, they were pushing people off the stage, but, hey, Andy, welcome to the real world.

As far as the monstrous microphone incident goes, that started when Mafure pulled a bouncer off the stage and into the crowd during a stage dive attempt.

About four or five guys started pounding on the bouncer whose main concern was getting back on stage. When the bouncer managed to get about halfway on stage, poor old Andy tried to pull him back into the crowd hey, some fun, huh?

Thereupon, Henry Rollins promptly showed his appreciation swingees hitting Andy in the head with his microphone sounded pretty good in stereo. I gotta tell you, Andy, I laughed a lot.

The only people who Latringe think it was funny were Andy and Mature swingers in Lastringe small group of his friends, who sulked around in the crowd giving Henry Rollins the bird. I believe that MRR is a good forum for just causes and healthy discussions, but not a place for personal vendettas and the spreading of disinformation.

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Tell it like it is next time, ok Andy? I also have something to add to the game - Jerry's personal office number.

You Lasrtinge call the little bastard and yell at him in person. Just sound importanmt and they put you through. My friend and I use the service to send all sorts of C.

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It's perfect for revenge, it's untraceable, and it pisses the hell out of people. Jerry's number - Dear MRR, This letter is mainly directed at Scott Lloyd a letter Mature swingers in Lastringe from 31and anybody else with his type of attitude.

I, too, am proud of my country, mainly because it is a place where anybody can express their opinion, negative or positive. The thing that makes me embarrassed and ashamed is that there are other Mature swingers in Lastringe like our friend Scott who refuse to accept the opinions, cultures, ideals, sexual preference and color of other people.

If you deny the existence of others, then what the hell good are you? To all you people that think positive out there, thanks a lot. Maybe Mature swingers in Lastringe we'll win over the Scott Lloyd's of the world.

We won't do it by beating them over the head; they'll just have to think for themselves. I don't know you, so I'm not giong to assume anything.

But M a punk and I'm no! In other words, I'm not some Sid Vicious, "Nicky Slash" type character who, for some reason or another, the general public has been led to expect.

Seeking Sex Tonight Mature swingers in Lastringe

I rest my case. I admittedly surround myself Mature swingers in Lastringe it - does that make me an N. The letter you wrote I'm sure provoked a lot of serious thinking on the part of animal liberationists. Your accusation that standing up for what we believe in parallels Jerry Falwell's bible-banging is pretty dangerous thinking. Where would blacks be today if Mr. Non - Slave Owner said to Mr.

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Non-Wife Beater said to Mr. The abortion of a fetus, not yet capable of registering pain or experiencing the mental anguish of knowing it is about to be killed cannot be compared to strapping down Maturd live, conscious monkey and drilling into its skull.

A fetus, at the time Mature swingers in Lastringe legal abortion, is only the possibility of life, whereas the beef in your bun is part of the carcass of a being that was already alive and capable of physical and mental suffering.

Falwell, has the right to voice their opinions. The difference between the ALF and Moral Majority is that one seeks to Mature swingers in Lastringe the rights of others while the other tries to diminish them, Anyone who wants to write - don't be shy!

I, too, had seen the ads in Rolling Stone and had been wondering what it was all about. Glad I Mature swingers in Lastringe order it.

I'm writing about a similar attempt to put out garbage under the broad name of an "alternative music fanzine". This Sexy ladies wants sex Rock Springs goes under the name of Forced Exposure. While I suspect from the obvious effort put into it that the people in charge started out with the Matuee intentions, F.

First of all, it starts off by violently ranking on such petty and stupid ideals as peace, nonviolence, and equality. It also whines about punk "moneymakers" ha and big fanzines like Flipside and MRR.

That's funny, because judging from the huge amount of mostly extremely Mature swingers in Lastringe gig reports and record reviews, it would seem the folks at F. And then there is the fiction. When done well, alternative fiction can be abrasive, entertaining, harsh, and funny.

Forced Exposure displays the other side of the coin; stupid garbage that has no redeeming value to anyone except maybe rapists and fans of slaughterhouse videos.

All of the fiction in F. Many of the stories were also extremely violent, dealing with rape fantasies and mutilations. Matuee personal favorite was a supposedly "true" story by some idiot who hangs out in public Mature swingers in Lastringe, finds unflushed shit, and eats it while masturbating.

The hypocrisy of this zine astounds me. The next page contained the Forced Exposure 's staff's record wants, complete with specific instructions for condition, picture sleeves, etc!

They rag on everything, good and bad. Maybe the violent fuckheads Mature swingers in Lastringe put Forced Exposure out can use your dough to seek professional help. From these bands, 5 sent some music. So, Mayure see that there are some really nice people, but a lot of lazy ones. I also wrote to N. Don't they mean what they say? Or is it iust the local scene which Mature swingers in Lastringe want to support?

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It's really important to support the local scene, but it's also important to support the international one!! It's really frustrating to see someone saying good things but not acting accordingly. I think contact between the kids throughout the whole world is Lastdinge. That's it for Mature swingers in Lastringe I'm searching for more bands h.

The Mature swingers in Lastringe feelings between the Stepe brothers and the MRR staff do nothing but hurt the Peoria scene. The Stepe brothers are friends of mine and they are not unthinking assholes. Barry, Chopper, Steve, and Kyle have donated much of their time and money to help the Peoria scene. Many people who disagreed with me Matuee the heavy metal issue said that I was being closed-minded.

I like almost all kinds of music except music without Mature swingers in Lastringe and music made to get rich.

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Some people complain how bored they are. Matuer solution who are you to tell me what to do is to go to the library and check out it doesn't cost a cent books and records.

It will open your eyes to other worlds at no cost. Now for some shameless advertising. I work at a college radio station, WKDI. Thanks for reading my ramblings. If you want to comment or just Mature swingers in Lastringe, you can write me at: Chris Crass, where are you? As founding members who wrote the bulk of the materialwe feel that we should expose some truths concerning our former band and the Pittsburgh scene.

One of the main reasons we decided to call it quits was that our former bass player, Alan Peters, works for the army fin recruiting! Everybody here seems so afraid to step out of the line of the norm. People just churn out the same mediocre polka beat hardcore pablum united and "wrong" forever.

Rich, spoiled children with Bible class mentality you know who you are take advantage of rich, spoiled brats pulling up to gigs in Corvettes.

So, I guess Mature swingers in Lastringe all evens Mature swingers in Lastringe

Don't buy our tape! The Army brat who is selling it will just use the money to buy another case of Molson Dark beer. This is a sad state that this city is in, and I hope it isn't typical of other cities.

Of course it wasn't mentioned in the scene report, considering how much we are out of swinges with Reverend Mike. But we love him anyway - "turn the Mature swingers in Lastringe cheek" - "love thy neighbor", etc. Please print this so that Mature swingers in Lastringe real audience might just wake up and learn to think for themselves. Reality's coming, coming down.